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Richard Szpin's BMW has become the WWW. His motorcycling passion has taken him from central Canada to Newfoundland, Vancouver, Martha’s Vineyard, Deal’s Gap, North Carolina, and New Orleans. He has ridden to many great north American cities and written about it. Now he rides the web and is learning to blog about his adventures at www.szpin.ca

10 Must-Have Apps for Your iPhone


The basic group of apps you need on your Apple device is a subjective selection. The perfect app for one person is a dud to another; the app one person uses daily may be a headache to someone else. Risking a barrage of disagreement and discontent, I pose the following list of apps as the ideal home base for any iDevice. After years of slogging back and forth, trying this app, rejecting that one, testing this one, discarding that one, the seemingly endless task is done. Here is the final cut, the apps I found I was using over and over, without complaint, lamentation, or griping.

From the Gray Side: Errands To-Do List


David Mandell created Errands To-Do List (free)and it’s a winner! He also developed my favorite app, Alarmed - Reminders and Timers (free)I really liked that app, so I felt I would like Errands. I do. Everything I wrote about Alarmed applies to Errands also: It's simple to use, efficient in carrying out its purpose, and filled with just the right features. It is the simplest and most user-friendly task manager I have used. It may lack some of the glitz and glitter of other task managers, but it compensates by being very inclusive and surprisingly sophisticated.

From the GRAY Side: What Older iUsers Want


As I enter my senior years, I am more attentive to age-related things. I watch how older users compensate for age deterioration: oral repetition, word association, and finger counting. iDevices should consider compensatory changes relative to older people: easier-to-use function keys, simpler operating procedures, larger fonts, and more focused menus to name a few suggestions.

Recently I attended a smartphone workshop at my local library. I attended the workshop to polish my own iPhone skills thinking that “older” people can use all the help they can get with these electronic devices. I thought this social group lacks the facility and acuity of younger users. Man, were my eyes opened!

Don't Get Left Behind: Overcoming Your Fear of Technology


Over the years I have met many people who find much of the newest technology intimidating. Many seniors find it challenging, mind boggling, and sometimes outright incomprehensible. Take the smartphone. Just looking at it is distressing for some people. Their initial reaction is to steer away from such devices, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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