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Arthur is an experienced freelance writer and iPhone fanatic. He enjoys writing articles about many subjects, but specializes in mobile technology, parenting, relationships, and fitness. Arthur has been featured in many prominent fitness and parenting publications as well as in "A Brave New Word" literary magazine. In his spare time, Arthur enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and of course, playing with his iPhone.

New Heads Up! App by Ellen DeGeneres Tops Charts


With more than three-quarters of a million apps in the Apple App Store, it takes something really special to make a splash in the mainstream today. While very few apps can stand up to the wild popularity of Angry Birds, Ellen DeGeneres' new game by the name of Heads Up! ($0.99) is on its way to that kind of international stardom, becoming the #1 app days after its release May 2. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be backed by an Emmy-winning daytime talk show host.

People have been using the idea behind this game at parties for years; Heads Up! just brings it into the 21st century. You can play the game with as little as two players, but it is much more fun in a group of people. The game is simple: players choose from a large selection of “decks,” which include categories like accents, singing, celebrities, movies, animals, characters, and more. 

What Children's App Developers Can Learn from Fisher-Price


Fisher-Price has been making toys since before most of us were born. The company started out building wooden toys in the 1930s and has come a long way since then. With every improvement in technology, Fisher-Price has been there to deliver quality educational toys to reflect the times.

5 Free iPhone Apps to Rekindle Romance in Your Relationship


Relationships are sensitive bonds that can be trickier to maintain than jumping rope while hula hooping on a bed of hot coals. Some couples work different hours, some have extra responsibilities like carting the kids around, which makes everyone just want to fall into bed at night. A few brave souls even defy the odds and the miles to stay together long distance. No matter the situation, it can be really easy for the fires of romance to die off quickly. Luckily, there are more than a few apps that will make you look at your iPhone as one of those spinning heart-shaped beds. So I guess the question is: Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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