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Change the Look of Your iPhone with Custom Skins


So you just bought and iPhone and realize the only two colors it comes in are black and white. Aside from making calls, this extremely popular smartphone can Facetime, take great pictures, play music, and more. So many people have chosen to buy one, they've become a dime a dozen. Therefore your phone won't stand out, and is exactly like everyone else's iPhone. You've checked out Otterbox cases, but they are bulky and expensive and make the phone hard to get in and out of your pocket. If this describes you, it’s time you checked out iPhone skins!

The video below shows how to apply a custom skin from dbrand ($16).

How to Replace a Smashed iPhone Screen


Your iPhone screen can suffer damage in many different situations. You can crack your iPhone's LCD digitizer by simply resting against a wall with your phone in your pocket. The screen also can suffer from dead pixel spots within the digitizer. Dead pixel spots prevent you from interacting with the screen in a specific area of the screen.

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