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Raphael Burnes is the CTO of iPhone Life magazine. He keeps the electrons herded as best they can. He jumped right into software development and system administration as a contractor after highschool. Began working on a number of startups shortly after, always testing and trying new things. Loves spending time with wife and son, practicing handbalancing, working with all kinds of technology, and all things business and startups.

Liveblog of March 9 Apple Event Starts at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET



Don't Miss Our Live Apple Announcement Coverage on Monday, March 9!

The day has finally come! On Monday, March 9, we will find out once and for all what the Apple Watch will cost and when exactly Apple lovers can expect to strap the new wearable onto their wrists. We can also expect to find out what apps will be available for the Apple Watch and whether Tim Cook has any surprises up his sleeve.

Tether your laptop to your iPhone with no additional carrier charges


Ever been stuck lacking internet on your laptop but still had your iPhone or iPad? It can be a huge drag; I just moved and made the critical mistake of assuming that there was internet already installed and I'd just need to call them up and have them flip it on. It shouldn't have been too much of a gamble as our town has near 100% coverage of FTTH (Fiber To The Home.) Nevertheless, I picked a house with no internet, and it will be a week or so until it can be installed.

Reports of Native Gmail for iPhone


MG Siegler writes on parislemon.com that a native iOS app for Gmail may be just around the corner. As a die hard Gmail user this is great news to me.

I've been using Gmail from the very beginning when it was invite only. It turned my entire email experience upside down with 1GB storage, threaded conversations, and a rich interface accessible anywhere you had a browser and internet. I can't imagine ever going back to another email provider, either on the desktop or a webmail provider.

Announcing iPhoneLife.com's Accessory Store


I am excited to announce the launch of our own iPhone / iPad accessory store. We've got hundreds of products to meet any need you have for your iOS device. Cases, Headsets, Car Mounts, and much more. 

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