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ToddyGear Offers Back-to-School Special! Buy One, Get One Free


You may recall my writing about the wonders of the Toddy cloth, a 5- x 7-inch microfiber supercloth for cleaning screens and lenses. For a limited time, ToddyGear is offering back-to-school special where you can buy one, get one free.

If you don’t have one, you should get one! Check it out at www.toddygear.com/back_to_school.  

Toddy Gear is also running a contest on Facebook where you can win one of its innovative wedges.

Wicked Evac Headphones [review]


These comfortable and stylish Wicked Reverb Headphones ($10.89 from Amazon) promised to deliver high-quality sound, and they certainly lived up to my expectations. Over the ear and into your head, clear crisp tones penetrate your brain while the bass makes your diaphragm throb.

Here are the specs:

Driver: 40 mm

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz

Impedence: 32 Ohms

Some of the features of note include the following:

Wall Street: ID America Introduces its First Conservative iPhone 5 Case


ID America is certainly one of the most innovative and creative case makers around. Usually its cases are campy and colorful with fun designs. But the new genuine leather Wall Street Wallet Case ($34.95) is conservative and sophisticated. It is something you would be proud to pull out of your pocket.

It’s really a pouch case that you slide the phone into from the top. The molded front frames the screen perfectly, and all the cutouts allow access to buttons and ports.

Introducing Wally for iPhone


I have to say, I’m impressed. I’ve certainly reviewed my share of cases to the point it's hard to show me anything new I haven't seen. But Wally ($39.99) is indeed something new.

Wally is a handsome genuine leather wallet or perhaps really just a pocket that attaches to your iPhone. It will even attach to most cases if you feel the need for a case. It comes in brown and black.

It will accommodate your most important credit cards and business cards and hide them out of view until you need them. When you want something in the wallet, just pull the red tab, and out they pop. What a clever design. It has a cutout so it won’t block your camera.

ID America Smartfold Case for iPad Mini


The ID America SmartFold case ($39.99) appeals to me because of it functionality and good looks. It exudes quality with the padded leatherette shell for protection. It’s sleek without being bulky, and it comes in your choice of black or white.

Just tuck your iPad in and you’re in business. It fits snugly surrounded by full protection. When you open and close the cover it stays put with magnets. It also turns the machine off and on, which I appreciate. All the appropriate openings are there for accessing ports and buttons, even the camera.

New, from Kickstarter: eleMount iPhone Stand


I love the concept behind Kickstarter and many of the projects that come from its campaigns. Here’s a new one that went online this week. It’s called eleMount. I’m always looking for good mounting devices, especially universal ones that will stick to practically anything. eleMount fits the bill.

It will mount to your desktop, dashboard, windshield, wall or just about any surface, and you can stick just about anything to it, including cases. Of course it isn’t in production yet, so I haven’t had a chance to test it, but I look forward to it.

Cross Link: ID America's Nifty Solution to Apple's Connector Conundrum


Apple has always been a maverick when it comes to connectors, first with its big old 30-pin job and now with the new lightning connector. Suddenly, people have to adapt or throw away the old and get new cradles, chargers, adapters, and what have you. (I have to admit, the lightning connector is nice because it has no up or down side, which is a clever feature.)

Well, here’s a nifty little appurtenance called the Cross Link ($17.95) from ID America that will help in this deplorable plight. It is a charging cable with a standard USB plug on one end and a three-way plug on the other. It sports a 30-pin plug, a lightning connector, and a micro USB plug.

MuseMini DBoom Portable Speaker, Plus 15 Percent Off for iPhone Life Readers!


The DBoom ($129.95) is not just another portable Bluetooth speaker. While it does connect via Bluetooth, it also connects with NFC. Of course, Apple products are not currently capable of communicating with near field communication. But as MuseMini says, it's planning for "today’s and tomorrow’s wireless devices."

One of the limitations of NFC is that it’s meant for proximal communications, so you can’t be across the room or very far away from the speaker with your transmitting device.

Spark High Definition Ear Plugs from ID America [review]


The new Spark in-ear phones from ID America ($48) come from an increasingly sophisticated evolution of a long line of predecessors. These precision, high-definition earbuds offer a combination of precision acoustics, unique design, and ergonomic enhancements. The dynamic driver and acoustic filter give intense full base with crisp and clear mid-range and treble frequency that will make you want to get up and dance with a big smile on your face.

The Sparks are wrapped in high grade aluminum for lightness and solid build, plus the casing reduces vibration and helps to deliver great sound.

ECOXGEAR ECOROX Portable Speaker [review]


The EcoRox ($129.99) is a compact, attractive, rugged, waterproof, floating speaker. It measures 5.25 x 3 x 2.5 inches, which doesn’t make it the smallest in its class. It weighs in at 11 ounces.

The rubberized exterior gives it a no nonsense appearance and provides waterproof protection as long as the rubber tab is fastened securely over the charging and 3.5-jack ports.

There are several button controls on the top panel for the following functions: power, Bluetooth, volume down, volume up, previous track, next track, and phone. It also functions as a speakerphone.

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