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Jada Taline Foster is a multi-talented media maven. She's obsessed with skin care products, Star Trek, and her kitten, Ron Swanson. Jada currently resides in Fairfield, Iowa. She encourages you to stalk her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Dating in the Tech Age: Sprint Will Ruin Your Game


There are so many obstacles that could keep a newly single woman from getting back in the game—the need to lie on the couch and over-analyze things, an earth-ending asteroid, a bear standing between her and George Clooney—but you wouldn't expect her choice of cell phone service provider to be one of them...

Birth Control in the Tech Age: My Days App Keeps Me Baby Free


I've had my fair share of long(ish)-term relationships. From puberty to my present age of 30, various characters have drifted in and out of my romantic life, some utterly ridiculous and unworthy, others mostly normal and somewhat fulfilling. But there were two common themes that came up in each liaison:

1.  The Battle of the Birth Control: Who rocks it and what are we using—condoms? The crazy pill? Saran wrap?  

2.  The monthly “Are you pregnant?” conversation. I’ve experienced this nerve-racking time waster nearly 400 times and spent roughly $2,500 on pregnancy tests (all of which were negative) to back up my woman’s intuition.

Technological Breakups: Why I Dumped My iPhone 5


I have four regrets in my life:

1.  A tattoo of an arrow that starts under my right armpit and runs down my side, past my hip. It’s big, bold, and will most certainly look like a crumbled, smeared watercolor painting when I’m 60;

2.  The tattoo I got one Saturday night in Soho during a two-week trip to London circa 2004. This tat-ta-roo on my ankle of a heart the size of a fist looks like it was drawn by a 4-year-old with a permanent marker and underdeveloped motor skills;

3.  Letting my parents develop the disposable cameras from that trip. (My mom still can’t look me in the eye.);

4.  Dumping my iPhone 5 for the Galaxy 4. 

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