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Birthday Shopping? Gift an app directly from the iPhone store!


 Did you know that you can GIFT an app? That's right and you can do it directly from the iTunes store.

Simply locate the app, click and hold the arrow next to the "Buy App" button, and then select "Gift This App."  Fill in the details and in seconds your gift is on the way! An easy way to shop for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations for your favorite iPhone users.

Scanner Pro 2.0 is out and better than ever!


Scanner Pro 2.0 is out and it REALLY is better than ever.  The new automatic edge detection feature is very helpful. I tried it on a document and was fascinated to see how easier it figured out where the edges were! I did discover that when the page had a colored border, the app had a bit more trouble finding the edge. It's still quicker than having to adjust all the edges manually like it did before.

I'm really having fun with Fun Box!


I just had to write again about how much fun I'm having with Social Fun Box. One of the things I didn't like about Facebook before is the limit on graphics I can use. I LOVE graphics!

Now, with Social Fun Box I can express myself with these cute images. I can put them on my own page, give gifts (for free!), and put some on my friends pages.

Here's my current FB page: 

Love this app! You can read my complete review of Social Fun Box HERE

Interesting article in The New Yorker about the market segment for Apple's iPad

I'd never thought about this before, but this New Yorker article makes it real clear that the iPad, which Steve Jobs described as "far better," is yet another iteration in Apple's approach to marketing: build in and they will pay. This contrasts, the article says, to companies like Flip that offer products that are low priced and good enough. And the article says, that both of these approaches ignore the amorphous middle of the market — and that companies that are going for these high-end and low-end segments are capturing and increasing share of the market overall. The iPhone, the article says, makes almost as much money as all Nokia's phones combined.

Free Kindle books on Amazon


This interesting article in TidBITs talks about Amazon's plans for its Kindle app for the iPad and links to this page on Amazon which gives some info. And best of all, the article points out that the Kindle Store has quite a few books available at no cost so that you can test the software. And it gives this link that shows all Kindle books costing $0.

Guy uses iPod touch to control his 1969 Pontiac GTO

Is this practical, or simply cool? This guy uses RedEye mini to control every aspect of his 1969 GTO convertible: putting the top down, opening the windows, opening the doors, starting it up, revving the engine, and more.

Gifting Hits the App Store

Your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier.  The App Store has started to let you gift apps to other people.  Right next to the "Buy App" button, there is a downward pointing triangle. If you click on it, a pop-up appears and "Gift This App" is one of the choices. Clinking on it will bring up a screen where you can fill out who's sending the gift, who's getting the gift and their email address. You can even include a personal message. Developers now have another way to sell their apps. 

iPad: Pixel-doubling? How about app-quadrupling?

Among the greatest criticisms of the upcoming iPad, forgetting for a moment the 800-pound gorilla issue of Flash,  are a) no multitasking and b) the lameness of pixel-doubled iPhone apps. Pixel-doubling, of course, refers to Apple's plan on allowing iPad users to run iPad apps, which are designed for the iPad's 320 x 480 pixel screen, on the iPad's much larger 768 x 1024 pixel display by doubling every iPhone app pixel in both directions so that the resulting app now measures 640 x 960. That's a clever idea, but an app that looks crisp and sharp on the iPhone may look lost and clumsy in pixel-doubled mode on the iPad.

iPad Education? How will the iPad be used in education?


 Here's are some interesting blog postings about the iPad and education:

Workout Tracker?


Does anyone know of a good workout tracking app for the iPhone?

I'm looking for one that can keep track of what exercises I do, number of reps, # of pounds, # of miles, # calories, etc.

Any suggestions?

Word Mesh - a unique word game that WILL steal your time - guaranteed!


Word Mesh is a word game, but it's not like all the others out there. In this game, you are given two definitions and a set of letters. You have to reveal two words that match the definitions.

Most Expensive iPhone App


$899.99 for an app.  I don't need this type of surveillance on my teens, I'll stick with MobileMe. 


From their website: http://lextechlabs.com/ira_pro


Review: Boom Boxes by Hedgehog Lab


When I read the press release for Boom Boxes I thought “I’m not quite sure I get it”, so I asked the developers for a video.  They didn’t have one yet, so they sent me a promo code to try it instead.  I’m not sure how interested I would have been in the game after just watching a quick video, but after spending some time playing Boom Boxes, I’m so glad I got the opportunity to try it.  The game is fun, it’s challenging, and the developer clearly understands the concept of progression of difficulty.  If you’re looking for a good casual game that’s also challenging, look no further than Boom Boxes.

Apple Ebook Pricing

Although Apple has stated that its ebooks will sell for $14.99, there is rumor that bestsellers will sell at $9.99. At what price are you willing to purchase an eBook? Does it matter whether it is fiction or nonfiction? Best seller? 

Two weeks and counting to my new iPad!


Only two more weeks til I get my iPad!

I'm so looking forward to trying this out.

Will it meet my expectations?

Will there be plenty of apps available for the iPad? Will the ones I own on my iPhone work on my iPad? If so, how will they work? 

What kind of cover will I need? Can I carry it in my purse? What about a stylus? Will my Pogo Stylus work?

Will I be able to endure without 3G? 

I'll let you know the answers to these questions and more - soon!

AirStash — wireless Flash drive for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

I spent a number of years using Windows Mobile devices, and they always had an SD card slot for storage of files or programs. It was a simple and easy way to dramatically increase the amount of storage. But there's no card slot in the iPhone. Not to fear: AirStash is an SD card reader that uses Wi-Fi to let you access the files on the card via your iPhone or iPad.

Photo Wall — free app for creating photo collages


Photo Wall (free) is a new app that lets you quickly and simply create collages from your photos. Plus, the app has handy features that let you post your collages on Facebook and e-mail them. You can also shake your iPhone and it will randomly arrange the photos in your collage. Other features include the ability to make high-res images, adding transparency, scaling,rotating, and more.

Battery Cheat Sheet


There are dozens of articles on how to extend the battery of your iPhone. 

Here is the cheat sheet version:

  • ·      Update the Software (via iTunes) often.
  • ·      Don’t let it get hot.
  • ·      Turn 3G off, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn of Location Services, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn Wi-Fi off, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn BlueTooth off, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn of unnecessary alerts (Facebook, etc.)
  • ·      Lower brightness.
  • ·      Turn on battery percentage meter (3GS).
  • ·      Set Auto-Lock to 1 minute.
  • ·      Hit the off button (you will still get texts and calls).
  • ·      Turn off Push Notifications.
  • ·      Fetch Data less.
  • ·      Turn off EQ in iPod.
  • ·      Watch App use –
o   Games - Vibrating games (turn off vibrate).
o   Games – 3D games.
o   Social – Constantly updating your location
o   Directory or Locating – GPS based
  • ·      Set to Airplane Mode – you can’t get text or calls
  • ·      Fully charge battery at least once a month.
  • ·      Don’t buy Apps or songs – do it on your computer.
Bottom Line: Batteries drain and die, it’s a fact of life. Car batteries, pacemaker batteries and rechargeable batteries die. Until something better is invented, we just have to make the best with what we have.
Here are links to some in-depth articles on batteries:


Pocket Therapy


 Pocket Therapy

Why I Bought My Kids iPhones


My kids are not spoiled (well, maybe a little bit), I bought them iPhones for economic reasons.  Let me explain. 

The cost of a new Nintendo or Sony PSP is about $120 to $200.  New games average about $25.  You know, the ones they have to have and then get bored of after 3 days. 

With me so far?  We are at anywhere from $145 to $225 for a game player and 1 game.

What about an iPod?  $59 for a Shuffle to $249 for a Classic ($199 for a iTouch). 

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