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Christopher Smith is a contributing founder/writer for Manifesto Magazine in NYC and is an indie rock reviewer for Independent Music Productions. Christopher's work has appeared in The Smoking Section, King Magazine, Parle Magazine, & IAMOnlineMag. He has two published books of poetry and runs several blogs.

PaperHelper In Depth: An Interview with Cameron Oelsen


Last year, a new app called PaperHelper caught the attention of many. This app, produced and distributed by RumbleApps, was remarkable for two reasons. One was its novel approach to improving productivity in education along with a unique design interface. The other was that PaperHelper was the brainchild of two teenagers, Cameron Oelsen and Antony Basta, who had formed RumbleApps in 2010. PaperHelper was actually not their first appthat was QuikSocial (free), which gives users the chance to access multiple sources of entertainment and news in one seamless stream. 

Poetics - Turning Your iDevice Into a Poetry Canvas


A few months ago, I had the chance to cover the development and Kickstarter campaign for Poetics ($1.99). Poetics is the keystone to a continued artistic endeavor started by Seth Indigo Carnes, a well-known artist who makes his home in New York City. The app's origin was a series of physical installations set up in various cities around the globe. The exhibit was so popular that there was enough momentum to make Poetics available to the public.

Knot - An App To Tie It All Together


In a time where we rely on our devices and computers to keep us in the loop on many things personal and professional, it can be a bit tough to keep track. But one new app looks to provide a solution that's all about productivity with a stylish twist. Knot ($0.99) is the creation of muoj, Ltd. It gets its moniker from when reminders were created by tying string in a knot upon one's fingers before the advent of more digital means of memory. 

3 Must-Have Apps for the US Open Tennis Championships


This weekend, the courts at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center will roar with life as the US Open begins! If you can't make it out to Flushing Meadows, NY, no sweat! Here's a couple of handy apps for the die-hard tennis fan in you.

3 NFL Apps to Kickoff the 2013 Preseason


This weekend, football fans will be salivating with the official beginning of the preseason of the National Football League! The festivities begin with the induction ceremonies at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and conclude with the first preseason tilt Monday night. Here are a couple of apps for you to get your gridiron love in gear.


iPad and Industry: The Role of Apple's Tablet in the Digital Revolution [Infographic]


Since its debut a scant three years ago, the iPad has become more than a handy device for use around the house. It is a product that has revolutionized many aspects of our daily life. When you consider that by some estimates someone purchases an iPad every 2.8 seconds, there is no doubt as to its impact. A recent infographic courtesy of Armor Active gives us a good overview of just how much the iPad is changing the way we do business in a number of industries.

4 Patriotic Apps for Celebrating Fourth of July


Independence Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than with a few choice apps that extol pride and a good dose of fun? Here are a few that may get you in a red, white, and blue mood!

OCDesk iPhone 5 Dock Creates Seamless Mobile Workstation


With all the wonders of the iPhone, it can still be a battle to keep its  battery life from dwindling on you. To address this issue, companies are creating more iOS accessories like the OCDesk ($79.99). Brought to you by BiteMyApple, an online store featuring products of successful Kickstarter campaigns, the OCDesk ('OC' stands for obsessive-compulsive) is a smart and compact dock for your iPhone 5. This is more of a concern if you're trying to keep your phone charged while working. 

Its main purpose is to work in conjunction with your iMac without being a nuisance. This is achieved through a design mindful of your desk space as well as your need to be in constant communication at your workstation. First, you attach the base of the OCDesk to your iMac or Thunderbolt display stand with a swatch of reusable, ultra-thin tape.

Introduce Serenity and Decrease Clutter With the iSkelter Classic Station


If there's one persisting issue at your workstation at home or in the office, it's clutter. Even the advent of iOS devices and their sleek and unobtrusive designs won't make a dent in the pile of pens, keys, and other things on your desk at times. But a new product brought to you by BiteMyApple.co proposes to change that, and it's called the iSkelter Classic Station.

The Classic Station is designed to be a simple, lightweight universal caddy for your iPhone and other items you normally have on you daily. Standing in at 11 inches × 4 inches × .75 inches, the station is a decent size for your desktop. It has three separate compartments: one for your phone, a pen, and one for miscellaneous other stuff like keys for example.

Pixel Press: The Video Game You Create


Pixel Press isn’t just a
 gaming app—it represents a new, innovative hybrid of gaming and design. With 12 hours left in its Kickstarter campaign and a bank balance well above its fundraising goal of $100,000, Pixel Press has quickly gained notoriety for allowing users to create a game without learning to code.

Roundthird, the creator Pixel Pressed based in
 St. Louis, Missouri, is no stranger to the world of iOS applications with games such as Radial50, but Pixel Press represents a new frontier.

 Pixel Press allows the user to draw, upload
, and play their very own video game. It is a four-step process that gives you an in-depth idea of how video games are conceptualized, but doesn’t overwhelm you with heavy technical jargon or code. It asks you to create five floors of a video game level similar to those 
found in the original Super Mario Brothers games. 

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