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Satechi uCharger


Have you ever been frustrated because it takes so long to charge your devices with a
USB cable? Well, now we have Satechi uCharger to solve the problem. This diminutive high speed charger will restore your devices in about half the time.

All you do is plug it into a USB source and then plug your charging cable into the other end and let it do its thing. Your device will be charged in no time.

It is not recommended, however, that you use it in a hub. Plug it directly into a computer or AC adapter.

Cord Organizer


On the box, it says, "Keep Cables on the Table." This unique cord organizer will help you keep the plethora of cords we all end up with more manageable. I look forward to the day when we can go completely cordless, at least that's my dream. But, in the meantime I am grateful to the Metal Cordie by Quirky.

It's one of those, "Why didn't I think of that" inventions. It's simplicity of design and functionality put up right up there with the invention of the wheel.

It consists of four rubber posts on a metal pad to hold four cords between them. It keeps your cords separated, available, and easily accessible.

New! ZooGue iPhone 5 Case


ZooGue has some innovative products and accessories for digital devices. I am a great admirer and applaud their efforts.

With the advent of the iPhone 5 ZooGue stepped up to the plate with an offering that nobody doesn't like. The new iPhone 5 case is so sleek, trim, and form fitting, you may wonder how it will stay in your hand. To combat any accidental slippage, there is a subtle serrated edge along both sides for traction.

The tough shell is made of a special material called TPU, which apparently is a secret formula that's extremely light weight, but very tough. This case will protect your investment.

New! X-Doria iPhone 5 Venue Case


Want stylish protection for you new iPhone 5 investment? It deserves an x-Doria Venue case with a tough polycarbonate shell highlighted with waves of rubber in an attractive design for extra security from bumps and scratches.

With all the openings in the right places for controls and necessary ports, this handsome case feels right at home in your hand, pocket, or bag. The buttons and controls are covered for protection from dust, but still operable.

New X-Doria iPhone 5 Shield Case with Triple Protection


This case is the rhino of cases. Like an armored tank, it protects your new iPhone 5 investment on all sides; it even protects the screen with a see through/touch through tough polycarbonate film.

Your phone installs in three easy steps. First, you snap the clear shield onto the front of your phone over the screen. Then you slide the phone and shield into the silicone sleeve starting with the bottom first. Finally, just snap the hard, protective shield to the back. Then you just press down on the home button to lock the pieces together. Now your pride and joy resides in a secure environment.

New X-Doria Engage Bamboo iPhone 5 Case


This case will not bulk up your new iPhone. It is lean and mean to protect your pocket buddy like a honey badger. Its one-piece construction snaps on to your phone securely to protect it with its life.

The unique blend of nature and technology sets this case apart for it is constructed of real bamboo with an artfully etched design.

Of course all the right openings are there for easy access to ports and controls.

This fine case impresses me more as a work of art than a utilitarian accessory. You will be proud to present your phone in this beauty.

X-Doria Mini iPad SmartJacket


One problem with protective cases can be that they are big and bulky; they add mass to an otherwise sleek device. However, that doesn't have to be the "case".  Let me introduce you to the X-Doria Smart Jacket for the iPad Mini.

It is slim, trim, and attractive. At the same time it offers perfectly adequate protection with a sturdy polycarbonate cover that securely snaps onto the iPad like a lobster shell. It will guard against impact and scratches.

The raised surface on the back adds further insulation and provides a surface for gripping and stability. In other words, it won't slip out of your hands.

X-Doria SleeveStand for iPad Mini


If you've invested in a new iPad Mini, you'll surely want to protect it with a stylist padded case. The new X-Doria padded two tone case will do a superb job for you, but it does much more.

This well crafted case also acts as a stand for when you want to read, watch movies, surf the Net or play a game. All you have to do is unzip it, take out your iPad and then slip it behind the two rigid holders at each end of the two open flaps of the case. Voila! You have a great stand for your device.


4 Port Aviiq Portable Charging Station


Are your charging cables like a nest of snakes all tangled and impossible to keep organized? Are you a road warrior who could use a portable charger with a massive battery than can handle almost anything? When you do go on the road do you tear your hair out trying to find the right cables you need to take with you? If you have any of these issues, listen up.

What you need is the Aviiq Portable Charging Station. It has four USB ports into which you can plug your charging cables and keep them tidy and organized ready for instant use. With the patented cable rack system, the cables are neatly stored away, plugged into the docking station, and ready for instant use.

G-Form Xtreme iPhone 5 Case Ready for Duty


This sleek case with its unique design boasts three layers of protection with patented Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), which actually hardens on impact.

It comes in five color choices including yellow/black, red/black, matte black, metallic blue, and metallic silver.

The X-Protect design allows easy access to all ports and buttons.

I have seen these super protective cases listed for as much as $61, but you can obtain one here for only $39.99: http://bit.ly/UfvqQM

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