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Pivot Power Mini


Here is a gadget you will appreciate. Does anyone ever have enough power outlets and USB charging ports? Most of us do not and could always use a couple more. Pivot Power Mini is the solution.

Pivot Power Mini  plugs into a single outlet and then with wing-like extensions that fold out provide two additional power outlets plus two USB charging ports.

It is an ideal travel appurtenance you would want to throw in your travel bag or case.

It costs $24.99 and may be obtained from www.quirky.com.

G-Form Hydro Sleeve


If you are looking for a rugged sleeve type case for your iPad or similar size tablet, the G-Form Hydro Sleeve should serve all your needs.

While it is highly protective with its impact protective case, it is quite trim and sleek. Its Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) material offers the protection you need to safeguard your device.

It is also abrasion and water resistant when the zipper on top is closed. Measuring 10.25" x 8.2" x .7", it is still light weight (11.2 oz.) and portable so that it will fit into a pack or bag and comes with a one year guarantee.

Sensational New Stand: PadPivot Universal


I've seen some pretty clever and innovative stands lately, but this one really does take the cake. It's universal and will fit all Smartphones and tablets. It works in a variety of positions to accommodate just about any perching need you may have from wall mount to leg mount to plain old stand in vertical and horizontal positions at about any angle.

It's a masterpiece of design, and it was love at first site. I continue to discover or invent new uses for it almost every time I use it. It great for reading eBooks in bed or watching Netflix. It's great for gaming, and it's terrific for productivity.

Harpoon Daypack


Who doesn't need a good pack these days to lug around a laptop or tablet and accessories? The days of the old rigid briefcase are now in the historical archives of artifacts past.

The Harpoon Daypack is as functional as it is handsome. You would be proud to wear it with your tuxedo to any formal affair. It comes is both black and grey.

Large enough to accommodate your needs without being hugely bulky and cumbersome, it measures 18.4" x 12.13" x 5.25" and weighs a mere 2.21 lbs. Made of Ballistic Nylon, it is water resistant, lightweight, and rugged with Double Diamond Ripstop lining.

Show Stopper Mini-Bluetooth Speakers are DBest


I can only give the heartiest applause for Dbest London Duo Bluetooth rechargeable mini-speakers. The are simply DBest in so many different ways.




What will catch your attention first is the clever design. They look like a large, elongated pill capsule. Held together magnetically, they pull

apart for a dual speaker system--clever and compact.

A Case for Kindle Fire


This is not an article in favor of Kindle Fire; it's about a portfolio case for the Kindle Fire made by Griffin.

I like a portfolio case because it protects the screen as well as the body of my device. This one is a handsome black leather case. It has four diagonal elastic bands, one at each corner to secure the Kindle in place at which it does a fine job.

When you open the case book style, the screen is revealed. There is an elastic band that can be used to secure the cover in a folded back position so it doesn't flop around, and you can use your reader like a book.

The inside lining is made of blue striped cotton mattress ticking, which is not unpleasant to gaze upon.

The Toughest Case on the Planet

If you feel you need to protect your iPad, here's the perfect solution. How many iPads could survive being dropped from over 100,000 feet and still function perfectly? That's what happened with an iPad in an Extreme Sleeve 2. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/v/X4xNcF6T7Is?autoplay=1

The Extreme Sleeve 2 by G-Form is a special sleeve case with a zipper top made of a tough material called Poron XRD. It is soft normally, but stiffens upon impact and absorbs 94% of the shock.

By the way, the case is not just for iPads. It will accommodate any 10 inch tablet PC. It comes in black and yellow. There are variations  for laptops and smartphones and sleeves and portfolios for 7 inch devices such as the Kindle Fire.

Booq Python Toploader Gadget Bag


When I first become a citizen of the digital world, I began to accumulate baggage. Little by little my pocket PC started to have a lot of companions in the form of chargers, cables, batteries, memory cards, speakers, and more. It was way too much stuff to cram into my pockets, but I couldn't live without it.

The only solution was to find some sort of gadget bag to accommodate the accessories. One plus was that I eliminated my wallet and transferred all my credit cards, business cards, and such to the gadget bag, which my wife referred to as my "man purse".

Minu Universal Stand for Digital Devices


Now here's a great idea that you won't want to be without. Forget the big old clunky stands for your digital devices. This diminutive little holder will surprise you with its versatility.

First of all it worked on every device a tried with it, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, tablet, Motorola Atrix, and Kindle Fire. It measures only one inch by two inches and is about 3/8 inch high.

It has an adhesive backing that you can use to stick the holder to almost any surface or to the back of your digital device. Fortunately, the stickum is renewable. All you have to do is clean it with plain water, dry it off, and it's good as new.

Ecoxgear Headlight and USB Charger


If you are a bike rider, listen up. If you know a bike rider, listen up. If you are thinking about becoming a bike rider, listen up.

This comes under the category of, "It's about time." I'm sure we've all said to ourselves, why didn't I think of that, it's so obvious. Well, here's one of those for you.

What I'm talking about is a bicycle head lamp that lights up the sky and your pathway with a generator and current created by the turning of the front wheel, which is energy just going to waste. Why not harness it?

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