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Starfall ABCs - Excellent!


Starfall ABCs is perfect to take with you while waiting at the doctor's office or anywhere else you might have to wait. This app teaches children the letters and sounds of the alphabet using bright colors, cheerful sound effects, cute animations, and fun puzzle-type games. Well worth the $2.99.

iEraser Tablet Screen



This 2.5 oz. iEraser removes fingerprints and smudges from your iPads, Kindles, Laptops, even Flat Screen TVs. It works without sprays, which makes it super convenient.

However, when you read the fine print, it’s not the best solution. You can’t use it on phones due to facial oil and makeup. You can’t use it on screen protectors. You can’t get it wet, so you can’t clean it.

Charge your iPhone while you ride your bike!


Ecoxpower - a pedal powered headlight and smart phone charger for your bike! I just got a press release about the Ecoxgear Ecoxpower charging system and had to pass it on. I'm not doing any bike riding right now, so I can't review the product, but it looks like a great idea! 

GradeBook Pro - Teachers will love this!



I can’t begin to list all the features of this app on this review, so please go to the iTunes store to see them all. However, I can tell you what I like about GradeBook Pro. Although it's a full-featured grade book, it’s amazingly simple to use. Within a few minutes from downloading the app, I had created a class, added three “students,” created some assignments, set up weighted grades, and taken attendance. For an app this complicated, I was amazed at how simple it is to use.

Algebra Touch is Genius!


Algebra Touch is the perfect app for visual and kinesthetic learners. Here’s how it works. There are three stages: Explain, Practice and My Problems. In the Explain stage, you can either work your way through the lessons in order or select a lesson at random. Once you have chosen your lesson, you scroll through the instructions at the bottom of the screen and tap out your answers at the top. If you make a mistake, the problem won’t solve. If you’re right, you see the problem solve on the screen.

Looking for an iPad/Mac app for classroom record keeping

Does anyone know of an iPad app that integrates with the Mac to keep classroom records on students: grades, attendance, comments? I'll be teaching five classes this year and want to make the best use of my iPad. Any suggestions are appreciated.


The education of the future!


I just received an email about a couple of new products that, as an educator, got me excited - a binder insert for the iPad and an app called Quizzam. How cool will this be in the classroom!

The binder makes it easier for kids to carry devices and less easy to lose. I love that!

Don't break anything - they don't make replaceable parts!


I love my XtremeMac InCharge battery case for my iPhone 4 and gave it great reviews; but today, I am disappointed with the manufacturer. I dropped my iPhone, hitting the top of the case of the street which broke the small part on top that covers the on/off switch for the iPhone (the opening on right). This piece was used to control the phone's on/off switch.

The Singing Alphabet


As a reading tutor, I have been looking for ways to use the iPad to teach kids to read. I recently received a review copy of The Singing Alphabet.  Here's my take on this one:

Griffin Cabano Case for iPad


I just received the Griffin Elan Folio Cabana case for iPad 2 & i Pad 3 (is there an iPad 3? I think they call it the iPad!).

This is a great case -  it's sturdy, folds for easel use, and comes in cool colors. I have the red/tan stripes and it's awesome. The ports are all in the right place so everything is easy to use. LOVE IT! 

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