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The Rhinoceros of Cases — New Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad mini


If you have a new iPad mini, you most likely want to protect your investment. I can't think of a better, more stylish way than the new Ballistic Tough Jacket ($59.99). It's the rhinoceros of cases.

New Bluetune Solo Speaker for IOS


Bluetune-solo is a small, cylindrical, portable Bluetooth speaker system with a big sound print. Its portability makes it a perfect travel companion or handy auxiliary speaker. Some of my toys just don't have that great of sound ability, and this little guy solves the problem very nicely.

It's not just a speaker for enhancing music and videos, it also functions as a handsfree device with the push of a button. So, you could even use it in your car, on your desk, next to your bed, or TV chair. It has a built-in microphone for this purposem, which activates automatically.

Griffin's 3-Meter USB to Lightning Cable



Sometimes you just need some distance and the Griffin 3M USB to Lightning cable is a good solution. So, if you need some space between chargers, TV or other devices with your new IOS 5 unit, this cable will do the trick.

Product Features

·        Charges & syncs iPad, iPhone & iPod

·        Heavy-duty 20-gauge conductors to handle 10W charging for iPad

Satechi LED Desk Lamp


Satechi is one of my favorite digital product producers; It is always coming up with some innovative, creative new product and today, I'd like to tell you about its new LED desk lamp.

Bracketron Cycle and Golf Cart Mount


I ride a recumbent bike and love it, and I enjoy a little music and navigation along the way. To have access to a phone or tablet while riding, you need a good handlebar mount that won't jettison your phone on the first bump. Bracketron has come to the rescue, offering a secure mount that holds your device firmly.

X-doria Dash Folio Adds Class to iPad Mini


Of all the electronics cases I've tried, I'm always impressed with the quality and class of X-doria. Its cases exude enough style and sophistication to make any iPad packer proud.

I received two luxurious leather X-doria cases to review, one black and one brown. For extra protection, the case has a silicon enclosure inside into which the iPad snuggles, including all the appropriate and necessary apertures. 

Crossfade M-100 Headphones by V-Moda


Just released, these incredible quality headphones are the Rodeo Drive of sound purveyors. Inspired in Italy and designed in Hollywood, they are the result of years of collaborative effort among audiophones, journalists, producers, DJs and engineers. This is truly a Crowdsourced product.

Superleggera Pro Case for Galaxy S3



I recently acquired a Galaxy S3, and of course I'm on the lookout for a great case to protect my pocket pal. So, I took a look at the Superleggera Pro case by Acase.

After installing the Galaxy in it, which consisted of putting it in the gel case first and then inserting that into a hard protective shell, I felt my phone was very secure and as snug as a bug in a rug, as my mom used to say.

It is also fingerprint and anti-scratch resistant.

Get Some Skinny on your iPad Mini



I just received two cases for the iPad Mini from STMbags.com, an Australian company. One is called the Grip and the other is called the Marquee.

The Grip offers a polycarbonate hard shell for protection. It has grooves that help you hold on to it without slipping out of your hands. It folds in two positions, one for typing with a lower angle, and a more acute angle for viewing.  

The one I received is black, but you have your choice of four colors: black, berry, royal blue, and tangerine. It features an instant on/off switch upon opening and closing the cover.

X-doria iPad Mini Case



Ladies, you will appreciate the look and feel of this classy case for your iPad mini with its XO design on a pink background. I imagine the Xs and Os represent hugs and kisses. It's 3D textured cloth surface makes it pleasant to hold.

Not just a pretty case, its layered design gives extra impact protection with a tough polycarbonate shell that will probably save it from disaster.

Who doesn't want some more hugs and kisses. Grab one of these for some comfort and security. The cover features built-in magnets that automatically wake your iPad when opened and put it to sleep when closed.

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