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Jeremy is a biology pre-dentistry undergraduate student at the University of Mississippi. He enjoys organizing, listening to music, spending time with his friends and family, and enjoying the simple things in life. He loves all things technology and reads tech news in his spare time. You can follow his adventures on Twitter @Music_Maniac_19.

3 Apps to Fill the 'Flappy Bird' Void


Several interesting new apps have emerged from the iOS store and at first glance they may seem to be of the same family as the infamous Flappy Bird app, yet these apps take on a different approach to the ever-widening pipes in Flappy Bird.

How to Stop More Than One Background App at a Time


In iOS 6, it was simple to stop any apps running in the background. All you had to do was double-tap the home button, hold the apps down, and hit the minus sign to stop them from running in the background.

With iOS 7, users can see what is currently happening in the background apps, such as music playing, call waiting, etc., and decide whether to stop the apps from running in the background in order to maximize battery life.

Apple: A Requirement on Campus?


Have you noticed the girl on her Mac in your meeting? How about the guy who’s researching directions on his iPhone? Maybe your friend with a lightweight iPad is following along with the professor’s lecture while you flip through a 300-page textbook? This growing trend among college students leads me to ask: Why has Apple become so prevalent at school?

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