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Richard Minney is co-founder of iBE.net, a developer of cloud and mobile-based business management software. He has nearly 20 years of ERP experience as a developer, architect, consultant, and project manager installing large ERP systems for aerospace and defense companies and being responsible for HCL’s ERP add-on solutions business. He has a Masters in computer integrated manufacturing from Cranfield University and a MA in engineering from Cambridge University (both in the UK), as well as experience working for Ford and Rolls-Royce as an engineer. He can be reached at richard.minney@ibe.net or at www.ibe.net.

Bridging the Opportunity Gap Between Business Needs and Current Business Apps



With almost 2.5 Billion  Android and iOS devices in use in the world, and Gartner predicting tablet shipments to outstrip PCs next year, it looks like everyone will be running their business from the palm of their hand before Santa Claus next comes down your chimney. Apple is increasingly being accepted by enterprise IT departments alongside Microsoft, and $50 smartphones are getting closer to reality every day, at least in emerging countries.

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