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As an educator, I am always interested in new and exciting ways to engage my students and prepare them for life outside of a school setting. Technology not only improves the quality of education, it helps indoctrinate students into the professional world. As an actress in Los Angeles and freelance writer, I juggle the responsibilities and commitments of three careers. I depend on my iPhone and a myriad of apps to keep me ahead of deadlines, on time to auditions, and ready for each day ahead.

Apples and Androids Living Together


I’m surrounded by little green men, some people refer to them as aliens, I call them Android users. I’m an Apple in the middle of an Android Galaxy (S3s mostly, but a few S4s and a Nexus). So what’s it like being one of the only Apples in an Android dominated world? Here’s a rundown of my observations:

I Dropped My iPhone Off a Building; Here's What Happened Next


Accidents happen, and sadly they seem to happen to me more than the average person. This is why I invest in Apple Care. But amazingly, the last time I dropped my iPhone, I didn’t even need to make a trip to the Apple Store.

New Year, New You: 3 Apps to Help You Count Your Calories and Track Your Weight


It’s time to get healthy! Isn’t that what the New Year is all about? People often take the time as the New Year rolls around to examine their lives, assess the things they would like to change, and turn over a new leaf. Often, one of the things on the list is health. And one of the best ways to stay healthy is to count your calories and maintain your weight. Your iPhone has your back. The App Store has a plethora of calorie-counting and weight-tracking apps, so manythat it may seem overwhelming. Have no fear, I have your back on this one. I’ve been an avid calorie counter since before electronic devices were invented to count calories. In the early days I used a generic notebook and carried a calorie guide I bought in the diet and fitness section of my local bookstore.

3 Fashion Apps to Help You Incorporate Your New Christmas Gifts into Your Wardrobe


Now that Christmas is over you probably have a lot of new additions to your wardrobe. And just how do you plan to incorporate these new pieces into your current rotation? With the help of these fashion friendly apps designed to showcase your personal style and organize your closet. 

Traveling with my iPhone


Is it possible to travel with only an iphone? I have to say, it isn't too difficult. For the past week, I've been depending on only an iPhone as my primary computer, and the whole experience hasn't been bad. I'm composing this from the Philadelphia airport before my departing flight. Someone asked about a Bluetooth keyboard after reading my last article and I have to admit I don't use one. I've just been typing on the keyboard, butt keep in mind, I'm 5'2" and weigh in at 95 pounds—fully dressed. A keyboard was completely unnecessary for someone my size; but if you happen to be any larger (which would include all males and most females over the age of 16), you may want to invest in a Bluetooth keyboard.

My travel Companion, the iPhone: Getting Prepared


I like to travel light. Ppossibly because of my own petite size, I don't like to be bogged down with things. I like tiny purses, sample-sized beauty products, and minimalist iPhone cases. So when I found myself having to travel from California to my childhood home in Pennsylvania, I came up with an idea, a mission really. Could I travel and survive for five days with only an iPhone? No laptop, iPad, camera, Kindle...you get the idea. Although I'm taking several personal days, I'll still have to answer and address work emails, answer student questions, and grade papers. I'll need to use only my phone for entertainment on the plane, GPS in the rental car, workouts in the hotel, and even an audition—not to mention I'm in grad school and I have a digital group project that requires my attention.

Just In Time for Halloween: iLovecraft Offers a New Way to Creep Yourself Out


'Tis the season for things that go bump in the night. Halloween is almost here, and what would the holiday be if it weren't for creepy stories that kept us up all night pondering things that may or may not reside in our closets or under our beds. Everyone loves a good scary tale and even better is one that comes with amazing artwork and sound effects. This Halloween, if you're in need of a good fright fix, I suggest the new iLovecraft (2.99) app. 

Omni Study: A Student's (and Teacher's) Best Friend


I remember the week before school started, my friend Paula and I would buy our yearly planners and bedazzle them with photos of celebrities, pithy quotes, and stickers. But behind their flashy exterior, the student planner was always the glue that held our school year together. Maybe we had to make the exterior so frilly and bright because the interior held so many "boring" assignments. No matter what the reason, student planners are an essential part of high school and college life, and no student should attempt making it through the year without one, even if the medium has primarily changed from paper to digital. Enter Omni Study (free this week) the app version (minus the stickers) of my paper planner. 

How Teachers are Using Technology to Communicate with Students


If you have a child or have been paying attention to education news lately, you may have heard the term "common core" being thrown around. What is common core? Common core is a new set of standards designed to make students more college and career ready by the the time they graduate from high school. What makes common core different than many states' previous standards? Among other things, a strong emphasis on technology. When discussing technology in education, I routinely encounter two basic misconceptions:

first, that the students know more than the teachers when it comes to technology. 

Piel Frama: The Functional iPhone Case for Fashionistas


Hi, my name is Carolyn, and I'm addicted to iPhone cases. Since upgrading to the iPhone 5, I've acquired 23 different cases: everything from heavy duty to barely there to wallet cases to pouches, I have a case for every occasion.

As one of my students put it "You have a privileged iPhone." The mobile phone has moved from a simple tool to an accessory. And let's face it, the ultimate status symbol is the iPhone: just walk into any Bloomingdales or Nordstrom and look at the number of designer iPhone cases in the small accessories department. Samsung may have nabbed the top spot in the world, but in the world of fashion, the iPhone reigns supreme. 

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