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Brian Edmondson is an author, speaker, and Internet entrepreneur who helps website owners get more website traffic, email subscribers, and online sales. He works full time online from his home outside of Philadelphia, PA (or anywhere he can get his MacBook Air connected to the internet). He blogs frequently about how to get more website traffic, build your audience, and increasing sales online on his website at http://InternetIncomeCoach.com

Top 10 iPhone Apps to Market, Manage, and Monetize Your Business


Having the right tools is crucial in any business. Whether you work in an office, a restaurant, or from home, it’s important to find ways to be as efficient as possible.

Recently, I was grabbing a bite to eat at my favorite sushi place and watched as the chefs prepared the rolls. I could hear the swish and chop of blades as they cut ingredients for my dragon roll with incredible precision. Before I knew it, they presented me with a remarkable looking Japanese dragon made of fresh Tuna, rice, and other ingredients. The chefs couldn’t have done it without the right tools – sharp knives and high-quality cutting boards.

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