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Apple to Jump on the Mobile Payment Bandwagon?


In a recent report on mobile payments, the Wall Street Journal said,  “Apple Inc. is laying the groundwork for an expanded mobile-payments service, leveraging its growing base of iPhone and iPad users and the hundreds of millions of credit cards on file through its iTunes stores.” This report does not raise eyebrows, but simply states the inevitable fact. Apple's entry into this market will undoubtedly raise the bar, with major players already fiercely competing to gain market traction over how people pay through mobile devices.

Who Benefits from AT&T's Sponsored Data plans: Customers or Businesses?


Recently, AT&T created headlines, raised suspicion, and set tongues wagging with its announcement that they are starting a new Sponsored Data program. This new plan will allow eligible 4G customers to access mobile content and apps without impacting their monthly wireless data plan. In simpler terms this would be like a toll-free service for wireless data where websites that sign up as sponsors will be free for AT&T wireless customers. As a result, no data will be deducted from a surfer’s monthly allotment of data. Data charges will be borne by the sponsoring company.

Android Users Embracing iPhone 5c


Apple was criticized and ridiculed for launching a low-cost iPhone. Many feared Apple's attempt to attract cost-conscious customers would turn out to be a tactical blunder and probably backfire. There was always a risk of alienating premium and loyal Apple customers. But the Cupertino-based firm was spot on with the launch of the candy-colored iPhone 5c. According to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, nearly half of the customers who bought the iPhone 5c in the months of September and October were users switching from Android phone, especially Samsung and LG.

iPhone 5s Tops the US Sales Chart: 5c and Galaxy S4 Battles for Second


This fall, Apple launched two iPhones together for the first time. The amazing iPhone 5s has topped the US sales chart at all the major mobile carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-mobile, beating Samsung Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5c and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are still battling for second position. While the iPhone 5c is at second position at AT&T and Sprint, Samsung Galaxy S4 ranks second at Verizon and T-mobile.

Top 5 Free Astronomy Apps for Your iPhone


The iTunes app store has amazing astronomy applications which show you the wonders of the universe. Check out these five apps that let you dive into the universe and explore the stars, planets, and other celestial objects in the space while standing on your rooftop with your iPhone in your hand.

Apple Seeks to Restore its Glory with Next iPhone Model


Apple has perfected the art of raking in huge profits through small marketshares. Android continues to outdo Apple in terms of sheer volume, but when it comes to profitability, iPhone and iPad are at the top of list. In order to continue as a dominant force in the market, Apple needs to keep on releasing high-caliber smart mobile devices that are heads and shoulders above devices offered by rival manufacturers.

The rumors circulating about the iPhone 5S suggest Apple is planning to revamp its flagship device. The market is buzzing with rumors of Apple’s next release. There are many questions we want answers to: How different will the next phone be from its predecessors? When is Apple going to release it? How much will it cost?

Top 5 Weather Tracking & Alert Apps for iPhone that can Save Your Life


The tornadoes sweeping across the Texas plains and hitting Oklahoma mid-May reminded us that when a natural disaster rips through a community, the situation can turn deadly. But if you have an inkling of where and when severe weather is going to hit, you have a chance to take safety measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The App Store is flooded with all kinds of weather apps, but ones that only tell you the temperature are of no use in an emergency. To stay safe, you need apps that can give you early warnings about extreme conditions in your specific location. We have rounded up five of the best apps, which taken together can help smartphone users get a head start in case of severe weather.

iPhone Application Development—A Developer's Paradise


Apple has more than one reason to cheer. Since the launch of the iPhone, the wind has been blowing in favor of Apple. The combination of the iPhone's quality and Apple's smart marketing campaigns has helped Apple create an unbeatable brand image. This has yielded enormous profits, and Apple has accumulated a huge pile of cash.

And Apple continues to do well in the most lucrative markets, while Android is a big success only in emerging markets. Americans love Apple and it still has a stranglehold on the U.S. Smartphone market. And it is not just smartphone users who love Apple devices, even developers enjoy creating apps for the iPhone.

Apps for Kids: How Can Indie Developers Make Money?


Kids love Apple. They embrace the iPad and dote on the iPhone. The intuitive design of iOS devices enables kids to simply pick up a device and start playing with it. The popularity of iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets has had a huge impact on how kids learn and how they interact with the world.

The App Store offers thousands of educational apps and games. Families and moms are conceptualizing apps for their kids and the Federal Trade Commission is formulating privacy laws for apps targeting children. Writers now have an audience for articles that give guidelines of mobile use for kids and help conquer the problem of kids making unauthorized in-app purchases.

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