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Ari Zoldan is CEO of Quantum Networks, a service and product provider for the wireless industry specializing in 3G and 4G technologies including WiMAX and Long Term Evolution. Prior to starting Quantum Mr. Zoldan founded Launch 3, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and fixed wireless company. Mr. Zoldan constructed a global network moving millions of minutes around the world via satellite and fiber optics. He has built extensive commercial networks in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe for both private and carrier enterprises. In addition to his work at Quantum Networks, Mr. Zoldan makes regular appearances on national broadcast outlets and has been featured on CNN MONEY, FOX NEWS, POPULAR SCIENCE, NBC and talk shows around the world. Mr. Zoldan is a sought-after motivational speaker and considered an industry thought leader, respected business analyst and specialist in the start-up industry. He can be found on the lecture circuit discussing topics ranging from Google announcements to Apple developments. Born and raised in New York, Mr. Zoldan attended Yeshiva University where he studied Finance. Mr. Zoldan is currently working on Start-Up Karma, a management and leadership-themed book to be released next year, and a documentary based on a recent trip to Haiti.

The iPhone 4S: An Analysis


Apple released the latest addition to its stellar iPhone lineup, the iPhone 4S, on October 14, and it has proved an instant hit. Despite a few misgivings regarding the phone’s lack of improvements over its predecessor, the iPhone 4, sales have been anything but lethargic. The 4S set a new record when 4 million units were purchased in the first three days the device was available to the public.

Free Time to Call App Released by Vonage


Last week, Vonage released a competitive app aimed at Skype’s voice-over-IP calling service. This app offers some benefits over its competitor. Time to Call, which is the name of the new app, is available for free in 87 iTunes stores around the world. For between $1 and $2, app users will have the ability to call people in 100 different countries at 15 minutes per call.

4G iPhone: LTE iPhone 5 To Be Released In the Fall?


Rumor has it that Apple is delaying the release of its 5th generation iPhone till the Fall rather than the traditional Summer WWDC timeslot, possibly to coincide with the holiday season. Other buzz indicates that this particular iPhone will be equipped with an LTE 4G chip, allowing the iPhone to compete with such 4G models as the HTC Thunderbolt and the Sprint EVO 3D, a couple of really solid devices.

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