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The iPad's Wi-Fi Woes

Early adopters often encounter technical issues with their gadgets and it seems that Apple's iPad is no different as many sites and blogs have been documenting users complaining the iPad's 'widespread' wifi problems (remember the iPhone's wifi issues?), and even on Apple's own forums, owners are raising the issue (here and here).

Use your iPhone 3GS as a camera for your iPad


This is pretty cool. Gizmodo has a short article and video showing you how you can use your iPhone 3GS as a camera for your iPad. You put the Camera-A app ($0.99) on your iPad and the Camera-B app (free) on your iPhone. Then, via a Bluetooth connection, anything that your iPhone camera points at appears on your iPad screen. There's a button on the bottom of the iPad screen that you can touch to take a photo.

Sherlock Holmes - as much fun as a video rental for the same price

OK, if I could solve this game in less than 30 minutes, then it’s not a very hard game. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big gamer.

23,000 Quotes is entertaining and practical


I’m a huge fan of quote books. As a matter of fact, I probably have a dozen or more quote books in my library. And now, I have 23,000 Great Quotes HD – way more convenient!

23,000 Great Quotes contains quotes from celebrities, authors, politicians, philosophers, movies and books. You can add a quote to your “favorites,” browse the quotes by author, or search for a quote by keyword.

To try the search feature, I did a search for “quote” and found this one very appropriate:

WSJ reports there are now 3,000 apps specifically for the iPad


Today was a big day in my life. I had my first hands-on experience with one (totally amazing) and I placed my order for the 3G model. I found that it exceeded all my expectations, one reason being that the apps tailored to the larger screen look fantastic. The Wall Street Journal reported today that there are now over 3,000 of these apps. The article and accompanying video review some of the best.

Jumpstart your app development

Are you intrigued by the idea of developing your own app but you don't know where to start? I have written in the past about outsourcing using eLance or other sites. Those places are a lot like eBay... You post a project idea and developers bid on the job. You choose a developer based on their proposal, portfolio, and of course, price. But just like using eBay, there are risks.

iPad Mini

When the iPad was first announced, I could not see a need for this in my life, especially as I looked the low memory and considered that this is really a companion device to an existing full service computer. But as we got closer to launch date, I could see the benefits of using this. Currently, I use my iPod Touch frequently for web services such as email, Facebook (I prefer the app to the online version), and other general web surfing. My regular computer is an older Windows XP desktop that I use basically to manage iTunes and sync to outlook, e-Wallet, and Docs To Go. I do not sit at it nor use it for anything else.

iPhone 4.0 announcement coming Thursday


Close on the heels of the iPad release Apple has announced that there will be an event on Thursday to preview the new version of the iPhone software.

Why the iPad is magic


If you just read one article about the iPad, make it Adam Engst's article on why the iPad is magical. He argues that the iPad is different from a computer or the iPhone or iPod touch in a subtle and special way: it becomes the app in a way that these other technologies don't. That was what I noticed when I watched the Wired video review. The iPad, Engst says, is like a chameleon or tabla rasa or blank slate that transforms with each app you use.

The iPad and the future of education


Just finished this article, Colleges Dream of Paperless, iPad-centric Education. After using the iPad for a few days myself, I totally believe this could happen. The reading experience on the iPad is fantastic. You can highlight, copy and paste text, edit, save, store, and share just about anything you read or create. And no books to lug around. 

Microsoft prototype of 2-panel tablet rivals iPad


I am REALLY liking my Apple iPad. In fact owning an iPad made my mouth water for the Microsoft Courier. You can see some great demos of a prototype or the 2-panel Microsoft Courier at Engadget. The Courrier is more business oriented rather than for the consumer.

Great video review of the iPad from Wired


Wired has posted a very helpful hands-on video review of the iPad. It gives you a good sense for what it's like to use one. Wired has also posted an article on 10 of the most intriguing games and apps for the iPad. And a detailed review from Steven Levy.

Waiting for the iPad 3G

So here it is, April 5th, and I have no iPad. That's because I want one with 3G. So my 32GB iPad 3G is on order, but I won't have it for a few more weeks. That really bites.


Star Walk pre-installed on iPad in Apple Stores!


Wow, this is a perfect fit for iPad, and in all my previous grousing about the new device, I did not think at all about this app, but have to admit that it is right in the iPad wheelhouse! A bigger screen for viewing the cosmos almost makes me want to go out and get an iPad now! Anyway, VITO is pretty happy that Apple Stores are pre-installing a demo version of the app, but you can get the full app here...

Pages shines on iPad


Well after having my iPad for a solid day now, and the hype is wearing off, let me tell you, it is definitely not just a big iPod Touch or iPhone.

Where to start?

Vook at Sherlock Holmes - this is where the iPad shines!


I just downloaded my first Vook - Sherlock Holmes. A Vook is an electronic, interactive book. As you begin each chapter, you can play the video to learn something more about the characters, setting, and places. Then, as you read the chapter, you can view illustrations and click on web links to access the Internet for word definitions. This all works seamlessly and provides a unique reading experience, one which I believe is the future of all E-books and magazines.

Color&Draw is NOT for Adults ONLY!


The Color&Draw website says it's an app for kids, but I'm here to tell you that it's for adults, too!

Joint custody of the iPad DID NOT WORK!


 My husband and I were going to have joint custody of the iPad we bought yesterday, but that lasted 13 hours.

After playing with it all day and having "discussions" over who was going to get custody when, we decided to save our marriage and buy a 2nd one!

As I said in an earlier post, I ran out of memory rather quickly with the 16 GB, so I upgraded to the 32 GB. MUCH BETTER! After uploading all my apps, photos, songs, and videos, I still have 19.69 GB left.

Review: Furballs! by Dan Russell-Pinson


I love match 3 games.  The problem is that so many developers start with the “tiles in a box” approach and try to figure out how they can improve on it.  These days, however, so many match 3 games exist that developers really need to start thinking outside of the box (didn’t see that one coming, did you?)  Thankfully, that’s exactly what Dan Russell-Pinson did when he designed Furballs (in space) for the iPhone.  The playing field is 360 degrees and constantly moving, and the path drawing technique adds a new perspective to the mechanics.  Oh, and did I mention there are things like comets and satellites to contend with?

iPad case gallery at iLounge


The iLounge website has posted an iPad case gallery. At a glance you can see all the different options, with links to the vendors. When I get my iPad (I'm intending to get the 3G model), I think I'll opt for a satchel-type case — something I can put over my shoulder.

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