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Wattpad offers free books


Wattpad describes itself as a "YouTube for Ebooks," and the free app in the iTunes store gives you iPhone access to one of the most popular ebook-sharing communities, with hundreds of thousands of novels, short stories, fan fiction, essays, jokes, and more. And like YouTube, there seems to be some copyright violation. But most offerings appear to be legit.

Free dictionary/thesaurus app from Dictionary.com


The new Dictionary.com app, released this past week, is free and includes a dictionary with more than 275,000 definitions and thesaurus with 80,000 synonyms. Note that this is not simply access to the online site; rather, you get a full dictionary on your device that you can use offline. Of course that means that it takes up a chunk of memory.

Easter specials include 15% discount at Proporta

Proporta, a leading vendor of cases and other accessories for the iPhone and iPod, is offering a 15% discount on April 12, Easter Sunday. Simply enter the promotion code FEAST at the cart page to receive your discount. In addition, Vito Technology is offering an Easter egg hunt in its Star Walk app.

Counting down to the 1 billionth app download — your chance to win


The App Store has started a countdown to the 1 billionth app download, with the figure at about 930 million as I write this and racing upward fast. From now until the 1 billionth download, Apple is offering a contest with lots of prizes. To enter, you simply download an app. Or you can enter without downloading. You can enter up to 25 times a day to increase your odds of winning.

Catch the Masters on your iPhone


You know it's spring when you can hear the birds sing at Augusta National during the quiet Masters Golf Tournament telecasts. But how can you keep up with the action during the workday?

With the iPhone, of course. The stodgy, old-fashioned Masters is the first PGA tournament to provide live streaming video – but for iPhones only.

MLB.com At Bat 2009: Must-have APP for any Baseball Fan


I actually wrote this post as the game I describe below unfolded!

I start the MLB app that I recently bought from the App store. It’s opening day for the Chicago White Sox, and I click on the game, and glance at my iPod touch screen. It is the top of the eighth with KC leading 2 to 1. As you can see from the screen shot, the White Sox just replaced relievers. There are no outs and the count is 1 and 2. The screen updates with every pitch.

iTunes Store switches to variable pricing, removes DRM

Today is a big day in the iTunes Store, as Apple implemented some changes initially announced a few months ago. Whereas all songs had been 99¢, now some are 69¢ while the latest tunes are now typically more expensive at $1.29. Also Apple has removed the DRM (digital rights management) scheme the limits the number of devices that can play music you purchased. You can now convert purchased music to your preferred format and put it on as many devices and computers as you like.

Google Earth for iPhone adds "Places"


The free Google Earth for iPhone app already had information specific to particular locations, including Panoramio pictures and Wikipedia articles, giving you an idea what those locations look like and offering more info about them. Now Google Earth for iPhone includes the "Places" layer, which is similar to the desktop version but specifically tailored to the iPhone's screen.

NY Times: iPhone Gold Rush

Sorry to jump on the horn so often here, but I came across an interesting article in the Sunday New York Times Style section today. How would you like to quit your job and live off your sales through the App Store? Here are some who did:


Well, we can dream, can't we...?

PhotoBlasting: Practical Applications


PhotoBlasting is the term I use for taking a picture with your iPhone and sending it via e-mail. In my last post I wrote about blasting off a photo to slightly tweak a White Sox fan. I got an out-of-office reply, so the effect wasn't as immediate as I hoped it would be. I'll have to settle for a delayed reaction.

Free iPhone software development course from Stanford


Stanford teaches a course on developing software for the iPhone and is making videos of the lectures and the course materials available for free. You can read more in an article on Yahoo News.

LivingSocial iPhone Apps helps you find apps you like

LivingSocial iPhone Apps is an interesting website and, as I understand it, Facebook application that lets you identify your favorite apps, organize them, share them with others — and that gives you recommendations based on your favorites. According to the website, you can link your LivingSocial iPhone Apps account to Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, HI5, and Orkut. Their software places your collection on your profile. They have, amazingly, 19 million users.

iPhone PhotoBlasting: Who Are Your Innocent Victims?


I've got some Chicago White Sox fans in a fix. My Cubs-fan neighbor let me buy some of his long-time Wrigley Field season tickets. The neighbor wasn't interested in seeing American League teams – as if his Cubs will ever see an AL team when it really counts, in October – so he gave me my choice of interleague games.

I scooped up three to see the Cubs vs. Twins for a Sunday afternoon. My friend and his son are both big-time Sox fans, which in this city (Chicago) usually means they're major Cubs-haters.

i.TV, a free TV and movie guide, releases new version


i.TV (pronounced eye-dot-TV) has over 2,600 reviews on iTunes so it's certainly gotten a lot of downloads. According to the website, this free app is a TV, movie, and DVD guide for the iPhone and iPod touch that helps you discover, share, and consume media.  It gives you access to up-to-date, local TV and movie listings, as well as a catalog of over 100,000 DVD titles. i.TV users can write reviews, rate their favorite shows, and recommend shows to friends via an e-mail alert. You can also view movie trailers and television previews, purchase movie tickets, rent DVDs, manage your Netflix queue, and remotely record your favorite shows to a TiVo DVR. 

Day One - I have so much to tell you about kid apps

The reason there is so much to say is that this is my first post and we are twenty or thirty apps in on the iPhone/iPod migration into our lives via our 5.5 year old boy, Johan. We started out with some games on my iPhone but soon found that I was losing the thing to the kid most of the time and so we got the iPod touch to give me MY toy back.

I would have to do about 20 posts to get you up to speed with where we are... Maybe you can get a lot of that out of my upcoming article in the next issue of iPhone Life.

It's official: Skype coming to iPhone tomorrow


The news media are reporting that Skype will indeed be released for the iPhone on Tuesday, March 31. An interesting article in the New York Times explains that you won't be able to use Skype via your data connection because AT&T is worried that callers will use Skype rather than their voice minutes, which are more profitable for the carriers. So Apple limits Skype and other IP telephony apps to Wi-Fi. PC World has a detailed overview, including screen shots.

Win an iPod Touch by finding the Easter Eggs in Star Walk!

VITO is having an Easter egg hunt contest (requires the Star Walk astronomy program) through April 13th, 2009. Prizes include an iPod Touch, and Apple Store gift cards. Continue reading for the full press release...

Mastersoft Seeking Beta Testers

One of my good friends in the Windows Mobile community is Dom Masters, owner of Mastersoft Mobile Solutions.  He has made some phenomenal mobile games, including one of the few good mobile versions of Kakuro.  For some time, Mastersoft has talked about bringing their offerings over to the iPhone, and that transition is finally starting to happen.  Although it is still in the very early Alpha stages, Mastersoft is hard at work bringing both Sudoku and Kakuro to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  So…what does this have to do with you?  Well, a game (or games) this big need t

Great short iTunes how-to videos

Using iTunes is key to putting content on your iPhone and iPod Touch. But sometimes topics such as syncing podcasts, creating playlists, and importing CDs into iTunes can be a bit daunting for the new user. The website WonderHowTo has 122 short videos explaining how to use iTunes. The one I watched about syncing music to your iPhone and moving songs manually was quite helpful.

Skype rumored to be coming soon

CNet is reporting (read, passing along a rumor) that Skype is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch -- possibly as early as next week. As you likely know, Skype is the most popular application for making free computer-to-computer calls. It also offers very low cost calling plans to regular phones. And it has great instant messaging and file-transfer features.

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