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Mia Steinberg is a freelance writer and webmaster, living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. She is the host of Particles and Waves, an eclectic music radio show, and has written for XOJane, Cinefilles, and various Canadian university newspapers. Her website is particlesandwavesshow.com, and she can be found talking about Game of Thrones at twitter.com/miasteinberg

This Week's Gaming Distractions: Mujo


As puzzle games become more ubiquitous, developers need to have a hook to really nab a player. Mujo is evidence of what happens when the market is saturated; its gameplay is fairly standard for a puzzle, but the design around it is both creative and frustrating.

This Week's Gaming Distraction: Zengrams



We're spoiled for choice when it comes to games nowadays; new apps come out every week, and there are hundreds of development companies working around the clock to create the most addicting, entrancing, and entertaining distractions possible. Games are as old as humanity itself, but we haven't always had such a wide variety of them; for thousands of years, we made do with just a handful of brain-teasing puzzles. These games were challenging enough to carry on down through the generations, and their influence is still occasionally seen today. Zengrams ($0.99), by Gameblyr, is one such example; it takes inspiration from ancient Chinese tangram puzzles. Translating to “seven boards of skill,” tangrams consisted of seven flat geometric shapes; the goal was to use all of the pieces to completely fill a larger outline. Tangrams are some of the most famous dissection puzzles on earth; from the seven standard shapes, there are over 6500 configurations currently known.

This Week's Gaming Distraction: Find the Line


Sometimes you want a game that tests your reflexes and makes your fingers fly; other times, you want a lazier, more Zen-like experience. If swiping back and forth through your iOS home screens isn't quite stimulating enough, then you might want to give Chillingo's Find the Line (Free) a try. While you don't do much more than move your finger, you're rewarded for your efforts with an enjoyably unique puzzle style. It's got its problems, but it's definitely worth a look.

This Week's Distractions: Finger Painting Puzzles with 'Watercolors'


Watercolors (Free)

iPhone Life rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This Week's Gaming Distraction: Can You Steal It?


Can You Steal It? is a nice throwback to the Flash games of the 2000s but is too easy for those who would find it nostalgic.

This Week's Distraction: The Firm is Clever, Beautiful, and a Little Bit Crazy


The Firm has all the right ingredients to be the “Papers, Please” for iOS, but is lacking the scope to really make it great.

This Week's Distraction: Rules! is Brain-Bending Fun



Rules! $1.99

Rules is an impossibly cute and very well-designed puzzle game reminiscent of Popcap's Peggle, right down to the unicorn and the weirdly addictive difficulty curve.

Pocket Will Change How You Surf the Mobile Web


Pocket (Free)

iPhone Life Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

There are a lot of things we take for granted when it comes to iOS and other mobile devices, including the frankly insane fact that we now have the ability to look up virtually any fact, article, or answer in mere seconds. While the iPhone may have killed the good old-fashioned pub argument, it's also allowed us to research anything we want and read millions of new opinions and stories on the go. But there are only so many hours in the day, and you can't tap on every link you want—after all, you can only really read one thing at a time. Safari has a Reading List option that saves sites for future reference, but there's no cross-platform capabilities; it only syncs up with Safari on your desktop, and it automatically removes pages as soon as you've visited them (even if you're not done with them yet). Bookmarking can work, but things can very quickly become cluttered as you mingle the sites you only mean to revisit once and the more permanent stuff you want to actually have, y'know, bookmarked.

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