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How To Redeem a Promocode on your iPhone


Believe it or not some people have no idea how to redeem a promo code on their iPhone. I give away quite a few promo codes that developers have passed on to me and a lot of times I get the question, "how do I redeem this?" The majority of the time, people don't want to redeem codes from iTunes on their computer, simply because once they redeem the code, they will have to sync their devices to get the app. In this article I will go through the simple steps of redeeming a promo code directly from your iPhone. The same steps can be use to redeem codes from your iPad or iPod Touch. Once you go through the steps you will see just how easy it is.

Review: Documents 5 by Readdle


Documents 5 (free) allows users to read, listen, view, download, and annotate almost any content they desire on their iPad. the app is more than just a tool that will help you stay organized; it combines a document viewer with a file manager and a media player. The app is super-fast and looks good with clean graphics. There are plenty of options to use and everything is easy to locate on the app. 

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