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CES: Pelican Cases at CES


I need to take off my iPhonelife hat for a minute to talk about this vendor's products. In my other life, I build and design computer systems, some of which are deployed to hostile locations (I have on occasion had to deploy along with them). Pelican is a name I have trusted for a long time to protect sensitive computer equipment, and so I was pleased to learn they have an iPod/iPhone line of cases.

CES: Pioneer Car Systems at CES


Pioneer has a multitude of fabulous car stereo systems here at CES this year (North Hall, booth 1001). I was given demos of two of the more impressive models that have iPod/iPhone integration. The first is a new Stage 3 product destined for release in early spring this year (the AVIC-X920BT). This system has everything but the kitchen sink, including DVD/CD playback, voice control, navigation and a hoard of smart music features, including it's own iPhone/iTunes app.

Video Tutorial - How to Change your iPod or iPhone System Sounds

As always, common sense rules; be sure to back-up your iPhone first!

Reallusion Releases 10x Camera Tools for iPhone

Reallusion announces the debut of iPhone apps with 10x Camera Tools giving you the top 10 digital imaging tools to make your iPhone a true digital camera and photo manager. You'll need to search the AppStore for this software as iphone.reallusion.com is listed as "coming soon" when you go there. 

Review Update: Grinchmas! by Oceanhouse Media


Unless I make some sort of glaring error or omission, I don't make it a policy not to go back and update a review I've written.  However, if something in a game changes to warrant a note or quick revisit, I'm more than happy to do that.  Such is the case with Grinchmas! from Ocean Mediahouse.  You can read the original review here.  I'm still a bit disappointed that they haven't bolstered the less than wacky atmosphere, but there are a couple of game play changes worthy of noting. The first is that there are actually two modes now: Classic and Challenge.  Classic is the original game, which now even has easy, medium and hard modes.  Challenge mode is the bright spot of this update, however.  In the Mean Grinch scenario there are 20 challenges and in Merry Grinch mode there are 17.  A challenge might be basic like "quiet 3 near noisy houses" in Mean scenario or "deliver 3 presents" in Merry mode.  As you get further down the list, however, things get more difficult.  In Mean mode you might have something like "quiet 7 houses for 4 minutes and 30 seconds", and in Merry mode you get such things as "deliver a red, green and blue present in 10 seconds without missing".  Each challenge has 3 difficulty levels as well.

Mophie Marketplace - Coming Soon


Do you have a small business or side job where you take cash only?  Do your customers ask if you take credit?  Do they look disappointed when you don't?

This is an excellent find for all moms (or dads) that are small business owners:

  • Hair dressers
  • Masseuses
  • Craft fair booths
  • PTA Presidents
  • School fairs
  • Painter
  • Gardener
  • Landscaper
  • Car washer
  • Girl/Boy Scout packs
  • Tutors
  • Nannies
  • Farmer's Market
  • Carnivals
  • Chiropractor
  • Handyman
  • Auto mechanic
  • Caterer
  • CES Booth (for 2 year subscriptions specials)
  • Freelancers
  • Contractors
  • Nail Salons
  • Cabbies
  • Local Tour Guides

Those are just off the top of my head (and my husbands).



mophie marketplace�

Availability: Coming Soon

The mophie marketplace is a magnetic Strip Reader for iPhone 3G & 3GS

Turn your iPhone in to a mobile payment solution that is fast, secure and ready to go wherever you go.
The mophie marketplace is a light-weight, form-fitting, intelligent case solution for any merchant
looking to drive their sales further. And be sure to let customers know that they are secure as their
card data is encrypted as it is swiped.

�    Cost effective and works with most merchant accounts.
�    Sync your account information and charge the iPhone via micro USB port.
�    Designed to pair with the mophie marketplace App (Only at the App Store)


Mobile Payment Solution
Cost effective and works with most merchant accounts.

No-Slip Grip and Soft-Touch Rubberized Finish
protective form-fitting case all in an ultra-thin, light-weight, low-profile design.

Pass-through USB
Sync your account information and charge the iPhone via micro USB port.

App Store

Designed to pair with the mophie marketplace App (Only at the App Store)


CES gadgets include 3D TV and 3D Blue-ray players


Amazing things this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), as you can tell from the reports by our bloggers. This is stuff you want, such as a 3D plasma TV which won best-of-show and 3D-caqpable home-theater-in-a-box systems. And here's a roundup of 3D Blue-ray players. You can find a great overview on CNET

CES: Earbuds Aplenty and more cool CES stuff for iPod or iPhone!


CES is chock full of iPhone accessory products, and I would like to promote some of the smaller vendors out here at the show. By the way, if you are attending CES, just about all the cool iPhone related stuff like this is located in the North Hall (including our own booth at 4642). It would take a while to post on each indivdual product, so I 'm going to have to lump them together. In this post, I'll talk about several iPhone accessory products (earbuds, cases, a solar charger, etc.) you might want to check out. I'll swing round later and review a few of them more fully. The first 2 are earbud headphones for your touch or iPhone. Read on for the details...

CES: Vusix Video Eyewear


I have always wanted a pair of these Vusix Vid-ware thingamabobs, and then I always talk myself out of splurging on what I consider a frivolous item. Then I tried some similar models before X-Mas at Brookstone and wasn't all that impressed, but today I might finally be convinced to get me some. I was able to try out their latest models (Wrap 920), with a 67" (at 10 feet), clear display...even in 3-D! It was really pretty amazing, and darnnit, I now again have the Vusix bug. Of course they work with my iPod touch (or an iPhone), so now what excuse am I going to use not to get some, huh?

CES: Livespeakr by DGA


This little speaker system from DGA has some really incredible output, so I agreed to mention it in our blog coverage at least. These guys were streaming live at the show, came by our booth and gave us a quick demo of it (called Livespeakr). I totally apologize (for reals) on the camera work in the video that is embedded after the break. The wavering camera was not on purpose, I assure you, especially with my wife standing right next to me the whole time...

Action shots below...


Just left CES


Take with my iPhone!!  The Vegas Strip.........

CES: LG Mobile at CES


Not iPhone or iPod related, but never hurts to know what some of the competition is up to. LG and Motorola are showing off some sweet mobile tech here at CES (finally got over to Central Hall today). Both are featuring tricked out phones, and the tech diversity on display at this show is stunning!

Fitness Heart Rate Monitor


Exciting news from Scosche... They will be releasing an iPhone/iTouch app and accessory, in the upcoming months, that monitors your heart rate during workouts via a sport armband. More details to come.

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iPhone 3GS Video & Camera


Here is the power of the camera on the 3GS. These pictures were taken tonight from the Kid Rock concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.



Apple gets a greenwash from Greenpeace's anti-greenwashing guide


One of the stories coming out of Las Vegas this week cought my eye: Greenpeace has issued its 14th quarterly report on "greener electronics," and Apple is prominently and repeatedly mentioned as one of the three most responsible companies.  One problem: that's not what the report actually says.

CES: AR.Drone = Augmented Reality meets Predator Drone!

I have used a Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit for a number of years, so I was a little surprised to see their latest product.
Their AR.Drone is a departure from Bluetooth accessories they are known for, but it is indeed an accessory for the iPhone.

The best way to describe this item is a combination of those helicopters you see in shopping mall kiosks and an unmanned predator drone!

The unit can be controlled by an iPhone or iPod touch, just by tilting.

CES: iPhone Trend - Wireless Charging

For several years, various vendors have used CES to demonstrate wireless charging prototypes. This past year, however, was the year these technologies started to become commercially available. BestBuy even has several examples for sale, for phones and video game controllers. Palm has been promoting the Pre's induction charging as a competitive advantage.

With wireless charging, you just place your gadget on a pad and it starts charging! It's a great concept but in practice, there have been drawbacks. For starters, you have a limited set of devices and compatible cases to choose from.

CES: iPhone Trend - iPhone as a Universal Remote Control

The iPhone has many advanced features, but it is missing one item that was prevalent on PDA's in the past, and that is an Infrared interface. Older devices like an iPaq had this standard and it allowed you to use the device as a remote control.

Several firms have stepped up to fill in this gap, with a combination IR transmitter that plugs into the iPhone or iPod touch dock connector, and a corresponding app to control the transmitter.

AppMakr - Democratizing iPhone Application Development

High-end iPhone and Android application developer PointAbout's client list includes companies like The Washington Post, Cars.com, Kaplan, Kohls, Qorvis, Burger King and The National Guard and a large number of other deep pocket companies and organizations.

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