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Founder of the ieidos Group, Socrates Siskos is an entrepreneur with a difference. Combining a long term love of sustainable and economic design with an interest for Apple products, Socrates has owned and run the highly successful and award-winning spares and repairs website, iPhonefixed.co.uk since 2008. A former barista and cafe owner, Socrates has a passion for re-using and recycling all things, and can often be found cycling long distances, up to his elbows in compost in the garden, or researching and developing innovative ideas for the internet. Follow iPhonefixed on Twitter @iPhoneFixedcouk or on Facebook, at @iPhoneFixedRepairs and on Google +, at @iPhonefixed.

9 Great Christmas Apps for the iPhone


November is almost over, the shops are full of mince pies and brightly colored decorations, and the temperature has suddenly plummeted. it can only mean one thing; Christmas is just around the corner. We’ve decided to get into the festive spirit a little early, and have rounded up the best seasonal apps for your iPhone; from virtual letters to Santa Claus to a handy gift planner, and even a talking Gingerbread Man, there’s something for the old, the young, and the young-at-heart. Ding dong merrily on high!

Bored with Your iPhone? Read this Before Choosing an Early Upgrade


Technology is developing so quickly it’s hard to keep up with the latest and best mobile phones on the market. As soon as you upgrade, an even better model is released! 

Customizing your iPhone is easy and it isn’t just the outside that can be changed. Here are some simple ideas for customizing your iPhone from the inside before opting for that early upgrade:

5 Great Apps for Shopaholics


Whether you’re a fashion fanatic who has to have the latest trends, or someone who organises their groceries with military precision, if you’re mad about shopping, there’s an iPhone app to help you out. From apps that send pictures of outfits to friends and family, to apps that provide you with coupons and sale alerts, there’s are many tools to help you shop more effectively using your iPhone.

iPhone Apps for Book Lovers


Whether you’re a fan of fiction, or you can’t get enough of the latest autobiography, the world of books is a wonderful one to dive into. If you can’t quite find it in your heart to give up your paperbacks, you can still experiment with enjoying books in a more hi-tech way by downloading a few great apps onto your iPhone. From audiobooks to more unusual and quirky literary apps, we’ve rounded up the best four to help you keep up with your reading on the go.

How to Protect and Repair your iPhone


If you’re a true Apple fanatic, chances are you know by now about the speculated release date for iPhone 5S, and you’ve already got your sleeping bag and tent ready for your place in the queue. Whether you’re going to be first in line, or you’re sticking with an older version of the iPhone, you’re probably still keen to keep your smartphone as pristine as possible.

A good case will help protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, but there are some things that they won’t prevent. Water damage or a smashed screen are two of the worst problems you can encounter, so the best idea is to try your hardest to avoid them completely with theses tips and tricks for keeping your iPhone in tip-top condition.

Finally, A case for Your Inner 1980s Stockbroker! Plus 4 other Quirky Standouts


With the Sept. 10 release date for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C coming up, there’s never been a better time to get a new iPhone case. Whether you’re going to be first in line for the latest model, or you’re sticking to your iPhone 4, here are five cases that are a little out of the ordinary.

5 iPad App Staples for Back to School


The start of the new school year used to mean crisp exercise books, newly sharpened pencils, and a graffiti-free pencil case. But these days, it involves a completely different type of preparation. The age of technology means you take notes on an iPad or laptop instead of with pen and paper, and rather than choosing a pencil case, you’re more likely to pick out a new iPhone cover or scour the App Store for useful apps. To save you a little time, we’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of our five favorite apps that will help you stay organized to become top of your class.

Top 5 iPhone Cases to Match Your Style


When you have a brand new iPhone, the first thing you’ll want to do is protect it from any possible accidents or knocks—there’s nothing worse than scratching the screen a few days after buying it. There are literally thousands of different styles of iPhone cases on the market, from colorful geometric patterns to retro printed hard shells to soft leather sleeves. It can be hard to decide which one is for you. To make that decision a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of our five top favorites.

5 Great iPhone Apps to Go Camping With


If you’re a hardcore fan of the outdoors, the arrival of summer can only mean one thing—it’s time to get the tent out of the attic, throw everything into the car, and head off for a stay under the stars. It sounds idyllic, but as with all family holidays, it’s all too easy to end up bickering in the sweltering heat over directions or arguing over who’s turn it is to cook dinner. But don’t panic, help is at hand! We’ve gathered together our five favorite iPhone apps that will help you enjoy every minute of your camping trip. The only thing we can’t help you with is wrestling grizzly bears....

myType – Pocketable Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPhone and iPad


I could easily list a hundred different reasons why I love my iPhone, from the lightning-fast processor to the amazing range of (often free) apps and services to the way it’s so ridiculously easy to use and has such a slick, aesthetically pleasing design. But, like with all other smartphones, it comes hand-in-hand with one large problem—the touchscreen keyboard.

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