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Maggie is a sophomore journalism student at the University of Iowa who is obsessed with finding the latest websites and apps first. She created the college review website collegepopculture.com where she and college students across the US share their opinions and ideas related to pop culture and general college life.

2 Apps to Keep Writers and Readers Productive


My two big resolutions for this year were 1. to read more books, and 2. to write more creatively. While I've been on break from school it's been easy to carve out some time for reading and writing, but I know once classes start up again next semester I will have to be more diligent with my time. So I’ve been on the hunt for apps that will make both endeavors easier. Here are the two I found to be most exciting and helpful. 

3 Apps to Prepare You for Your Final Exams


For many college students across the country, finals are approaching and creating a lot of extra stress. The sources of this stress can stem from getting all of your study materials made and organized, forming study groups, and/or figuring out the lowest grade you can squeak out on the final to keep your current grade. I have found three apps helpful going into my third round of college final examinations and hopefully they will be beneficial to you as well.  

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