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Wi-Fi Finder -- Free app for finding wireless hotspots


Wi-Fi Finder, which was released last month,  is an app that lets you easily find wireless hotspots — both free and paid. It taps into a registry of 200,000 verified hotspot locations in 135 countries. You simply click "Near Me," and Wi-Fi Finder uses the built-in GPS on the iPhone or the iPod Touch's triangulation capability to find hotspots near you.

Pandora delivers custom radio, for good or evil


A few years ago, I spent a year touring the continent on a bicycle, by myself.  As you might imagine, I spent many hours listening to the radio.  Bringing my music collection along was out of the question for space reasons -- the iPod and other MP3 players were still relatively new and expensive, so I hadn't bought one before the trip.  Satellite radio, same deal.  So when road noise threatened to drive me bonkers, I turned to the FM band.  And you know, there's just not

Is The Wicked DRM Witch Dead?

Apple announced today that nearly all of the music sold on iTunes will be 100% DRM free. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, has been the bane of the music downloading world since its inception. DRM is a security method to prevent people from copying and distributing music illegally which sounds good on the surface but because of the complexity of our changing lives and music playing products only proved to hamper and anger consumers.

Sling to let you watch live TV on your iPhone


Sling Media has a really cool product that's long been available for other devices. It allows you to watch all of the content on your TV on your device — live. You connect their Slingbox (which costs anywhere from $180-300) to your TV inputs (such as cable or satellite) and to your Internet connection. Then with Sling Media software on your device, you're able to access your TV channels on your iPhone wherever you are.

Live Blogging from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Greetings Gadget Lovers...

Yes, MacWorld is getting underway, and there will certainly be news of note for iPhone and iPod Touch users coming out of San Francisco.

But I'm here in Las Vegas, preparing for the other big trade show of the week.  CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, will have plenty of news for iPhone and iPod Touch users and I'll be covering it for iPhone Life Magazine, both for our printed version and right here in this blog.  So bookmark this page and keep checking back throughout the week!


Web browser roundup & comparison heavily updated

I've heavily updated my latest Web browser roundup & comparison (which, incidentally, has been frontpaged at WM Power User and MobilitySite in the meantime) with, among other things, a straightforward Verdict section and a lot of more info. 

FULL ROUNDUP: Browsing the Web on Windows Mobile just like on iPhone

Ever wanted to know how Windows Mobile Web browsers compare to Safari on the iPhone? Then, read my latest full tutorial & comparison at http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blog/9/full-roundup-browsing-web-windows-mobile-just-iphone-incl-iem6-review


Top iPhone apps you should have for MacWorld

First off, Happy New Year!  We are approaching the final count down to MacWorld and aside from a few bookmarks (and macworld - thanks @danielbru for reminding me), there are a few apps you may want to make sure you have installed. I’m going to break the list in two; jailbreak and non jailbreak apps.  I’m also not going to list games. I figure, you would already have that in hand.

Video reviews in the iTunes store

Video reviews are pretty handy, especially game reviews, because you get a chance to see the software in action. Apple iPhone School has posted over 50 video reviews in iTunes. Most recently they've covered the games SimCity, Burnball, Space Deadbeef, Field Runners, and Topple.

Mobile-to-mobile money transfer service


I think that mobile payment is going to become increasingly common. I recently heard from Obopay, a mobile-to-mobile money transfer service, which has recently launched an iPhone-optimized website. It allows iPhone users to easily send money to any cell phone that can receive an SMS.

Develop iPhone applications on your PC: Installing OS X on PC’s (and, particularly, the IBM Thinkpad T42p)


(Important note: as of 29/12/2008 22:16 CET, the inline images aren’t visible. My database provider is working on fixing the problem; hope it’ll very soon be fixed.)

iPhone App Development - a primer

I'm writing an article for our printed publication, detailing my experience developing an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

While Apple prides themselves in simplicity, developing an app was rather tricky.  However, the results have been rewarding.

More ways to get an iPhone: $197 at Wal-Mart or $99 for a refurb at AT&T!

It's official.  Starting Sunday, you can get an iPhone at Wal-Mart.  As is their trademark, the prices will be lower than elsewhere, but only by $2.  I guess you can buy a couple of apps with the money you save!

Free app for wireless printing from iPhone


This is a cool idea: print photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch directly to a printer without having to first transfer the photos to a computer. HP has developed this app and is making it available for free in the iTunes store. Search for HP iPrint Photo.

Walmart Ready To Give Birth To The iPhone

Well it's been rumored for weeks now and today Walmart officially announced that they will begin selling the Apple iPhone in 2,500 of its stores this Sunday.

The official announcment puts to rest the rumor of Walmart carrying a special 4GB iPhone for $99. Both of the current iPhone models will be available at Walmart stores for $2 less than current pricing elsewhere.

The father of the iPhone, Apple Inc., had no comments on its website.

Happy Holidays!!


 Just wanted to wish all of our bloggers and blog readers a wonderful holiday, and a prosperous new year! Whether you are heading to Grandma's house, staying home or maybe deployed far away like the brave men and women serving in our Armed Forces, I wish you a safe and joyous holiday, and I hope 2009 brings you happiness!

VITO releases free "HolyWars" world polling application for a limited time!


"HolyWars is your unique tool for creating polls. Answer the questions and create your own polls. Choose the category you like and go ahead. HolyWars offers an exclusive opportunity to see how people react to your questions. Spin the globe with your finger and check out if Earth population shares your point of view."

New free app from AccuWeather


AccuWeather.com has just announced a new application (free!) that automatically determines your location and offers an array of weather forecast information, as well as weather alarms and health indices.

New iPhone and Touch titles released and 2 mini-reviews


 Astraware has updated and released several titles, and are offering My Little Tank, and their Board Games collection for less than 5 dollars, so go check it out. Also for the rabid hockey fan, Polar Mobile has released an app called "The Hockey News", so go check that out as well.

Macworld without Steve Jobs... a reflection on the first Steve Jobs speech I attended circa 1985

Now that the dust has settled and it's clear that thousands of Apple fans will be deprived of attending a Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld. I thought I'd reflect on the first time I attended one of his talks.

It was in the mid-1980's, after Jobs had been unceremoniously ousted from the very company he started, and around the time he launched his next venture, appropriately named NeXT.  He came to my university, Carnegie Mellon, to research some technology (MachOS) the school had developed which would become the core of his NeXT computer.

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