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Stand Tall: 5 Tips for Purchasing an iPhone Case for Video Viewing


“Can I watch a video?” my three-year-old son asks.

Ever since my mom turned him on to YouTube cartoons on her smartphone, this has become a frequent request, albeit one my wife and I decline more times than not. We aren’t opposed to watching television, but we view it as more of a special event than an everyday diversion. Despite our perspective on this, he still asks, and asks.

Love Live Music? Here Are 4 Great Apps for Streaming Performances on Your iOS Device


When it came to the iPod, I was an early adopter. And boy was it emancipating to no longer tote around CDs in my car or carry a Discman with me on the run. In fact, it was incredible.

At the time that the iPod emerged, smartphone apps were science fiction, like flux capacitors and hoverboards. But now, smartphones are not only ubiquitous, they are boasting more flexibility and nearly as much storage capacity as iPods. Could it mean the death of the iPod in the coming months and years? Maybe…

Getting Into the Mind of Smart TVs: Making the Right Choice


Once upon a time, people owned cell phones, televisions, and cars. It was just that simple. But advancements in technology are changing all of that, and these days, "smart" is the buzzword. There are smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart cars. In most cases, the often overused adjective is synonymous with high tech, particularly when it comes to electronic devices; but what this entails varies depending on what you are talking about.

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