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$199 iPhone Life ad: Opportunity for small developers

Hope folks don't mind this plug, but we've come up with a way for folks to advertise in iPhone Life for only $199. The advertiser fills out a simple form, and we create the ad for them.

We are right against deadline -- after this long wait we are finally ready to print issues of iPhone Life every three months. This upcoming issue mails mid-March. Heck, if this campaign is succesful, we could come out more often.

Canadian company to bring current books to the iPhone

Just a couple days ago I pointed to news that Amazon might be developing an app for the iPhone that would offer the opportunity to purchase and read contemporary books in a manner similar to Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. Well, Amazon, it's too late. According to PCWorld, Shortcovers, a Canadian company, will be introducing an e-book reader later this month.

$99 iPhone Rumor Persists: Could Be Revealed Soon


For some months now, rumors have swirled about Apple Computers being poised to take on the low cost phone market by releasing what amounts to a broken iPhone for a mere $99.

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple's new $99 iPhone will sport primarily 2G specifications with some limitations as are indicated on the chart below.

Google Sync comes to iPhone

Google Sync is yet another great offering from Google. From what I understand Google has implemented Microsoft Exchange for users of its Contacts and Calendar apps, such that you can now sync the contacts and calendar on your mobile phone with your Gmail contacts and your Google Calendar events. The syncing is bi-directional, so you can make a change on one or the other, and it will automatically be made on your other devices.

Google Latitude coming to iPhone


Google Latitude is a new feature of Google Maps for mobile devices that lets you see where your friends are by locating them on a map. Of course, everyone has to opt in, so don’t think that you’ll be able to spy on anyone. And you can choose how much information you want to share. Google Talk is integrated so that you can call or instant-message your friends if you see that they're in the vicinity.

Amazon Kindle app for the iPhone?

As my previous post noted, if you want free public domain books, you can get 1.5 million of them. But what about current books? Silicon Alley Insider is speculating about a forthcoming app from Amazon that would make Kindle books available on your iPhone. I would love to see that happen. And while it is indeed speculation, Amazon did tell the New York Times that they're working on making books available for mobile phones.

1.5 million books on your iPhone -- free


Yesterday Google's book search team announced on their blog that the 1.5 million public domain books already available on Google Book Search are now available for the iPhone. Simply point Safari at books.google.com/m. That's a lot of books, but being in public domain means that they were published decades ago.

Spb Wallet now available for iPhone


"The new Spb Wallet 2.0 - a secure repository of most valuable private information, such as PINs, passwords, keys, account, passport, and credit card numbers - has versions for non- and touchscreen Windows Mobile devices, Symbian Series 60 smartphones (including Nokia 5800 touch screen), Apple's iPhone and iPod, and a desktop component.

Nine-year-old creates popular app


Yahoo Tech is reporting that a nine-year-old boy, the son of a chief technology officer at a Singapore firm, has created  free application, Doodle Kids, that lets

Veoh now has iPhone interface


Veoh, one of the more popular websites for video, has just launched a new iPhone-optimized version of their site. Just point your Safari at www.veoh.com, and it will automatically serve up the iPhone version. You can read more on the Veoh blog.

Videoconferencing may be coming

A post on the Wired blog reports that Apple's recently approved patent for the iPhone interface hints that videoconferencing may be coming to the iPhone. Apparently the patent specifies a lens that can be rotated backward or forward, with the touchscreen being used as the viewfinder. The blog post includes a schematic image from the patent application and relevant text related to the videoconferencing feature.

Gmail Tasks now available for iPhone


Google's Gmail (both POP and IMAP) is quite popular on the iPhone, and now their suite also includes Gmail Tasks. To access Gmail Tasks via your iPhone, point Safari at gmail.com/tasks. According to this Overview, the mobile version has been optimized for iPhone, so it's pretty snappy.

Flash may be coming to the iPhone

One of the big shortcomings of the iPhone has been the inability to play online video and animation that uses Flash technology. According to a report on Bloomberg, Flash may be on its way. The report is ambiguous, but Adobe's CEO clearly indicates that Apple and Adobe are collaborating to develop a version for the iPhone. So what's been the holdup?

Home Security & Automation Application


We travel a  lot and since we live in Michigan, the weather extremes can be severe.  Thus I always wanted to be able to monitor house and freezer temperatures while we were gone.  We once returned home to find a freezer had failed and the resulting aroma and mess was so substantial we had to haul the freezer out of the house and to the dump!

Bank of America iPhone app


Bank of America claims to be the leading mobile banking service, with more than 1.8 million people accessing it via their mobile devices. The Bank of America iPhone app lets you do all your banking via your iPhone or iPod Touch.

What will they think of next?


The range of apps in the 15,000 available on iTunes is astonishing. I've covered Ocarina, a 99-cent let's you play your iPhone like a flute. Who would have thought it?

New app: Radar - think Twitter with photos

Some of you know that I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas earlier this month and got to see some apps that had not yet been released.

iPhone 2.21 Firmware Release A Worthy Update


Yesterday's very quiet release of updated firmware for the iPhone seems to be operating very smoothly. Apple's release of the 2.21 firmware came accross via iTunes as an unexpected update and gave very little information about what "bug fixes" it was referring to about the changes it would perform. Strangely, even Apple's own website shows 2.2 as the current release, not the 2.21 update.

Update to VITO Star Walk available!


"January, 2009--The new version of Star Walk contains links to wiki articles for practically all celestial bodies. For example, after choosing an object and reading info about it you may tap "W" to go directly to the Wikipedia article devoted to this star, planet, Messier object, constellation or meteor shower.

Could Palm's Pre Be Delayed?


Apple computers has sucessfully patented the multi-touch technology it uses on the iPhone and iPod Touch displays as of January 20th, 2009.

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