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Angelo DiGangi is a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago suburbs and writes on garage doors and exterior doors for Home Depot's website. Angelo also writes on home automation tools for homeowners, including garage door and home security apps.

4 Apps for a Smart Garage Door


With a swipe of your finger you can open and close the door to your garage, turn lights on and off, and even receive text alerts when your garage door is opened while you're away. Unprecedented control over such a frequently used area of your home can be attained with a bit of simple installation and a nifty app on your iPhone.

Is the ability to control your garage with your phone necessary? Well, not necessary in the way oxygen or food and shelter are. But streamlining life's mundane tasks (like controlling your garage door) with your phone frees up time and brain space for you to focus on more important things like your family, your work, and your life.

These systems and apps make garages more manageable and accessible from nearly anywhere.

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