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Top 4 iOS Apps to Wish Dad a Happy Father's Day


In a few days, fathers will have a chance to sit back and enjoy all the love and well-wishes from family and friends on Father’s Day.
And for those who like to use their iOS devices to wish that love, here are a handful of apps that might be of interest.

3 Free French Open Apps for Tennis Addicts


In a few days, the rust-colored clay courts of Stade Roland-Garros in Paris will be alive with excitement as the French Open begins. The French Open, the second tennis tournament of the Grand Slam quartet, is distinct due to being the largest clay-court tourney in the world and arguably the most demanding. For those tennis addicts who need to keep up with each set and volley, we’ve found three apps that will be right up your alley.

Velocity Clip – An iOS Accessory Made for Action


Velocity Clip is the creation of David Kephart and Sven Duerigen, both California natives. Kephart came up with the initial idea while snowboarding in Tahoe. Originally conceptualized as an iPhone point-of-view case, Kephart realized the potential such a product would have. He got Duerigen, a fellow outdoorsman and businessman, to come up with the eventual process and marketing plan 

The Velocity Clip’s appeal lies in two important elements. First, it is a total "three-in-one" professional camera mount that comes with attachments for helmets, the chest, as well as hard surfaces. Each piece in the package is designed for maximum freedom of movement, great point-of-view shooting, and high durability. For example, each mount has an adjustable swivel to account for every shooting angle possible. The Velocity Clip itself is made with extreme grip rubber that will hold your device firm at speeds as high as 150 mph. It can accommodate any device, from a smartphone to a compact digital camera. It also can hold devices in their respective waterproof cases.

iHeart Poetics – Bringing Poetry to Life on iDevices


While the App Store has a number of iOS applications for writing scripts, I haven't found much for the poetically inclined. I've been left to use the Notes app to jot down haikus on the go.

But a Kickstarter project by visual artist Seth Indigo Carnes aims to change that with his soon-to-be-released iOS app, iheart poetics. This application is designed to create and share interactive visual poems, which combine compelling text and vivid imagery. You have the option to begin with text, ranging from one word to a full poem you've composed. Once written, you can superimpose an image. Once complete, you can share it via email, MMS, Facebook, and Twitter. 

ReFleece Seeking Fleece Jackets and Funds for Upcycled iPad Cases


These days, the environment is on everyone’s mind. From climate change to dwindling natural resources, many companies have begun creating products in a more environmentally conscious way. One such company stepping to the forefront is ReFleece.

ReFleece is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller. They created the company with an eye for creating products with highly sustainable practices and terrific design. Among their most popular products are their sleeves and cases for the iPad and iPad Mini. These covers feature interiors made of reclaimed fleece from recycled Patagonia jackets and sweaters. The rugged, water-resistant exterior is made of recycled PET plastic.

AEGLO FLAXUS: Crowdfunding the First Wearable Stylus


If you’ve ever used a stylus with an iDevice, chances are you’ve either worried about losing it or already have lost a few. But thanks to AEGLO, those days might just be behind you. The Hong Kong based company has developed and produced the FLAXUS, touted as the world’s first wearable mobile stylus.

FLAXUS is unique for a couple of reasons. For starters, its design is a result of the need to combine functionality with style.

One of the company’s founders commented:

BiteMyApple: The One-Stop Shop for Creative Kickstarter Products


If you own an Apple device and crave any and all accessories for it, you may have a new favorite company. BiteMyApple, founded by Arkansas entrepreneur Chris Johnson, has captivated lovers of all things iOS with an assemblage of products designed for the iPad, iPhone, and even the iPod touch. But the most innovative thing about BiteMyApple lies in how its accessories came to market. Every item for sale in its online store is the result of a successful campaign on the popular crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.

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