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I'm just a regular guy with a union concrete job. I have a wonderful wife and children who are loving supporters of my hobby which is "iPhoneography." I'll be sharing methods I use to create great photos with your iPhone. You can always find my work on Google+, ampt community, The Mobile Photograhy Blog.

How to Master "Silhouettes" with Your iPhone


Hello friends and fellow iphoneographers. In this post I will be teaching you tips and tricks for capturing fantastic silhouette shots. For starters, you can use many different subjects for your silhouette shots. This includes people, birds, trees, or any object that would form a great silhouette. You always want to make sure your subject is in front of the lighting you choose to use. I find the best silhouettes are captured using natural light in the background. Sunrises and sunsets are my personal favorite backgrounds for capturing fantastic silhouette shots. I believe you can never go wrong using one of these as your backdrop. 

iPhoneography Workflow: "Dawn On Sunday"


This is my workflow for the photo titled "Dawn On Sunday." My family and I recently went on vacation to New Smyrna Beach, FL. It had been cloudy and rainy the entire week. I read the weather and saw that I might have a chance to catch a sunrise on Sunday, so my son and I got up early that morning and headed to the beach where I was lucky enough to see the sun rising. The sunrise lasted for about an hour before the clouds recovered the sun and sky.

iPhoneography Workflow: 'Winter Sunrise'


Welcome to my most recent iPhoneography workflow in which I'll show you how I creates this photo in only three steps and what apps I used.

Since winter will be here before we know it, I thought this would be a nice photo workflow to share this week. I always suggest getting up early and being on location approximately 15–20 minutes before the sun rises. This is when the magical colors of the earth awake, and they don't stay long, so be ready. 

iPhoneography Workflow for Sunsets: Catching the Rays


Welcome to my latest iphoneography workflow "Catching the Rays" which will show you some tricks and tips I used to capture and create this photo of the sunset.

I started off taking one of my sons to our favorite local lake to catch the sunset. I usually try to get to my destination about 15 minutes before the sun sets. This gives me time to catch the shifting in colors that sunsets produce. I have found that you get the best results just before or after the sun rises or sets.  I usually end up adding my sun to the photo during processing. This is what I did here as well. The setting sun in this photo was very nice thanks to the cloud cover and reflections. 

iPhoneography Workflow: Step-by-Step Photo Editing


Welcome to my latest workflow, which will cover step-by-step photo editing with my photo "Don't Forget about Me." This week I used Pro Camera ($4.99) instead of my usual shooting app, Camera+ ($1.99).

Use These Apps to Add Grunge to Your iPhoneography


This week, I wanted to introduce an app I've been using for quite some time, and that I used to create this image titled, "Tree of Grunge." Every once in a while, you come across a photo you have taken that just seems impossible to edit. Maybe, there are flaws in your photo, but you still want to turn it into something special. That's where Modern Grunge ($0.99) comes into play. This exciting app lets you turn your photos into a work of art with one touch.

I was at my dad's place for a picnic when I spotted this peculiar-looking tree. I could've taken this photo standing up, or from any angle, and it still would've looked great. But I believe it's always good to think outside the box in photography. That's why I chose this angle. Plus, I wanted to capture the clouds covering the sky, which had an eerie feeling of their own.

Texturize Your iPhoneography with the Camera Awesome App


Welcome to today's iPhoneography workflow titled "Textured Landscape." I will guide you through the steps I have taken to turn a landscape photo into textured artwork. 

I took this shot while on a walk with my family. It's a simple landscape that just caught my eye. I used Camera+ ($1.99) to capture the photo and used the Auto Focus feature. I did this because I wanted to get a clear shot of the whole scene, not focus on just one area. I also used this app for starting my editing process. After taking the shot, I used the Clarity option at 100 percent. Next, I went to the Vibrant feature and used put it to 100 percent also. Then, I saved to Camera Roll. 

Top 7 iPhoneography Apps for Capturing Awesome Nature Shots


Welcome to my iPhoneography workflow. Here, I'll share the images I create with my iPhone and the hand-picked, trial-and-error methods I use to capture and edit them with.

Hello everyone! Today, I will show you how I photographed this image with my iPhone, and what apps I used to complete this wonderful shot titled, "Warmth."

Use These Photography Apps to Capture Awesome Sunrise Shots on Your iPhone


Welcome to my iPhoneography workflow. Here, I'll share the images I create with my iPhone and the hand-picked, trial-and-error methods I use to capture and edit them with.

This image I took recently, titled "Sunday Serenity," is a very easy-to-approach iPhoneography photo. I want to share a few quick tips first off. Using your iPhone to take professional-looking photos involves a little manipulation. Trying to get those far-away landscape shots with your iDevice can be difficult compared to using a DSLR camera.

In this photo, the sun was about to come up, which is THE BEST time to catch sunrises (for sunsets, the best time is right after the sun goes down). It all relates to lighting, and colors are more intense before or after the sun makes an appearance.

Want to Learn to Take Pictures Like This with Your iPhone? Here's How


Welcome to my iPhoneography workflow for iPhone Life magazine. I'm going to walk you through the steps I took to create this photo titled, "Brotherly Love."

I should tell you off the bat, I'm a huge fan of  Camera+ ($1.99). I take all of my photos with this app and usually run them through an editing process before I move to other editing apps. I would also like to add that I've only been an iPhoneographer for about a year now. I've been very serious ever since. Silhouettes are one of my favorite types of photos, and I often use them while catching a sunset with my kids.

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