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Motally Mobile Analytics Contest for iPhone Devs

Posting this for a friend of mine..

Looking for stocking stuffers for the man in your life?


Here’s another stocking stuffer that might please the man in your life – the Mophie Hip Holster. It’s a perfect fit for the iPhone  that is dressed in a Mophie Juick Pack.

After giving this holster to my husband, he immediately fastened it to his pants and has been wearing it ever since (except when he has his carpenter jeans on). He says it’s a great way to carry the iPhone when you don’t have a big pockets. It’s easy to open and close because of its magnet closure; and it’s easy to get the iPhone in and out because it fits just right!

Don't go to the Arches without this app!


 I wish I'd had the Arches National Park Geology Tour app when my husband and I visited Arches National Park a few years ago. Everything you need is here: information about the formation of the park, audio narration and photos of the Park's geological formations, as well as a map showing you where to find each of these formations.

Most important - It all works without Internet access so you can use it in the Park.

Relaxing with Asian Painting


There are any number of ways one can relax, and tap into their creativity with the iPhone, one of the recent apps I’ve found for this purpose is APPFour’s Asian Painting (.99) which is interesting in that it allows a person without years of Asian calligraphy experience to create the likeness of it. 


iSpy - Web Cams


iSpy - Web Cams is a very cool app that can be used for fun and/or education. See live web cam shots from around the globe - even control some of the cameras!!

The sun is slowly setting right now somewhere on Earth. Watch it as it slowly dips below the horizon line. Then switch views and gaze upon the sun reemerging on the opposite side of our great planet.

The 12 Reviews Of Christmas: A Quick Two-Fer (Day 7)


As Christmas day approaches I find that I have a lot of Christmas games to talk about and not much time to discuss them in. Here’s a quick look at a couple of holiday themed games that I’ve really enjoyed palying. You won’t find any ratings at the end of these reviews, but suffice it to say that I recommend both of them.

Interview with inventor of the Bandshell accessory


Have you ever used the speakerphone feature of your iPhone and wondered if you were being heard alright? You probably asked the other party, because it didn’t sound so great coming out of your iPhone. You wish the sound was just a little louder, and a little more clear. Oh, and it would be great if your iPhone propped itself up while you talked, too.

The Bandshell  iPhone amplifier case does that and other good stuff, too.”The durable case gives us what we all want -- protection of this little personal computer we carry around with us,” Ted McNamara, the inventor of the Bandshell, said by speakerphone today. “These are delicate machines.”

Ted uses it just about every time a call comes in. “I get a call. I open the sound case, hit speakerphone, set it on its side and start talking to the person. I can hear them better, too,” he says. But when he doesn’t want to have the Bandshell around his iPhone, it’s very easy to remove.

It’s all made in Wisconsin, from American resources, so they’re helping to support  the local economy, too. Bandshells come in about a dozen colors, and the web site recommends that users trade backs and fronts with their friends, to create unique color combinations.

Ted took a green front and attached it to a red back to create a Christmas cover. If you want to come up with your own color combo (purple and white, Vikings fans?), you may have to buy two.

Many thousands of very lucky youngsters (and older folks as well) are going to be getting iPhones over the holidays, and there are hundreds of cases to choose from. They might appreciate getting the gift of a case that helps them hear – and be heard – a little bit better.

Bandshells are available for $19.99. The company is participating in Free Shipping Day on December 17, 2009 (http://www.bandshellcase.com/). For a video demonstration of Bandshells in action, click on the home page link that says “How It Works.”

[NOTE: This blog entry has been edited to reflect the fact that Ted McNamara is the sole inventor of the Bandshell.]



I'm sitting in the car waiting to pick-up the trolls from school.

Why is "Fox on Demand" not working? Why does my browser not have Flash installed? What's Steve Jobs' number???

I want my GLEE!!!!


When your iphone screen is just not large enough; external viewers with digital TV support


I was going to write a review on Chinon's TV Ipod docking station, with digital TV capabilities, but another writer beat me to it.  (life as a blogger :)  http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/5/iphoneipod-dock-includes-tv . But as I was testing it, I was also looking another product that also does digital TV and also displays images from your computer on the screen. One of the things I thought the Chinon would do is give me a photo slide show of my images.  Nope.  But it does play video which is the whole point.  But the screen is kinda small.  (it IS portable though, so fair enough)  Still, it got me thinking, how can I get my iphone slide show to play on a nice screen?  Well, enter KWorld's TVBox. Its Pretty nice.  I could not get it to work the first time because of a monitor fail, but I connected to another one and boom, working out of the box... well mostly out of the box.  Although the reception was better then the Chinon, it was still hit and miss. I then connected a proper antenna and then we were rock'in.  The win here is you can take full advantage of your widescreen, high-definition monitor, yea I know you have one. It looks REALLY nice. Now add the fact this comes with a remote.  Win.  So, use your second monitor at work (and yes I know you have that too) and you can play your slide show through the TVBox.  Sweet.  Now, as far as working as a digital TV Tuner, its good for the price. <$100 if you look hard enough. I had some issues with the remote (really confusing) and did not get the QAM working (of which I blame myself because I did this quickly) but in general, it did all that was promised.

So between the Chinon ipod docking station, and the KWorld TVBox, you are pretty well set. :)

How about the Droid and the Palm and the other contenders?

These days, you can't turn on the TV without being subjected to commercials pointing out how much better this smartphone or that is to the iPhone. The iPhone isn't usually mentioned directly, of course, but it's clear that it's the target as the commercials usually concentrate on what are perceived weaknesses of the iPhone. 

When you watch those commercials you'd think the iPhone's lacking and surely it must be toast now that the competition is so much better and so much more advanced. But is it? Honestly, even as a tech writer and reviewer I just don't know. For example, I've been reading about Google phones for a year now. Each was billed as an iPhone killer, but from what I can tell, Google phones really haven't gained much traction.

Smule raises more cash . . .

The NY Times reported that the music technology company, Smule, has raised an additional 8 million dollars to support new development projects. Their instrument apps, Ocarina and Leaf Trombone are two of my favorite music performance apps on the market. Read the article at http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/12/16/smule-raises-cash-to-expand-its-musical-app-lineup/?ref=technology


Cheers and Happy Holidays,

Mophie Juice Pack Air is an iPhone Lifesaver!


And it’s more convenient than other battery backup systems. Before I received the Mophie Juice Pack Air, I was carrying around a battery that plugs into the bottom of my phone. It was effective, but extremely awkward.

With the Mophie, my battery backup IS my iPhone case. When the battery on my iPhone is used up, I simply flip the switch on the Mophie. Now I have double the usage time on my iPhone between charges.

It comes in four colors and works with 3G and 3GS. The red case has a softer case, which is a bit less slippery than the other colors.

Warning: Don’t let your relatives see this sitting on your desk!


I had the Gorilla Mobile sitting on my desk ready to write this review when my cousin, visiting from New Jersey, grabbed it and exclaimed, “I’ve been looking for one of these to give Jim for Christmas!”

The Gorilla Mobile is one of those gifts that's not only well appreciated, but it’s fun, too! The unique device has bendable legs that attach to most anything from bikes to treadmills, even to airplane seats. Once attached, you can clip on your iPhone, iPod or even a small camera. Lock into position and now your hands are free for other tasks!

Fake Steve Jobs wants to attack AT&T. Bad idea. But here's a good one..


I'm not sure how many of you know about this, but Dan Lyons (the fake Steve Jobs) was trying to get people to attack AT&T by having a tons of people run a heavy data application, like uploading video, or downloading a really large file, all at the same time.  BTW, this is also known as a

Bing on the iphone! With screenshots


Bing is now on the iphone.  Now live in the app store. Its a nice looking app, very well designed.

Looking at the Beatles through a Music Skin


I don't think we'll ever get tired of The Beatles -- they're racking up CD sales 40 years after breaking up!

Now you can cover your iPhone or iPod Touch with a Beatles Music Skin, featuring images on the face of the phone and on the back. They help protect your device with style, even if it is the style of the 60's or 70's.

Music Skins are scratch resistant, lightweight and durable. I ordered mine from one of the first outlets to get a shipment: The Fest for Beatles Fans, at the Fest's online store.

If you're really into these guys, you can get skins for your laptop, too.

I was always a John Lennon fan, so when I saw some Lennon skins from his New York days, I had to have one. We stayed on Staten Island during our most recent trip to NYC, and passed the Statue of Liberty twice a day. The pic of John in front of Lady Liberty, with text reading "Imagine Peace" above his signature sold me.

More information (and other, more contemporary selections) can be found at the Music Skins site.



BANDSHELL - a Unique Kind of iPhone Case


Designed for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, the new Bandshell - http://www.bandshellcase.com/ - is unique among the pantheon of cases. The affordably-priced unit (U$19.99) is constructed of impact-resistant polymer and comes in twelve pleasing colours.

DLO Wall Dock


Wall Dock by DLO - $24

Quick Facts

Mount and charge your iPod or iPhone at any AC wall outlet

Delivers more power for a faster charge


I took this on my last road trip.  It was very handy in a small hotel room when charging my iPhone near the sink.  It kept it up off the counter away from any splashes.  It delivers a nice, quick charge - maybe due to no cords? 

It doesn't feel as if it's very stable on the wall dock.  I feared that if I bumped it, it would snap off.


Bottom Line: 5 out of 10 iPhones

I wouldn't buy it, but if I got it as a gift, I wouldn't return it.

P-Flip 7-1 Bundle Pack Foldable Power Dock



I just recieved the P-Flip™ 7 in 1 Bundle Pack Foldable Power Dock for review.  I'm putting it to the test as I type.  I will update the results as I go......

Dexim.com - (retails for $74.90 @ SkyMall.com)

P-Flip™ Foldable Power Dock is world's first foldable, portable, multi-functional and rechargeable power dock. This is a desktop holder with charging & sync, and is also a rechargeable back-up battery pack for Video/Game.

Charge your iPhone/iPod Touch on the go. Extends up to 8 hours Talk time,15 hours Video/Game or 60 hours Music.

Day 1: Very quick recharge of my iPhone. Held the iPhone stable when I watched video.

Day 3: The P-Flip charged up a 1st Gen iPhone from empty to half-full in 12 minutes.  Impressive!!! 


Park'n Find — $0.99 app remembers where you parked


There's not much need for this in Fairfield, Iowa, but if I were a city guy I'd depend heavily on this app. Am I the sort of person who'd forget where he parked his car? Not really, but I'm the sort of guy who worries that he will forget where he parked his car. An app like this lets you relax and forget. Park'n Find uses GPS to mark where your car is parked. It then guides you back to your parking location using a satellite image that automatically pans and zooms to show where your car is parked relative to where you are. You can optionally attach photos, voice memos, and notes.

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