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Anki Drive Meshes Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for iOS Racing Game


The Anki team will be taking a new approach to typical slot car racing games with the release of Anki Drive (Free). The project was originally conceived by a group of PhD students in robotics at Carnegie Mellon University.

Anki CEO Boris Sofman demonstrated the car's ability to steer around the track at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference "by doing the same computations your brain does when you drive." By focusing on steering, sensors, and controls software, Anki was able to engineer a different kind of racing experience.

Turn Your Sketches Into Prototypes With AppSeed


AppSeed, a project on Kickstarter, hopes to bridge the gap between digital and handwritten prototypes. Designers could potentially streamline the early stages of designing an app and quickly transition the hand-drawn sketches into a functioning prototype on their iPhone.

MLB Will Be Utilizing iOS 7's iBeacon for 'At The Ballpark' App



Apple's location and proximity detection technology, iBeacon, will be playing a central role in MLB's soon-to-be-updated At The Ballpark app (free). The app will try to bring a new, interactive stadium experience, utilizing the iPhone's Bluetooth and iBeacon technologies for indoor mapping purposes.

While typical GPS services are great for travel, it isn't particularly effective while indoors. With iBeacon, micro-locations within stadiums will be created with a higher degree of accuracy.

Do the M7 Coprocessor's Capabilities Have to Stop at Fitness Apps?


Apple's recent event revealed the iPhone 5S, complete with space gray, silver, or gold color schemes, new camera features, and a fingerprint sensor. It also highlighted the new M7 motion coprocessor, designed to gather motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

Fitness apps that would normally fall on the A7 chip will now rely on the M7, a more efficient alternative that draws less battery. With a new set of CoreMotion APIs, developers can also contribute a variety of fitness and motion tracking apps for iOS 7.

Can Oyster Beat Amazon with Its Subscription-Based E-Book App?


In 2012, Oyster secured $3 million in financing by Founders Fund, and today the New York startup has begun the invitation process for its app. Commonly referred to as "Netflix for e-books," Oyster offers unlimited books for $9.95 a month. Currently, the app is stocked with over 100,000 titles, updated weekly.

Disney Compiles 90 years of Film for Disney Animated iPad App

Fans of Disney will get a behind-the-scenes look at all 53 of Disney's animated films with Disney Animated ($13.99), the company's newest iPad app. Disney Interactive, Touch Press, and Walt Disney Animation Studios compiled animation clips, images, and 3D projections spanning 90 years.
Along with never-before-seen artwork from classic Disney movies, the app will also include a preview of the upcoming release Frozen, expected in November. Users are given the chance to animate Elsa's snow, a short clip of the film.

Opera Report Finds iOS Still Leading Mobile Advertising

Mobile browser and advertising platform, Opera released its report on media insights for Q2 2013, and iOS continues to lead in impression volume, revenue generation, and monetization.
Opera has seen significant growth since the last report on company benchmarks. Opera Mediaworks previously supported 9,000 sites in Q2 2012, with 35 billion mobile ad impressions per month, but today the company supports 13,000 sites and more than 60 billion impressions per month. In 2012, Opera facilitated $400 million in revenue, jumping to $600 million so far in 2013, supporting nearly 400 million consumers.

DekkoScan iOS App Turns Objects into Minecraft Blocks


An app from the team at Dekko could potentially scan real-life objects and turn them into functional, in-game Minecraft blocks. DekkoSkan was recently discussed on Reddit.

Earlier this year, the developer at Dekko mentioned building a 3D reconstruction system for its augmented reality car game, TableTop Speed. Dekko then decided to turn its attention to exporting to other games, like Minecraft.

The process works by using the iPad or iPhone camera to showcase the entire object with video. Dekkoscan creates a render of the object in Minecraft, which is then added to the save game folder or to MCEedit, an editor for Minecraft.

Facebook for iOS Adds Checkmarks for Verified Celebrities


Facebook's newest update for iOS includes blue check marks for verified celebrities, public figures, and brands. Facebook announced the verified pages and profiles back in May, similar to verified accounts used by Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook says verified pages are reserved for those belonging to "a small group of prominent public figures, such as celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses," with a large following. Facebook eventually added the update to profiles as well.

Not all authentic pages on Facebook are verified based on number of followers, contact information, etc.

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