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Ferrari Noise Cancelling T350 Headphones


The iconic car maker Ferrari has teamed with Logic3 to produce a line of high quality listening devices. As you might expect the elegance and quality are the result, particularly with the top of the line Cavellino T350 headphones.

These headsets feature hand crafted metal arms that attach to the most comfortable earphones you can imagine with breathable leather casings.

Satechi Bluetooth Super Smart Pointer and Remote


The lightweight, portable Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer is the perfect solution for controlling your media on Bluetooth-enabled computers and iOS devices. Use the remote to enhance your presentations across a variety of programs, or navigate iOS with the Smart Pointer's Accessibility Mode.

It is almost a universal device that works with iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Samsung Glaxy S3, Note 2, iMac, MaBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini.

The Bluetooth Smart Pointer supports Bluetooth 3.0 HID, Class II profile. It is compatible with all iOS devices and any computer with Bluetooth capabilities.

SwannSmart Video Security


Here is  a super simple to set up security system for your home or office. Keep tabs on the baby sitter, see who's at the front door, look out for intruders all viewed remotely on your IOS or Android device.

To get started, just plug in the camera to a power source. It turns into its own local Wi-Fi network. Connect to it with your smartphone or tablet with a couple of configuration steps, and you are online live viewing and hearing whatever the camera sees and hears.

Outdoor Technology Offers Powerful Bluetooth Adaptor: OT Adapt


With this small device only 1.75 inches long, you can turn speakers, headphones, and ear buds into remote Bluetooth enabled receivers. It works like a charm.


Now you can make your games come alive with Bluetooth depth of sound. You can chat on the phone using cheapo ear buds and the built-in microphone on the OT-Adapt When you've finished talking, OT-Adapt will pick up where you left off with your music. Listen to your favorite tunes, skip, repeat, or go back with the multi-function button.


Gomadic: SunVolt Solar Charger



Portable solar charger simultaneously powers multiple electronic devices with the speed of a traditional wall-charger

I used to fantasize about building a cabin in the woods and becomin completely self-sufficient. But then I discovered a world of digita gadgets and I become too addicted to electricity. But now, with Gomadic's SunVolt I can maybe reconsider my old dream and become a hermit in the woods for real.

Wicked Audio Heist Ear Buds



The slogan for these classy earbuds is, "Hey! Stop looking like a fool when you share your music and Heist it!" Not quite sure what that means, but Wicked Audio does mean business when it issues its many products.

What makes these buds different is that there is a 3.5mm splitter jack on the cord that allows a friend to plug his phones into your tunes and share it or heist it. So, you and a significant other can be joined ear to ear in what you hear.


Driver 10 mm

Sensitivity 103dB

Frequency 20-20,000 Hz

Impedance 16 Ohms

Cord Length 4 feet

Gold plated plug

Pyle Retro Phone is Gorgeous


There are probably few people still around who remember the old crank phones and party lines where you had to wait your turn to make a call, and you could hear everything everyone said on your party line. A few years back, while on an expedition in the Amazon Jungle I was lucky enough to visit a farmer there who had an old crank phone made in France. I traded him a portable typewriter for it. He thought he screwed me royally, and I thought I screwed him too. It's nice when both parties are so satisfied with a transaction.

Pogo Connect Bluetooth Smart Pen for iPad


Normally I would call this fantastic drawing instrument a stylus, but, it is, in fact, so much more. I'm not sure that "smart pen" even covers it.

This amazing, unique instrument reminds me of a skilled Japanese artist with a single brush making characters of various widths or creating an image of a fish in a single stroke. The pressure sensitive tip responds to hundreds of levels of pressure for control of line width and opacity.

You can even rest your palm on the screen while drawing or writing without any problems unlike other digital marking instruments.

Over the Edge Portable Bluetooth Speaker


It's always nice to have a portable auxiliary speaker around the house or when you travel. I especially enjoy having  a mobile sound system in my garden while I'm working or relaxing. Cubedge speaker fits the bill perfectly.

The Edge is compact but delivers exceptional quality sound. It measures approximately  6 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches and weighs in at 10.75 ouches. It comes in an attractive, non-intrusive white or black rubberized case that protects the unit and will blend in with any decor.

Griffin 4.5' Coiled Car Charger with Lightning Connector


Apple has never won any points with me over their goofy, big old proprietary connectors that are wider than a clown smile.

With the advent of iPhone 5 and kindred products, Apple has elected to change it connector, which will be a great inconvenience to current users. At least they could have switched to a universal format such as USB micro so that there would not be to so many types of cables to worry about, especially on the road.

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