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Next iPhone revealed!


This seems to be the real thing. The back story is that the forthcoming iPhone was found in a bar in Redwood City. It was camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS. You can read all about it and see two videos on Gizmodo. If this is true, you have to wonder if the guy who lost it has also by now lost his job at Apple. The new phone has a front-facing camera for video chatting, a camera flash, apparently a 960x640 display, and a second microphone. The back is flat, and the whole thing has a bit more of a square shape. The article says they took it apart and it's the real thing.

Norway prime minister, stuck in New York, runs country via iPad; free city guides


Well, if you listen to the actual interview you'll see that this article by CNN is a bit of an exaggeration. The prime minister of Norway was stuck in New York, thanks to the volcanic ash that has stalled air traffic. And he was using his iPad to communicate. And for those travelers who are stuck someplace, Lonely Planet is giving away its app city guides until April 22 for the following cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Vienna.

Stuck in Europe??



If I was stuck in Europe right now because of the volcano, an iPad would be a great thing to have. I could check flight, weather, air condition, watch movies, email, blog, write, Facebook, read the newspapers, read ebooks, play games, watch YouTube, find hotels or hostels and most important, find an exit route!

A friend stuck in Paris is trying to get to Africa, to fly to Tel Aviv to fly to JFK. Yep, an iPad would definately come in handy.


Fabrix Sleeve for iPad - a good first case, but I'm looking for more

The Fabrix Sleeve for the iPad is custom built to fit. You can choose from several color choices including PINK! Love the Birdies!
It’s lightweight so it doesn’t add much weight – a definite plus.
The cushioned padding inside protects your iPad, and an inner flap helps to hold the iPad in the case. (I found that the inner flap is only minor protection. Don’t count on it.)
The biggest flaw to me is that there is no protection when you take your iPad out of the case.

Novophone - RETRO is Back!

When I received the Novophone in the mail, I thought, “Good grief, we’re going back to the old days.” It looks exactly like a phone I had in my “younger” days.
So I showed it to my 33-year-old daughter, Shelly. I was shocked to discover that she likes it and even wants one! I asked her why and she gave me this list of reasons:
  1.  It makes it easy to work on something else while you are talking on the phone. She says it’s much more comfortable holding it between your head and shoulders than holding the iPhone by itself.

I'm tickled PINK!


 I'm so excited - I just received a PINK Pogo Sketch in the mail. Of all the stylus out there, I love the Pogo Sketch (see my review - Stylus Wars) and now I have one in my favorite color! 

I use my stylus lots more now that I have an iPad. It helps keep the screen fingerprint-free. 

Pong iPhone 3G/3GS case protects you from radiation


I've seen some radiation protection products that seem to be snake oil. And that was my first impression when someone pointed me to the Pong website. But then I read the article in Wired in which they use some sophisticated technology to measure the radiation — and found that it did actually reduce the level from 1.18 to .42.

Shroud of Turin expo guide released



"..."Sindone”, the official application for the 2010 Shroud exposition, a personal guide in augmented reality, is available in the App Store. It is an interactive navigator which guides the pilgrims step by step in the visit to the Shroud and to discovering Turin, but it is also a personal agenda." Get the app at the iTunes Link above...

Full version of Crazy Hamster for iPhone/iPod touch free this weekend!!


"Sunnyvale, CA - April 16, 2010 - Gamelion (http://www.game-lion.com ) announces today that the full version of best-selling kids/adventure game "Crazy Hamster" for iPhone/iPod touch will be available as free download this weekend.

Oceanhouse Media releases more Dr. Seuss Apps


"Oceanhouse Media is excited to announce the release of three new Dr. Seuss iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad apps to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on Thurs., April 22nd. Theodor Geisel cared deeply about our environment and educating children about the value of caring for Mother Earth.

Skip Apple's iPad Dock


Greetings folks. 

Last week when I picked up the Moses tablet I also picked up Apple's iPad dock. I wanted the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter but they were out. Purchasing the dock was a total waste. I read more about the iPad dock online and found out that the dock doesn't work if you have your iPad in a case. Big FUBAR on Apple's part.

Luckily, I didn't open it and was able to instead return it and exchange it for an extra power adapter. And the iPad power adapter comes with an additional usb sync cable and includes an extra 6 feet of cord. So folks, save the $29.00 and instead spend it on the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter for work or to keep in your bag. 

:: K



Stop-motion Video: iPad Disassembly by TechRestore

See inside the Apple iPad, from box to compete take-apart and back, in under 3 minutes!

Pulitzer Winner's App Denied


A guy wins a Pulitzer Prize for cartooning, then finds out his iPhone app is turned down by Apple -- because "it contains content that ridicules public figures," according to the email award-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore received from the Apple iPhone Developer Program last December. The surprising rejection is getting wide play from news outlets such as The Washington Post.

HoloToy gives you 3D on your iPhone and iPad

HoloToy ($0.99) offers a surprisingly effective 3D experience on the iPhone and iPad.

Very entertaining short iPad video review by David Pogue


David Pogue writes about technology for the New York Times, and also frequently makes delightfully creative videos, too. His 5-minute video about the iPad is a lot of fun. He makes it appear that he's conducting an online, interactive "town meeting" attended by people from around the world, to whom he's demonstrating the device. Plus, if you're curious how he was able to do these special effects, see his column about that. It's a heartwarming story.

eWeek and RapidRepair take a look under the iPad hood


 Years ago I attempted my first iPod repair armed only with a plastic ruler (to open the case without denting or scratching it). I had to replace a bad hard drive, and the warranty had expired. Luckily there were forums like the iPod Lounge to guide me, and I was successful in my endeavor to fix it (in fact it still works).

Photo: iPad Printing Problems Solved


This was all over the web today so I'm not entirely sure of the original source, but it gave me quite a chuckle. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways: 

Rē not for me, not yet. Still prefer a dedicated Universal Remote Control.


While attending CES, I blogged about the trend of using an iPhone or iPod touch as a universal remote.  Since then, I have had a chance to play with the  from NewKinetix.

I really wanted to like the Rē.  I am the gadget guy, who always has the latest of everything.  I have owned numerous high-end universal remote controls, from Philips, Sony, Logitech (Harmony) and Monster Cable.  I am not opposed to spending $100 or more for a device that can connect all of my audio and video equipment and displace multiple remotes.

New free iPhone browser Opera Mini downloaded over 1 million times on first day in App Store


Be sure to read our blogger Werner's review of this new, free web browser for the iPhone. Opera Mini was downloaded over 1 million times on its first day in the App Store yesterday! That's amazing. It's currently the top download among all categories. The beauty of Opera Mini is that it routes web pages to a server before they get to your iPhone. That server compresses the pages up to 90%, greatly speeding up your web browsing. Plus, it has other great features.

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