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Abbey Dufoe is a graduate student in environmental journalism. Her friends call her the "app monster" and she's always itching for the newest iOS gadget (current favorite - the iPad Air). She loves concerts, the environment, and ice hockey, but loves tweeting about them even more. Follow her on Twitter @abbeydufoe or visit her blog at abbeydufoe.com.

Tip of the Day: How to Restore Apps to Their Original Layout


Sometimes you need to do some app housecleaning. Maybe your kid moved your apps around, or maybe you just want to see what apps you have. For example, I have 69 apps on the first screen and 67 on the second. Of course, they’re in folders, but sometimes I lose track and need to do an app purge. If you’re like me, or just need a fresh start, take a few quick steps through your settings to restore apps to their original layout.

Tip of the Day: How to Upload Videos from Your Computer to Your iPhone with iTunes


If you have a cool video on your computer that you want to put on your phone, follow these steps using iTunes.

The Basics of How to Use Bluetooth Devices with your iDevice


There are many ways to use Bluetooth devices with your iDevice (here shown on my iPhone).

First of all, there are two places to turn on Bluetooth. To turn it on in Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of your Homescreen and tap the Bluetooth symbol to turn it on (it will be white). To turn it off, tap it again. You can also access the Bluetooth settings from Settings > Bluetooth.

Tip of the Day: How to Delete a Folder of Apps


If you’re like me, you keep your apps in folders. You may know that to make folders, you drag apps together and the folder option will pop up. But how do you delete folders?

Review: Forge Sketching App from Adonit


There is a whole host of note-taking and drawing apps for iPad especially, and a lot can be done with a free app and a cheap stylus.

Tip of the Day: How to Use Call Waiting in FaceTime


Dealing with a call waiting call from FaceTime is just as easy as dealing with call waiting from a regular phone call! When someone else calls you when you’re on FaceTime, you have three options: End & Accept or Decline. Some users may also have the option to Hold & Accept.

Tip of the Day: Be Sure You're Not Using Cellular Data to Make FaceTime Calls


Some carriers let you make FaceTime calls over their cellular network, which can use up your data unnecessarily. To restrict your FaceTiming to Wi-Fi, go to Settings and tap Cellular.

Review: Real Time Data Usage Tracking from DataMan


If you’re like me, always on your phone, you’re likely always obsessing over how much data you’re using, especially if you’re on a family plan and need to account for everyone else’s data use, too!

Apple Watch App Rundown


Thanks to the Apple Watch, we can now get apps everywherefrom our MacBooks on our lap and the iPad on the desk, to our iPhones in our hands and our Apple Watches on our wrist.

March 9 Apple Announcement: Third-Party Apple Watch Apps


The Apple Watch is finally here! And with 18-hour battery life, you can use third-party apps all day.

Many of your favorite apps will be available for Apple Watch at launch, which is April 24,  2015. Browse your Instagram feed or call an Uber car right from your watch with the Uber App.

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