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Hey Apple...Did we really need a bigger iPhone?


 I love new tech stuff, but sometimes I get a little riled when companies try to pull a fast one, which is what Apple is trying with the iPad, in my opinion. I should say first that unlike some of the bloggers here, I am not particularly a Mac or Apple fan (or an MS fan, or etc, etc.). I am a fan of a good product with a real niche, which I consider to have been and still is a product like the iPod--The one truly original and outstanding Apple product in my opinion (as much as any major company can claim that devices manufactured from other vendor parts and technologies are original). The iPhone built markedly on that success, but Apple had a lot of help there.

iVideochat: The missing link for the iPad & iPhone


While I will definitely be buying an iPad on Day 1, I am on record as being disappointed there is no built-in camera, let alone two.  Cameras are included in just about every cellphone and even the lowly iPod nano and Nintendo DSi.  Imagine the gaming, Augmented Reality, and videoconferencing capabilities this feature would have enabled.  Instead of the mixed reaction the iPad has garnered, the appeal of the iPad would have been a no-brainer, just by including a camera.  I have to believe a future iPad will have at least one camera.  But for now, I Photoshopped the following creation in the hopes it might inspire a vendor to create such a hardware and software combination.

"best browser ever" - without Flash and Javascript support?


According to the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, the new iPad's Web browser, promoted as "the best browsing experience you've ever had," will not support Flash content any more than the current iPhone and iPod Touch browsers do.  Says author Adrian Ludwig,

Been waiting 25 years for the iPad

We started our company in 1985 with a print newsletter about the new 9 pound HP 110 Portable PC. It was the first clamshell DOS laptop. It featured solid state memory, storage, and built-in software (no mechanical hard drive). It was instant on, had long battery life, and at the time light-weight (if you remember the Compaq luggable).

In the 1990's HP produced the HP 200LX Palmtop, about which we published a magazine. It was the first and only DOS clamshell palmtop. It had a niche but incredibly loyal following -- so much so that we still buy, sell and repair them. A number of us wanted HP to “blow it up” – make it bigger in order to have a functional, light-weight, long lasting laptop on the road.  

Prior iPads

Given that there have been several web pad initiatives in the past, it should come as no surprise that there were iPads in the past as well. A brief scan through my Pen Computing's archives revealed that LG Electronics announced an iPad at CeBIT 2001, a multimedia-savvy Linux-based tablet handheld that offered Internet access, plus standard PIM features and word processing. A year later, the Fujitsu iPad was announced by Fujitsu Transaction Solutions, Inc., at the 2002 National Retail Federation Expo in New York. The sleek 10 ounce device was based on Microsoft's CE .NET and at Pen Computing I commented on how the Fujitsu iPad could even function as a cordless phone (using WLAN and VoIP).

Snap, Talk and Share with SonicPics


Sonic Pics is a super fun iPhone or iPod Touch app for creating slide shows from your favorite photos and then sharing them with friends. Videos can be up to 60 minutes long depending upon quality you choose.

Everything is done on the app: import photos from your photo album, arrange photos, choose the timing of each photo, and add narration. Then, publish the video to YouTube with a WiFi connection. Fun and super easy to do!

Cooking with iClooly


How can I watch videos on my cell phone and cook dinner, do dishes or work out at the gym at the same time? The iClooly Stand is the answer!

The iClooly stand is lightweight, made of aluminum, and is 7 inches high. The iPhone 3G or 3GS easily snaps into place and can be viewed either vertically or horizontally, with all the iPhone controls easily accessible.

iPad - why I'm disappointed


Yes, even though I love Apple and Apple products, I'm disappointed in the iPad. Although it will be a nice e-book reader, I'd rather have a kindle. Why? Because I don't have to pay for wireless access on the Kindle. 

If I bought an iPad, I'd have to not only pay for Internet for my lap top and my iPhone, but also for my iPad. Multiply that by two - one for me and one for my husband and I would spend as much in two or three months for Internet connection as I did buying an iPad. Not going to happen.

I really wanted one, too. :(

AED Nearby


 AED Nearby


First Aid Corps and buuuk.com have created an iPhone app that can help you find an AED. The company is working on their database. If you find your self in this situation ask someone to call 911, begin CPR and ask someone for an AED. If one is not immediately available use this app to locate one. Hopefully, an ambulance will be there faster than you having to drive and get one.


Here is a video demo: Video

The direct iTunes link: click here


Review: Pinball Wizard by Zidware


I like electronic pinball, but it’s not something I get overly excited about, so there really has to be something special about a particular version for me to spend more than a few minutes on it.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Pinball Wizard.  The game has one board which on its own is not very exciting.  Its claim to originality is its customizable nature, yet the only thing you can customize is the position of the three main bumpers.  To me that’s not worth advertising such a feature.  If there were more to do in the design phase this might be a product to keep your eye on, but right now there’s not a lot to keep you coming back for repeated play sessions.

My Thoughts on the iPad


Here are my thoughts on the iPad.  I want one.... here's why.

I'm a mom.  I use my iPhone all the time and love it, but it doesn't do EVERYTHING I need it to and it's a bit small (over 40 eyes).

I travel a bit or I am in waiting mode with the kids (soccer, gymnastics, school pick-up, doctors offices).  I don't really want a laptop.  Too expensive and too heavy and bulky.  I don't want a NetBook - (no Windows/PC for me).  The iPad is perfect. 

I will now be able to transfer my pictures from my "external camera" and us my PhotoShop app to make any perfections.

It does everything my iPhone does, plus more. 

The size is perfect - It's a bit smaller than a piece of paper.  It's only 1.5 lbs.  It will fit nicely in my purse (or a diaper bag).

If I need access to my documents, etc.  I will still have my iDisk to store all those - and the Quickoffice app to open and edit. 

If I need to print something - I will just use my Print & Share for iPhone app.


I will have Evernote to store and save all my other research notes.

If I don't pay for internet - but need to connect - I can just tether my iPhone.
http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3gs/tethering.html - But NOT in the US.

Thankfully, I never bought a Kindle.  I love reading on my iPhone.  I love the colors - the Kindle is ugly.  It reminds me of my old Palm Pilot.  The iBooks feature really excites me.  I will still have all my books available to me through my eReader app.  I will now have two options on which to read my books.

Speaking of books, this is also perfect for my son who is going off to college next year.  He can download his text books on it.  Take notes right in the app.  Clip to Evernote. 


He can play games during his off-time (Assassin's Creed II for iPhone- Next Month!!!) Connect with his "Homies" on FaceBook. Or watch YouTube.

No, it's not a laptop.  No, it's not an iPhone on steroids.  It's perfect - for me.

Review: Guerrilla Bob by Chillingo


There’s a new man in town where dual stick shooters are concerned, and he’s certainly one tough hombre.  Is he king of the hill, however?  I’m not quite sure.  There’s certainly a lot to love about Guerrilla Bob, but it doesn’t really bring much new to the genre.  Still, you can’t hardly go wrong with a dual stick shooter, and Bob is definitely among the best.  Besides, how can you resist someone that sabotages the army just so he can personally destroy his former best friend?  You got nothing on Bob, A-Team…

iPad & iPhone - VOIP?

From Macrumors.com: SDK Changes Open Door to VOIP Over 3G Networks... iPad Phone Calls Possible? iCall announced today that Apple had made changes to iPhone SDK that makes Voice over IP (VOIP) over cellular networks possible. With the latest revisions Apple has made to the iPhone developer agreement and Software Development Kit, iCall for the iPhone and iPod Touch now enabled unrestricted free local and long distance calling over 3G data networks. iCall claims to be one of the few VoIP applications that has been permitted by Apple to operate on the iPhone platform. This allows users to make telephone calls over AT&T's 3G data network without using their plan's minutes.

The Apple iPad -- Description and first impressions


 On January 27, 2010, after months of intense hype but no leaks, Apple announced its latest product, the iPad. iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad. The iPad is a sleek tablet that looks like a cross between an iPhone and the LCD case of the MacBook Air. It measures 7.5 x 9.6 inches and is only half an inch thick. It weighs a pound and a half. It has a 9.7-inch multi-touch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution. Apple says its internal 25 watt-hour battery lasts ten hours. The iPad is powered by a 1GHz Apple A4 chip, a first as Apple never before used an Apple-branded chip. The iPad comes with 16, 32 or 64GB of Flash, and each version is available with or without 3G. Pricing starts at US$499, the most expensive 3G model runs US$829.

How will the iPad and iPhone OS 3.2 Change App Development?

Has Apple changed the world again with the release of the iPad? To app developers, the change is both subtle and enormous. It’s subtle because the new OS version 3.2 is only a minor update from the previous version 3.1.2, and because there are few changes in the APIs(just some additions). On the other hand, this is an enormous change because the iPad presents an entirely new market for both existing and new applications. It is likely to spark another “app gold rush” similar to what we saw when the App Store opened and the iPhone SDK was first released two years ago. It also significantly changes the development paradigm for programmers of iPhone apps.

More iPad Details from Today's Event.

Here are more indepth details from today's Live Apple Event.
I wasn't able to be there...but I am sold.  I will not stand in line all night to get one - but I will pre-order the 3G version with over-night delivery!!

Here is what Joshua Topolsky from Engadget wrote.

iPad disappointments... and why I will buy one on Day 1!


The shine is off the Apple, so to speak.  Now that the rumors have been put to rest, we can examine the iPad in detail.

There are some significant advances and as Apple would put it, elements of magic, in this new device.  And make no mistake, I will definitely be buying one, if for no other reason than product research and to test my current apps and develop new ones for this unique device.

However, I must say I am disappointed in a few areas.

Videos of the new iPad


If you have a desire to see this new gizmo in action, CNN has put together a great 5-minute video of excerpts from today's presentation of the iPad by Steve Jobs. And  there's an 8-minute Apple commercial for the device on YouTube. The latter video demos the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBook Store.


iPad Pricing

With iPad, you get all our latest innovations. And all our most advanced technologies. In one of the most revolutionary products we’ve ever created.

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