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Desk Pets


Are you getting tired of playing Solitaire when you want to take a little break? I've got just the thing for you--DeskPets. They are a veritable hoot.

At present there are two species: the Skitterbot and the Trekbot. The Skitterbot is an arachnoid-like robot that skitters around on six legs. It looks something like a tarantula, but unlike true arachnids that have eight legs, Skitterbots only have six legs. The Trekbot kind of reminds me of a robotic racing wheel chair without a passenger.

The Mamba Shift Laptop/Tablet Toter


Not only will this spectacularly sleek and stylish backpack accommodate your laptop and or tablet, but  there is also plenty of room for lots of peripherals, your lunch, and whatever else you may need while trying to keep connected when out and about.

The Mamba Shift Laptop Backpack by Boog has to be one of the finest pieces of backpack craftsmanship and design I've ever seen. its tapered architecture with descending black pleats and red highlights is alluring, but it doesn't outshine its functionality.

The denier ballistic nylon exterior has a waterproof coating to protect you treasures inside. The back panel material breathes to help keep you cool. Padded shoulder straps add to the comfort. At the top of the bag is a handy carry handle.

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