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Brian Taylor is the Owner and VP of Business Development at Forix Mobile (www.forixmobile.com), a mobile application development company based in Portland, Oregon. Brian completed his studies at Oregon State university in BS, Business Administration w/ Marketing Option.

How To Design an Effective App for iPad


The iPad is a perfect example of technology that's usable, useful, and meaningful and has become a mainstay in millions of households. It can help people solve problems and execute a wide array of jobs in an efficient manner. When you are designing an app for iPads, you must make sure it meshes well with the platform. The following tips can help you consider the most important factors when developing a mobile app for iPad.

Mobile App Testing Guidelines for Developers


It's a fact—no one wants to test their new mobile apps. It's expensive and time consuming, but it's a necessary step to ensure users have a good experience when using the app. It is your job to ensure this experience. If your app fails in any way, you will lose customers. If something does not work properly, chances are they will not return to the app in question. Using the following guidelines will help you determine how to properly test your app and ensure it's 100 percent error free by the time it reaches consumers.

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