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Jordan Joynt is a digital producer and freelance technology writer. He covers the latest apps, mobile games, and accessories for Apple’s mobile products. You can see some of his articles on www.jordanjoynt.com.

Olloclip Adds Wide-Angle Active Lens to Its Lineup


Olloclip has added yet another camera accessory to its lineup. The new Active Lens for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is available for preorder on its website.

FiftyThree Introduces Think Kit for its Paper App


FiftyThree, the team behind various creative tools, added a few more upgrades to its Paper (Free) app for iPad. The Think Kit includes three new modeling and graphing instruments  Diagram, Fill, and Cut.

Coolors App Brings Color Palettes to iOS


Looking for a flawless color scheme? Coolors ($0.99) — an app for the web and iOS — can generate an unlimited number of color arrangements to help with your design projects.

The app was created by designer and developer Fabrizio Bianchi. In an interview with Wired, Bianchi says that “the process of creating a color scheme should be easy.”

Apple Acquires Patent for Virtual Reality Headset


Is Apple preparing for a virtual reality device of their own? A new patent acquired by the company suggests it has at least crossed their minds.

Prezi Launches Nutshell for iPhone


The company known for presentations went a different route for its latest endeavor. Instead of a bland slideshow, Nutshell (free) transforms images into a self-described "cinematic story." Once you've collected three photos worth animating, that is. 

Earth: A Primer Is an Interactive Geology Textbook


Preparing textbooks that are both educational and stimulating can sometimes prove difficult, especially in today's society. But the exploratory terrain found in Earth: A Primer ($9.99) makes learning about geology much more digestable.

Letterspace App Uses Hashtags to Organize your Notes


Evernote has long been considered the quintessential note-taking app. But what if you just want a clean interface with easy organization? That's where Letterspace (free) comes in.

Don't expect the same functionality as Evernote or Wunderlist, though. Letterspace is a no-frills note-taking app that cuts down on the clutter. 

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CES 2015: HomeKit Devices Make Their Debut


Your home is well on its way to becoming a whole lot smarter. At CES 2015, we got a glimpse of the first round of HomeKit-enabled devices that will eventually end up in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

The PopSLATE e-Paper Screen Comes to the iPhone 6


You might be asking yourself how a second screen on the back of for your iPhone 6 could possibly be advantageous. But, it turns out the popSLATE actually serves a variety of functions that justify the premium $129 price tag.

So, what kinds of things can be accomplish with the case? More than you may think.

FiiV iPad Case Houses a HotSpot and Battery Pack


When considering the purchase of an iPad case, things like affordability, design, and protection all factor into the decision. The FiiV iPad case—currently on IndieGogo—adds a few more options for iPad owners. This smart case alleviates two common struggles you may face while you're out and about: Battery life and Wi-Fi. And the case itself is surprisingly slim even with the inclusion of added peripherals.

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