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Karotz: The world's first intelligent internet companion


I haven't yet gotten my hands on my very first Karotz (although I'm hoping to soon!) But I did want to blog about this new gadget that caught my eye at CES.  The makers of Karotz are calling it "The world's first intellignet internet companion." 

It's basically a bunny with a camera.  But it can do so much!  Karotz speaks, sees, listens, obeys and wigglies his ears.  You can name your Karotz and also link it to Twitter or Facebook.  

iVisor AG Screen Protector by Moshi



I'm loving my new screen protector, the iVisor AG from Moshi!  It was so easy to put on (literally took 30 seconds).  And they are right...no bubbles!  And it's thin enough where I can use any case with it.  It comes in black and white. 

Cases with ID and Credit Card Slots - Great for when you're on the go!



I really like and appreciate cases that have a slot for ID or credit cards for when you don't want to carry too much.  A found a couple of really cool such cases. 

Red is one of my favorite colors and Cygnett has a really beautiful feminine case called Glam. It has a magnetic closure and a slot for a credit card or ID card. 

Cool Cases at CES!


I have seen so many cases at CES.  I'm overwhelmed! Here are a couple of companies whose cases I really liked... 

iLuv has some cute cases.  A lot of their products seem to be geared towards women.

Third Rail Slim Case for iPhone 4/4S with Removable Smart Battery


My first day at CES my battery ran out of power mid afternoon.  Thankfully, I had my charger with me, but I had to awkwardly stand at a hallway outlet for 15-20 minutes while my phone charged.  So I went in search of a cool battery/ case combo. I came across Third Rail's Slim Case with Removable Smart Battery and have been using it ever since.

XtremeMac Case that changes colors - Tuffwrap Shift for iPhone 4S!


This is a fun case by XtremeMac for the iPhone called Tuffwrap Shift.  It changes colors when heated up.  Extreme Mac has a line of these cases for both the iPad and the iPhone and they come in a variety of colors. Case retails for $29.99.

Vmoda Faders Ear Armor


From the makers of the awesome line of V-moda headphones comes the V-moda Faders.  They filter harmful noise levels (12dB reduction) and are used to help protect your ears at clubs, concerts, other such loud events, and for musicians.  They are metal and come with detachable cables, so that you can leave them in your ears without having them be connected to one another. They come in several different colors and have a nifty carrying case. They come in three sizes to fit any ear and you can still hear music and speech when you have them on.

SafePlug - Tracks and measures your energy consumption


SafePlug can help you to save money every month by doing 3 things:

  • Measures electrical consumption by appliance
  • Identifies inefficient electrical equipment
  • Automatically turns off always-on and "vampire" loads

Download the free app and start tracking appliance usage. 

Agloves - Touchscreen Gloves at CES


Agloves are winter gloves that can be used for your iPhone, iPad, or any other touchscreen device.  They are a glove liner that keeps your hands warm while allowing you to still use your device.  They are knit with real silver which helps to make them more conductive. Silver is classified as Ag in the periodic table of elements hence the name Agloves. The gloves feel pretty good and really do work well on the touch screen. Gloves are priced at $23.99.

GameChanger Game Board for iPad


Launched at CES, The GameChanger is an electronic game board that works with your iPad - it is an app-based accessory.  The app is free with GameChanger purchase.  When you touch the board, the screen interacts.  In addition to tracking play, the iPad asks questions and assigns tasks.

It comes with 6 games (skins that you place on top of the GameChanger).  2 additional games will be available April 2012.  The games are for ages 6 and up. 


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