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Sarah Kingsbury is the web editor of iPhone Life magazine. She has written for savvyvegetarian.com and worked as the associate editor of the Iowa Source for many years.

Tip of the Day: Mute Group Messages Without Leaving the Conversation


You don't have to leave a group message just because you want your iPhone to stop buzzing with new message notifications. Instead you can turn on Do Not Disturb for that message thread and read all the messages about planning your brother-in-law's birthday party later.

Tip of the Day: Find Your Lost iPhone, Even if the Battery Is Dead


Using Find My iPhone can significantly increase the odds that your lost iPhone will be returned to you. But it won't work if the battery is dead. With iOS 8, you now have the ability to have your missing iPhone send its location to Apple just before the battery dies. This is probably most useful when looking for a lost iPhone. A stolen phone is more likely to be moved after the battery dies.

Tip of the Day: Delete Attachments from Messages Without Deleting the Conversation


Messages can take up a surprising amount of your iPhone's storage capacity and the reason is all those cute pictures of dogs and kids that you've been texting back and forth with your friends. Fortunately, it's easy to delete attachments from Messages without deleting the conversation.

Last Chance to Enter the iPhone Life Photography Contest Oct.24!


If you haven't already entered the iPhone Life Photography Contest, you'd better get cracking! Friday, October 24, is the last day to submit your best iPhone photograph(s) at iphonelife.com/enterphoto. You must take and edit all photos with an iOS device, using only iOS apps. And don't forget to your favorite photos. You can vote everyday until November 3!

Tip of the Day: Answer Phone Calls On Your iPad


Forget running downstairs to where you left your iPhone, take the call on your iPad or iPod instead (as long as you have later-model devices running iOS 8).

Tip of the Day: Add Phone Numbers to Contacts from Mail in iOS 8


You probably already know you can call a phone number from within an email by tapping on the number. But did you know that you can now quickly add the phone number to Contacts as well?

Tip of the Day: How to Install iOS 8 on Your iDevice


Today is the day iOS 8 will be available for download, so make sure you read our rundown of all the cool new features. If you've decided to update the software on your iPhone or other device, consider waiting until the initial rush of downloads has passed; this will allow you to avoid longer download times or installation fails. When you're ready to update, make sure you check out these tips on downloading and installing iOS 8:

Tip of the Day: How to Stop Control Center from Popping Up Unwanted


Control Center is great because it allows you to quickly do all kinds of useful things like turn WiFi, Airplane Mode, and Do Not Disturb on or off, lock your screen orientation, adjust volume levels, open your phone's calculator, and use your iPhone as a flashlight, among other things. 

What's not so great is swiping up from the bottom of the screen while using an app (especially when that app is a game) and accidentally bringing up Control Center.

Tip of the Day: How to Delete U2's New Album from iTunes


On Tuesday, September 9, Apple concluded its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event by announcing it would be giving away free copies of U2's new album Songs of Innocence to everyone with an iTunes account. This unexpected generosity garnered a range of different reactions:

Tip of the Day: Update Apple TV and Safari Before the Apple Announcement


Apple requires you to have the latest version of Safari or Apple TV in order to watch their live streams. So if you're planning to watch Apple's live stream of their September 9 announcement, make sure you update well ahead of time. Otherwise you may end up crying and tearing your hair out because you're missing the first 15 minutes of the announcement while you wait for Safari or Apple TV to finish updating.

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