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iPhone Life Coverage of Macworld


I finally made it to Macworld and it's already been an exciting trip.  I was in Chicago for the birth of my first grandchild, Noa. Can you tell Grandpa is an iPhone fanatic? Yes, that's a picture of an iPhone on her shirt. The apps are drool, smile, sleep, pee, eat etc. Anyway the night before my trip,  I got a call that my flight was cancelled. I rebooked for a 6 AM flight, fought a snowstorm to get to the airport, and finally settled in for my trip to San Francisco. It was an uneventful flight except for a guy sitting next to me with serious intestinal issues. I thought that the oxygen masks were going to come down at one point in the trip.

Today, publisher Hal Goldstein and I will be setting up our booth in preparation for the beginning of Macworld. We'll be handing out thousands of our soon-to-be-on-newsstands latest issue (which, I might add, includes coverage of the iPad...beat that Macworld magazine). I'll be there tweeting and blogging to keep you informed of the latest and greatest apps, gadgets, and news for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I'm hoping to include pictures, video and, if I get lucky, a live video stream via Ustream. If there's something you'd like me to check out, just leave a comment here.

If you'll be at Macworld, please stop by our booth (#567) and say hi.  You'll meet some wonderful people and will be able to participate in some special events we have planned.

Maple Leafs mobile app snags 100K Users in 12 months


 "TORONTO, ON - (Feb 8, 2010): With more than 100,000 App users and nearly three million page views per month, Maple Leafs fans have embraced Leafs Mobile, which has proven to be the most successful National Hockey League team App since its launch one year ago..." Read more from the press release about Polar Mobile's winning app...

Give your geek girl a stylus for Valentines Day!


 Until Valentines day, you can get 20% off on a Pogo Stylus or Sketch (all things pink sale) from Ten One Design for your geek sweetie (or non-geek sweetie, as applicable). These stylish styli are great for the iPhone, the new iPad or MacBook trackpad (the Sketch is also great for drawing/writing on the Mac trackpad). Check it out at the link above (also available in Apple stores)...but hurry! Cindy recently reviewed them here...

hf2 - High Fidelity - BEST earphones I have found!


I have searched "High and Low" to find the best earphones out there.  I think I found them!!!  The hf2 by Etymotic is by far the most comfortable earphone I have tried.  They stay comfortably in my ears, block out extra noise, equalize my ear pressure and sound AWESOME.

iPad — Will 250MB per month be enough? Will it kill the Kindle?


The iPad comes with an interesting data option: prepay only, and no contract. You can choose between $14.95/month for 250MB, or $29.95 for unlimited data. Which will meet your needs? TidBITS has a great article titled "Can You Get By with 250 MB of Data Per Month?" It's an excellent discussion of how much data you might typically use, and which option might suit your needs. Plus, it helps explain the prepay option and discusses the question of what happens if you exceed your 250MB.

MacWorld App


It's not great, but it's free. Includes a map - our booth is 567!!!


How to convert your DVDs to watch on your iPhone or iPod touch


I can't remember if we've blogged about this, so I thought I'd go ahead and point you to a short, very helpful article about how to convert your DVDs to watch on your iPhone or iPod touch. The article is oriented toward Mac users, and entails using the commercial RipIt software ($19.95) and the free Handbrake utility.

Say Hello at Macworld #567


  iPhone Life magazine will be exhibiting at the Macworld expo in San Francisco's Moscone center later this week. Sessions begin, tomorrow, Feb 9, and the exhibition hall opens at 12:00 PM, Thursday, Feb 11. Visit us at booth 567, and meet Managing Editor, Rich Hall, tweeter, Gary Abel, bloggers Tracy Sebastian and Todd Bernhard, along with Marge Enright and Don Kimenker from our ad sales team. I'll be at booth almost all the time, as the rest of the team blogs  and comes and goes.

Review: Toxic Jump by Pastel Games


Pastel Games and I don’t have the best history together.  To see what I mean you can check out my reviews of their first two games, Submachine and Oceanic.  I think they’ve got some good ideas with their games, they just don’t push the content and execution far enough.  On the plus side, Toxic Jump is probably my favorite game of theirs to date.  Unfortunately, what should have been one of those titles that reels me into that “one more time” mentality ends up becoming hopelessly frustrating instead.  And that’s on the easy level...

The Stylus Wars


In Corner #1, we have my reigning champ – The Pogo Stylus by Ten One Design. He’s short and well packed, which makes him easy to hold and use.

Review: COGS by Chillingo


I do not like sliding puzzle games.  I find them boring, tedious, and ultimately frustrating.  Thankfully, some developers seem to feel the same way and are actually making attempts at turning the genre into something fun and compelling.  The developers of COGS have succeeded in a big way.  Each puzzle is different, and they managed to infuse the third dimension into the game play in such a way that it not only doesn’t destroy the premise, but actually enhances it.  Add to that some nifty contraptions rendered in stylish graphics and you have yourself a winner with COGS.  If you’ve been avoiding the slider puzzle genre as it’s permeated the App Store, now would be a good time to try one out.  Just don’t get your hopes up that any other slider puzzle will come close to this one in terms of enjoyment.

At last: a working (!) full (!) AVRCP (Bluetooth remote media control) for the iDevice!

As many of you A2DP (high-quality audio) freaks know and also been pointed out in my dedicated articles (last, iPhoneMVP-frontpaged one HERE), full AVRCP hasn’t been supported on the (otherwise, A2DP-capable) iPod touches and iPod’s, not even as of the latest, just-released 3.1.3 firmware.

Survey shows buyers less inclined to buy iPad after Apple's announcement


I get some pretty interesting press releases from Retrevo, with the latest touting the fact that before the January 20 announcement 26% of those surveyed said they had heard of the forthcoming Apple tablet but weren't interested in buying one. And after the January 20 announcement? That number jumped to 52%. Also, before the announcement, 49%  said they didn’t think they needed an Apple tablet, which rose to 61% after the announcement. Still, I think it will be popular.

Qik, get this app!


Jumping into the middle of the iPhone video camera fray is Qik Video Camera ($1.99) by Qik Inc.which is amazing, and has edged my other favorites iVideoCamera and ShowTime out of the lead.

Oh Voi!


In this review I take a look at the Voi! case by Lorem for the iPhone 3G/3Gs ($24.95, and an additional $5.95 if you want the screen protector) let me tell you, it is a great product!

Fizz brings new Baseball Manager Sim to iPhone


"Fizz Software Ltd -- February, 2010 --Following on from the huge success of Soccer Manager (a Top Ten game in the UK and across Europe). Fizz Software Ltd is delighted to announce that Baseball Manager 2010 for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available from the Apple App Store." Hit the links to learn more about this new sim from Fizz, or read on for more info from the press release..

No more paper mileage logs for me!



With MileBug, I can keep track of my mileage on my iPhone instead of buying those paper mileage logs every year.

Love those camera apps!


I love all the different camera apps that are available for the iPhone. It seems each one has something different to offer. Camera Plus Pro is no exception.

Fairy Card App - Better than Horoscopes



Do you read your horoscope?  Do you want to know what the future holds?  Ever played with a Ouija Board?  Ever had your "Cards" read?  If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, then you want the Fairy Cards app. 

The Fairy Cards are a Celtic version of the Tarot.  They are spookily accurate.

Bottom Line: If you are a believer - download!!!  Worth $1.99.  I give it 9 out of 10 iPhones.

Single Card Reading




Celtic Cross

Material, Spiritual and Emotional Reading

 Past, Present & Future Readings




About the Cards from the website:


Fairy  Cards is a celtic version of the tarot, which allows the user to do five different readings, using a set of cards created by Jaya Moran, from Ireland,  who, for many years, gave tarot readings, having acquired a deep knowledge and wisdom whilst living in India.

With each reading the user gets in touch with the wisdom of Irish Folklore and its legends about Fairies, Elves, Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, the magic of nature and its sacred places, full of inspiration and healing properties.

With this set of cards, each reading helps the user to see the bright side of any situation, thanks to a good sense of humour and light-hearted stories, full of the wisdom of the enchanted Fairy world. It also guides the user towards acceptance of himself/herself and recognition of his/her life conditions, and then guides the user to make positive changes.
Fairy Cards also allows the user to play the I-Ching, adapted to the Fairy world.The Fairy Cards are numbered from 1 to 64. In the I-Ching, 64 is the number of all possible combinations of interaction between male and female energies in our lives.  Also the Fairy Cards  give an equal honouring of these energies  as well as a deep understanding of nature in all aspects - elemental, human, and divine. Each possible combination in the I-Ching is interpreted by one Fairy Card.
The I-Ching is played with three coins, and can help the reader to answer questions and make wise decisions.

It's fun, try it!

For only $1.99 (USD)





The Irish Fairy Cards are numbered 1 through 64. This is the number of all possible combinations reflecting the balanced interaction of male and female energies in our lives. An equal honoring of these energies will be found in the cards as well as a deep understanding of nature in all aspects - elemental, human, and divine.


In China, numbers were used as a means of divination, sourced from the universal superconsciousness. This system is known as the   I-Ching, which means Change. The Fairy Folk love movement and change and for this reason have prompted me to include it in the game. These little people are working hard for the restoration of harmony on our planet. Their wish is that all of the submerged mysteries, particularly those of the Goddess, Mistress of Chance and Change, be made available to everyone at this time.
The fairies say it is a particularly strong method for finding out what existence has to say on an important issue. Try it and see!
The I-Ching is made up of 64 hexagrams. There is an Irish Fairy card to correspond to each of these hexagrams.
Each hexagram is made up of six lines reflecting male and female principles. The six lines divide in two to form an upper and lower trigram of three lines each.
To create a hexagram, you will need three coins. Decide which side of the coin is Heads (H) and Tails (T).
Upon throwing the coins, there are four possible combinations that can happen. These are as follow:
H     H     H     (three Heads)
T     T     T     (three Tails)
H     H     T     (two Heads and one Tails)
T     T     H     (two Tails and one Heads)
Focus yourself.
If you play with real coins:
Juggle the three coins in your cupped hands, asking the question in silence or aloud. You will need to make a total of 6 throws. Throw the coins in front of you and see which combination you get, building the hexagram from the bottom upwards, entering your results clicking the text field corresponding to the throw you are doing (enter H for each coin that appears as Heads, enter T for each coin that appears as Tails). The first throw will be the bottom line of the lower trigram and the last throw will be the top line of the upper trigram.
If you play with the virtual coins:
Just press play six times and the results will be entered automatically in the corresponding text fields.
Once the results are  entered, you can check the card you get for the combination you obtained by clicking the Detail Disclosure button (>), on the right, beside the text fields.

NAO Symphony - Ultimate Stereo Speakers


Picture this....you are sitting in bed, you want to listen to your "Sleepy Time" playlist (a mix of Celtic and Hawaiian music) but you also want to check the weather for tomorrow, your calendar and read a chapter of "Julie & Julia" on your eReader app before the Sandman arrives.

With the current iPhone/iPod docking stations, you can't hold your iPhone while it's docked, but you can with the NAO Music Station.  How is that possible??  BlueTooth and Wifi.  Listen and control your playlist right from your iPhone while listening to the sweet sounds emitting from your speakers. 

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