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Luxi Light Meter for iPhone 5


A few years ago no one would have thought that a digital camera would be capable of taking such incredible pictures, videos, and panoramas, but now you can use these and other features like smile detection and eliminating red eye to take great photos. There is one more thing that is important for making high-quality photographs—having the right exposure. For that, you need the help of a light meter. That’s where the new Luxi ($29.99) comes into play. It turns your iPhone 5 into a quality incident light meter. If you use your camera’s built in light meter, you are getting a reading for reflected light, which could be a false reading resulting in a photograph of under or overexposed poor quality.

Exciting Kickstarter Campaign: Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ Bike Computer


Here’s a last minute chance to get involved in the realization of an exciting Kickstarter project for which the funding period ends Sept. 20, and if the goal is met shipping will begin Oct. 1st.

The project involves a bike computer from Wahoo Fitness powered by an iPhone, for access to GPS, music, and app functionality connected by Bluetooth.

Attention Cyclists: Hammerhead is a Must Have


Hammerhead is a new navigation system for bicycles that will guide you over streets and along trails accurately. It is a portable unit that attaches on the handlebars for easy viewing and accessibility. An array of LED light supplies turn-by-turn directions. It works in conjunction with a free downloadable app. Once the phone is connected you can stash it in your pocket and turn off the screen. It will continue to communicate via Bluetooth and guide you along a selected route.

Wally Case Reaches Kickstarter Goal


This is a news flash to let you know that Distil Union's Wally Case that I reviewed recently has reached its Kickstarter goal and will be ready for pre-orders on September 16. The cost is $49.99. It comes in Black/Black, Clear/Black, and Clear/Brown initially with more colors to come. The case can be ordered directly from the developer.

Two Cases for those Times When Function Matters Most


Sometimes function is the most important thing in an iPhone case. Check out these two super-funtional cases, one for anyone who spends time near the water and one for anyone who likes to use their phone hands free:

Slickwraps Case for iPhone 5


If you are looking for a sleek case that does not turn your iPhone into an 800-pound gorilla, Slickwrap's The Case ($34.95) is for you.

I Want My MTV: The New Griffin Case for iPhone 5


This is a quick note for you MTV fans with an iPhone. Now you can combine your interests with the new MTV iPhone Case ($29.99) from Griffin Technology.

MeCam: Cute or Creepy?


I just received an interesting package. It was a box in the shape of a cube. I had no idea what it was. It just said MeCam. I opened it up to reveal a round plastic object about two inches in diameter with a semicircle of small holes. What could it be?

It turned out to be MeCam ($49), a wearable mini camera that takes videos, records sound, and takes still shots. That’s pretty cool, I thought. You could really have some fun with it in parks and parties, walking down the street, riding a bike, and shopping at Walmart. It could revolutionize Facebook and Instagram.

Ballistic Hydra for iPhone 5: The Hercules of Cases


Designed to protect your iPhone 5 from the ravages of nature and keep out water, dust, and hard blows to the body, the iPhone 5 Ballistic Hydra Case ($79.99) is rugged and nearly indestructible. Perhaps even Hercules would have trouble destroying this Hydra.

You can submerge it in water as deep as 7 feet for as long as 30 minutes. It will survive 8-foot drops as well. It will keep out dust, dirt, and sand and protect against scratches with a tough screen protector. The screen will not touch when laid on a table.

Pure Gear Offers Fun Retro Cases for iPhone 5


Nearly everyone has played games on a phone. But how many of us have used a phone case to play games? Now you can, with Pure Gear’s Retro Game Cases ($29.99)Have fun while you protect your investment with these three retro game cases.

The Amazing is red with a blue back, the Groovy is blue with a green back, and the Undecided is yellow with a pink back. Each case has a different game.

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