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Logan is a tech junkie born and raised, with a strong interest in the wonderful world of app development. In fact, he both owns and works in a successful app development company in Melbourne, Australia, called Buzinga. He also develops his own mobile apps through his new app business, Lofty Interactive. Logan has been featured and published in Digital Marketing Monthly Magazine, App User, The Australian Appreneur, Channel 7, and Manhattan Media. He's also authored Getting Started with Your App, Advanced App Marketing 2.0 and The App Monetisation Guide, which are all available from the Buzinga website.

5 Quality App Marketing Tips


A lack of downloads is the quickest way for your app to turn into a flop. But someone like you wouldn’t let that happen right? While I’m sure you already have a marketing plan for your app written up and ready to go, I've prepared a list of some additional things you should be doing to make your app market-ready before its launch.

3 App Killers And How To Overcome Them


The journey of developing an app can be perilous. As an app owner, you need to manage your risk. The process starts by assessing three app killers all developers should know about.

Once you know what they are, you will know where to find them. And if you know how to find them, you can overcome them.
There’s murder in the App Store, and here is your guide to getting through alive:

3 Reasons Why Most Apps Fail


Did you know there are more than 750,000 apps in Apple's App Store with another 700,000 available in Google Play? And this is what’s really mind-blowing: More than 65 percent of those apps will never even recover the cost of the initial investment. That means most app developers fail to make it in the app industry, and that’s a pretty serious issue…

Naturally, I wanted to understand what these developers were doing wrong so I could avoid the same fate. I wanted to be among the top 10 percent who make bucket-loads of cash.

How to Make Money with Mobile Apps


Warning: This article could provoke deep insight and ‘aha’ moments.

Developing a mobile app is a piece of cake if you have a good idea and a killer team of developers. But designing a foolproof monetization strategy that works — not just for you, but also for your users — is another challenge altogether.

Even though each monetization model can work incredibly well, the way you apply each strategy will make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. And let’s face it, if you can make another 20-30 percent revenue, then it’s worthwhile to read the rest of this article, right?

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