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Gmail Tasks now available for iPhone


Google's Gmail (both POP and IMAP) is quite popular on the iPhone, and now their suite also includes Gmail Tasks. To access Gmail Tasks via your iPhone, point Safari at gmail.com/tasks. According to this Overview, the mobile version has been optimized for iPhone, so it's pretty snappy.

Flash may be coming to the iPhone

One of the big shortcomings of the iPhone has been the inability to play online video and animation that uses Flash technology. According to a report on Bloomberg, Flash may be on its way. The report is ambiguous, but Adobe's CEO clearly indicates that Apple and Adobe are collaborating to develop a version for the iPhone. So what's been the holdup?

Home Security & Automation Application


We travel a  lot and since we live in Michigan, the weather extremes can be severe.  Thus I always wanted to be able to monitor house and freezer temperatures while we were gone.  We once returned home to find a freezer had failed and the resulting aroma and mess was so substantial we had to haul the freezer out of the house and to the dump!

Bank of America iPhone app


Bank of America claims to be the leading mobile banking service, with more than 1.8 million people accessing it via their mobile devices. The Bank of America iPhone app lets you do all your banking via your iPhone or iPod Touch.

What will they think of next?


The range of apps in the 15,000 available on iTunes is astonishing. I've covered Ocarina, a 99-cent let's you play your iPhone like a flute. Who would have thought it?

New app: Radar - think Twitter with photos

Some of you know that I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas earlier this month and got to see some apps that had not yet been released.

iPhone 2.21 Firmware Release A Worthy Update


Yesterday's very quiet release of updated firmware for the iPhone seems to be operating very smoothly. Apple's release of the 2.21 firmware came accross via iTunes as an unexpected update and gave very little information about what "bug fixes" it was referring to about the changes it would perform. Strangely, even Apple's own website shows 2.2 as the current release, not the 2.21 update.

Update to VITO Star Walk available!


"January, 2009--The new version of Star Walk contains links to wiki articles for practically all celestial bodies. For example, after choosing an object and reading info about it you may tap "W" to go directly to the Wikipedia article devoted to this star, planet, Messier object, constellation or meteor shower.

Could Palm's Pre Be Delayed?


Apple computers has sucessfully patented the multi-touch technology it uses on the iPhone and iPod Touch displays as of January 20th, 2009.

Free app for viewing, printing documents


Unlike Windows Mobile devices, the iPhone doesn't have any built-in software for viewing and editing documents, such as Word and Excel files. However, applications are beginning to appear that help fill this void. Soonr - Your Mobile Cloud, released earlier this month, lets you view over 40 different file types on your device, including images and documents.

Low Grav Racer is a must-have


Have been playing Low Grav Racer (from Cobra Mobile games) for about a month, and not getting tired of it. I'm up to the final competition mode (Delta Class), and can't get past the 4th track (Space Junk). If you want a fast and furious pod racer/combat game, you need to try this one out.

The game is even more intense with cockpit view on...

Giveaway -- 10 Slacker Plus accounts for one month


Slacker is a free interactive Internet radio service that allows you to create your own customized music stations starting with either Slacker’s preset stations or your own custom built stations. It has some similarities to Pandora.

RepairPal -- free app for auto repair and roadside assistance


Let's hope that you never have to use RepairPal. But you really ought to have it on your iPhone just in case. If you're out and about and your car breaks down, you'll need this app. This free application gives you information ranging from diagnosing a problem, estimating a fair repair price, and finding the right mechanic to do the work. 

Ustream — free app for watching live streaming videos and recorded video


Released just hours before Obama's inauguration, Ustream is an application for viewing live and recorded video, as well as offering interactive chat functionality. (Within hours it had been downloaded nearly 300 times.) Unfortunately, it requires a Wi-Fi connection. All of the content is hosted on Ustream's web site, and the app requires that you set up a login.

Online exhibit of iPhone-created art


Drawing applications for the iPhone include Brushes and NetSketch. The Telegraph in the U.K. has posted a gallery of images created on the iPhone.

List of free TV show-streaming web sites

AllTechRelated has a great list of free TV show-streaming web sites for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's amazing what's available. I hope I'm not pointing you to something illegal, though some of the sites are obviously legitimate, such as the offerings from NBC and ESPN.

Update: this web page lists 3 Click, but as of a few days ago, the back door that someone had discovered to access the site for free was closed. Just as well, since I don't want to point you to anything that's not legal.

SMHeart Link: Taking the iphone as a biking computer to the next level


I’ve written a number of posts about using the iphone as a biking, running and even golfing computer. Well, there is the next level. A full training environment! From SmHeart link.

As good as having speed and elevation change is useful for training, adding cardio and other measure, like cadence and power, would bring you to pro level training.

A review of Windows 7 & tips & never-before-published hacks

Why a Windows 7 article in a blog dedicated to mobile devices? you may ask. Because I also elaborate on strictly mobility-related questions (including synchronizing iPhones to W7) as well - something you'll unlikely find in any other Windows 7 article. Please head over to the Smartphone & Pocket PC Mag blog for the article.





12 iPhone tricks everyone will find useful

iSmashPhone has a list of 12 iPhone tricks that I think is quite useful. You may already know some of these, but the reason I like this list is that these are tricks that most everyone should know because they make little things on the iPhone easier or more efficient. For example, if you press and hold the .com button, you'll get the option of selecting one of the other common domain suffixes: .edu, .net, or .org.

Ocarina winners announced — contest extended


Smule's Ocarina app, which lets you play your iPhone like a flute, has been a surprise hit. And their recent contest has ended, with 10 Ocarina performers each winning a $1,000 prize. You can view videos of the winning performances on Smule's site.

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