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MOBI Cube Is a Fun and Functional Bluetooth Speaker


MOBI gave me the opportunity to try its MOBI Cube White Bluetooth Speaker with 360° Light Show ($29.95) and I'm glad I did. So is my daughter, who liked the fun light show that the speaker offers. In fact, the light show has five modes and can be synced to your Bluetooth or wired music source. The MOBI Cube is surprisingly well-built given the price point of just around $30. Plus who wouldn't like how cute the MOBI Cube is. It reminds me of my Rubik's Cube—which I was a champion at solving, by the way! And when it's turned off, the MOBI Cube is still pretty stylish and wouldn't be out of place in an Apple Store or the Museum of Modern Art!

Apple Watch Struggling with Tattoos


The Apple Watch uses some clever algorithms to detect if it is on your wrist. For example, through the use of sensors, including a camera, the Apple Watch can detect blood flow and react differently than if it was on your desk. This is important for Apple Pay and fitness notifications. When the watch is removed from your wrist, you need to re-authenticate on your iPhone to use Apple Pay. This way, if the Apple Watch is stolen, it cannot be used indefinitely to make payments.

Indie Project Corner - Super Thin Libre Is a Bluetooth Keyboard for Everyone (Part 2)!


This is Part 2 of a two-part Indie Project Corner featuring the Libre wireless keyboard from Casestudi (see Part 1 here). In part 1, we queried Peter Ho (Casestudi Founder) on the gory specifics about his fancy new thin keyboard that works with PC, Android or iOS! In this part, we actually kick the tires (or kick the Libre, as it were) on this spotlighted Kickstarter effort!

Apple Pay Makes Inroads


Apple Pay has done quite well by any standard, but until now it had not been officially accepted at Best Buy nor had Discover supported it with its cards. The momentum behind Apple Pay is strong, though, and those barriers have been or are about to be broken. AppleInsider reports that Discover Card announced that it will support Apple Pay and in an analyst call, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Best Buy customers will be able to use Apple Pay at its terminals later this year.

Tip of the Day: How to Get Siri to Stop Interrupting You


It's like the Interrupting Cow joke that delights school-age kids everywhere; you activate Siri and start speaking your request, only to be interrupted by, "Here's what I found on the web." At which point you probably say something like "If you'd just let me #$@%ing finish, Siri, you'd know I'm trying to call my wife, not do a web search!" 

I can't help you with your anger issues, but I do have a very simple solution to your problems with Interrupting Siri:

Enter to Win a Free Apple Watch from iPhone Life!


As you read this, Apple has already begun shipping legions of shiny new Apple Watches to eager fans around the globe. For all of you at home, poring over early reviews and the variety of styles online, it's time to enter iPhone Life's contest for a chance to win your very own Apple Watch!

Users Report Scratching of Stainless Steel Watch, But Is Easily Fixed Via Buffing


You can imagine the consternation felt by owners of a new $500 stainless steel Apple Watch when they notice scratches on the casing. According to a report on 9To5Mac, while it does indeed appear that this model is easily scratched, it can also be easily fixed. The article says that such scratching is actually common for stainless steel items and that the scratches can be removed via buffing. A video shows how it's done and gives a good before-and-after comparison of a scratched watch appearing like new again.

Indie Project Corner - Super Thin Libre Is a Bluetooth Keyboard for Everyone (Part 1)!


This is the second edition of the Indie Project Corner, where we highlight the coolest new crowdfunded projects; and this time we have selected the Libre Keyboard from Casestudi for our project spotlight. Peter Ho, Casestudi Founder, thinks we need a thinline, wireless backlit keyboard that is both affordable and universal (and I agree). He designed his own multi-OS-compatible Bluetooth keyboard and funded it on Kickstarter, and is now headed for stretch goals. 

Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 14: Core Data


Do you have an idea for an app but lack the programming knowledge to begin building it? In this weekly blog series, How to Unleash Your Inner App Developer, I will take you, the non-programmer, step-by-step through the process of creating apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Join me each week on this adventure, and you will experience how much fun turning your ideas into reality can be! This is Part 14 of the series. If you are just getting started now, check out the beginning of the series here(This post has been updated to Swift 1.2, iOS 8, and Xcode 6.3)

Core Data is the technology that allows you to store and retrieve information on an iOS device. Although it is an advanced technology often difficult to grasp, my goal in this post is to simplify Core Data so it can be easily used by beginners.

LifeProof frē Case is Water/Dust/Dirt/Shock Proof But Not Dock-Proof


I had the opportunity to try LifeProof frē Case ($79.99). LifeProof also makes a more expensive nüüd line which does not use a screen protector yet manages to be waterproof just the same.

Apple Watch is a Real Sport During this Torture Test


It was painful to watch, but CNET put the Apple Watch Sport through a torture test I wouldn't wish on a $10 watch, let alone a hard-to-get $349 Apple Watch. The watch is put through a series of likely and unlikely tests like water, boiling water, a cheese grater, drops, stomps, and more. I held my breath for most of the video!

Tip of the Day: How to Correct Siri With Typing Instead of Voice


As anyone who has used to Siri to make calls, search the web, or send messages knows, Siri doesn't always understand what you say. This can be followed by increasing frustration levels if Siri fails over and over to understand your voice corrections. But when Siri gets it wrong, you don't have to repeat yourself. Instead, you can edit your query via typing.

iTunes Subscription In the Works?


Ever since Apple bought Beats there has been speculation that they would offer an Apple-branded music subscription service. Now Apple Insider is reporting that tucked away in some new updates to the iTunes desktop client, there are references to an iTunes subscription. This doesn't appear to be a reference to iTunes Match which has been around for a few years. Such a subscription service is expected to be strictly for songs, as the text reads "iTunes Subscription: You can save songs for offline use and download purchases from iCloud on up to 5 devices." 

Tip of the Day: Use Siri to Add Reminders to Specific Lists


When you ask Siri to remind you about something, like your car payment, Siri automatically adds the reminder to the default Reminders list. But if you want the reminder added to a different list, that's possible too. You just have to phrase your request a little differently.

Apple Watch Charger May Not Be Proprietary After All


Apple often likes to go their own way. If there is a standardized solution that meets their needs, like USB-C, they may embrace it as they did with the new MacBook. Apple has also been known to work with companies like Intel to develop technologies such as Thunderbolt and Firewire. But other times, Apple is happy to blaze their own path, as they did with Lightning. Initially, it looked like the Apple Watch's magnetic charger might be as proprietary as Apple's MagSafe chargers. It now appears that the circular watch charger is based on the Qi open standard, although Apple has not confirmed this.

Tip of the Day: Siri Is Better with Numbers than Your iPhone's Calculator


The utility I use the most on my iPhone is the calculator. I use it often to reconcile my checkbook, calculate discounts in the store, and more. but when I use the iPhone's calculator to add up a list of numbers, it doesn't offer a record of what I input, so I don't know if I made an error tapping numbers in.

Tip of the Day: How to Turn on Siri Just by Raising Your iPhone to Your Ear


(Please note that this tip now only applies to those who haven't upgraded to iOS 8. The Raise to Speak feature has been replaced in iOS 8 with the Hey Siri feature.)

If you're not already using Siri, you need to start right now. Siri is awesome because it makes doing things like setting reminders and alarms, dictating calls and emails, calculating tips, and creating secure passwords quick, easy, and hands free. 

You can make Siri even more convenient to use by using the Raise to Speak feature. Here's how:

Apple Posts Apple Watch User Guide; iMore Posts Buyers Guide


Apple has posted an extensive Apple Watch User Guide on their website in addition to making it available as an iBook. The guide has 22 chapters covering every facet of this new device, from the Basics and Watch Faces to Mail and Phone Calls. There's a concluding chapter on Safety, Handling & Support. Each chapter has clear instructions along with screen shots. The chapters cover all the native apps as well as general tips and tricks.

Apple Offering Online Chat Sessions to Help with Apple Watch Setup


If you have a new Apple Watch and want Apple's help getting it set up — without having to go to an Apple Store — you can schedule an online chat on a special page Apple has posted. The page says: "For help setting up your new Apple products, choose a time below to schedule an online chat with your Apple Specialist. We'll give an online demo and show you some tips and tricks." As I write this, all of the Saturday times are already booked, as well as Sunday morning.

May 4 Biweekly Giveaway!


This is the official announcement of the iPhone Life Biweekly Giveaway! Be sure to enter the giveaway at iPhoneLife.com/giveaways to win prizes, which we'll announce May 4! We are raffling off tons of great accessories for FREE.

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