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Analysts Predict iWatch to Outsell iPad in First Year


Stock analysts that cover Apple predict that the rumored iWatchwhich is expected to be announced in Octoberwill be a runaway hit and even sell more units in its first year of production than the iPad sold in its first year. That would make it Apple’s most successful product ever.

Apple Launches European iPhone Power Adapter Recall

Apple has launched an exchange program in 37 countries for certain models of it 5 watt European USB iPhone power adapter. The company says that in “rare cases” the power adapter may overheat and “pose a safety risk.”
The power adapter, which Apple identified as Model A1300, was packaged with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s shipped between October 2009 and September 2012. It also was sold as a standalone product.

Analyst Sees Apple Selling 21M iWatches in First Year


Apple’s so-called iWatch is still just a rumor, but at least one analyst thinks such a device would be a best-seller when released, with 21 million units expected to sell in the first year alone.

iOS 8 Will Make it Harder For Marketers to Track Your iPhone


If you're the type of person who likes the fact that marketers and retailers can easily track your every move and know your location at any given time of the day when your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, then you probably won't be happy with this new, but little publicized, feature in Apple's new iOS 8.

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