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40 Stunning Scenery iPhone Wallpapers (via inspirationfeed.com)


Over at inspirationfeed.com, Igor Ovsyannykov has collected 40 incredible iPhone wallpapers. Here are a few of them, all of them are 320x480 so you can right-click and download them. However, as Igor notes, they might not look as gorgeous on a 4th generation devices like Generation Touch or the iPhone 4 which have that 960x640 retina-display. To get the rest visit this link.  

Chart: iPod Touch Is Apple's Sleeper Hit (via Business Insider)


Generally, the iPhone and the iPad get all the noise, and why not, they're sexy, but the iPod Touch has been a stealthy money-maker for Apple, more than an iPod and less than an iPhone, it's been selling huge and quietly. 

In February 2010, BusinessInsider.com featured it on their always interesting Chart of the Day:


Will the new iPod Touch Have Some Form of 3G Access?


One thing I like about the new iPhone 4 has nothing to do with what it can do. Apple has done users the terrific favour of making it available directly from them UNLOCKED. While you have to pay full price, and won't get the cost subsidized by a carrier, it also means that you can now shop for the best deal voice+text+data you can find, possibly even avoiding a long-term contract. 

New iPod Touch to Feature Much-requested Long-awaited Camera System?


It's always fun to speculate ahead of Apple's September revelations and veteran Apple watchers are predicting that the forth-coming updated iPod Touch will finally have the ability to shoot stills and video.

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