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Let's Play (Volume 3): A Puzzling Development



I think I have said before that I ride the train for several hours a day to get to work. Which means I need quite a few distractions in order to ignore the fact that I am wasting several hours daily. The iPad has been a real boon in that regard, offering a seemingly endless font of activity with which I may waste those countless hours I spend commuting. By far, my favorite way to spend that time is playing games on the iPad, and for the most part that means puzzle games.  In fact, I like these games so much, ten games were just not enough.  Which is why this article goes all the way to eleven.  As usual, the games will be presented in alphabetical order.

First Look: Professional Police Training 2


One of the first games I played on the iPod touch was a game called Professional Police Training. It was a fun shooting-gallery game, which simulated many of the target and firearm exercises used in real police training. I was extremely impressed by the realistic simulations and responsiveness of the controls.  It really did a terrific job of putting you on the firing range.  Everything was there except the recoil. Sadly, the developers stopped that game, moving on to other areas rather than releasing a follow up...until now. Today, Zing Games (the successor to GameVision) released the free follow-up to Professional Police Training, Professional Police Training 2.  

Quick Look: American Presidents for iPad



Who was the 27th President of the United States? Who was the President when the 24th Amendment was ratified? What was the Volstead Act and Who was the President when it was signed? Who was the President when the United States Supreme Court decided Plessy v. Ferguson? If you are an American history buff, like me, then this is the app you want to download. In fact, calling this app American Presidents is a dreadful misnomer, as it contains so much more than that. This app would be better called A Treasure Trove of Trivia About American History and Presidents…or something like that.

Let's Play (Part 2): Halloween and More Edition



Aaaaand…we’re back (yes, I know, never start a sentence, let alone a paragraph, let alone an entire article with a conjunction like and, but, or or…oh well, guess the article is already off to a rollicking start, so let’s just get back to it.)  For those of you who are just joining us, Let’s Play is an opportunity for me to fill all of you, our dear readers, in on a handful of the latest iOS games, which I have been enjoying lately.  Some of these were provided by the developers for me to check out, while others were purchased by me.  Many of them, however, are completely free…which is always my favorite kind of game. 

Let's Play! A Closer Look At Your iPad Games (Part I)



Not long ago, I did a fairly extensive roundup of a few of the great games which were gracing my iPad at that time.  Since I can hardly go two days without downloading a new game, I now have a host of new and exciting games on my iPad to share with all of you.   By now I have accumulated far too many games to contain them all in just one article.  So, we’ll go ahead and call this group Part I of the Let’s Play series.  I’ll keep them coming in groups of ten as long as you promise to keep reading.  So, without further adieu, let’s go ahead and get started.

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