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Bobby O’Neal (aka. Canada’s Dr Love) is an international speaker and author on the topic of love and relationships. He is the inventor of the award-winning Syncrohearts Love Game App based on the popular Syncrohearts Relationship Board Game and he is the author of the book, Dr. Love’s Prescription for a Romantic Loving Man (It’s not the little blue pill).

Are You Having an Affair with Technology?


Have we created a global love affair with technology?

Have you been swept off your feet by a sexy new device, an alluring app, or a seductive new game? Do not feel any shame or guilt, because you are not alone. The world is full of technology loving adulterers and you can spot us everywhere. We stroll down the busy sidewalk with our heads buried in an intimate texting conversation. We seem oblivious to the flow of life around us because our attention is lost in the anticipation of the next reply. We might stumble back to reality or we might be summoned to the present moment with a loud shout, “Hey buddy watch where you are going.” The next time you are on a busy street or sitting in a packed commuter people mover, take a moment and look up. You will probably witness numerous affairs with technology.

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