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MerckTech Releases New iQuickText App!


 You know how frustrating it can be to try to send that LOL or OMG reply one-handed. Why not add a whole library of quick text replies to your iPhone with iQuickText? Now you can stay engaged in the conversation, and finish that Big Mac without hesitation! Not that I am, ahem,  advocating eating and texting at the same time. I wish not to be held responsible for the dry-cleaning bill for removing mustard stains from your favorite jacket!

Unhelpful App Store search results in iTunes 9

Jimmy Gilberti doesn't like it, and neither do I. Maybe we're missing something. On his Quimondo website today he rails about iTunes 9, which he says gives inferior App Store search results compared to the old version. The reason: you can no longer sort by popularity. Do a search on a generic term such as "horoscope," and the search results appear in seeming random order. Lots of pretty icons but no information about the apps relative to the others.

ESPN Fantasy Football launches in App Store!


 "ESPN Mobile launched its latest application to the Apple iTunes App Store today, when it debuted ESPN Fantasy Football.  The app provides millions of ESPN Fantasy Football players full control and management of their ESPN teams and leagues, live scores and stats, personalized alerts and exclusive editorial -- all from their iPhone or iPod Touch device."

Stay totally in every game with this new app from ESPN Mobile. Only $4.99, so simply search for it in the App Store app on your iPhone or iPod touch... See a demo at the link above.


CNet's overview of iTunes 9, iPhone 3.1; plus video of the event


CNet gives a nice short overview of yesterday's announcements by Apple of a new video iPod, lower prices on the iPod touch, iTunes 9, and iPhone 3.1. You can also watch a video of the event, which featured Mr. Jobs himself, on Apple's website. It lasts about an hour and 15 minutes and includes demos of the new features in iTunes. An interesting focus of the event was the iPod touch, which Apple is now promoting as a game machine.

Review: Graviton from Chillingo


 There’s something to be said for those games where you basically fly through tunnels trying not to hit the walls. That something is for the most part that if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all. Then along comes Graviton to take that theory, shatter it to pieces, and leave it floating in a huge pool of lava. From the fact that you have an object besides your ship to protect to the realization that every level is filled to the brim with delicately timed situations and intricate puzzles, you’ll soon understand that Graviton is not your mother’s iCopter clone. Not only am I thankful for that, but I’m grateful that the developers have taken such a base concept and made such an incredible game out of it.

iPhone and experiential education


As a writer for iPhone Life magazine who’s interested in the arts and humanities as well as educational uses of the iPhone, I've been wanting to really probe a bit on my own, how the experience of the iPhone might contribute to the process of education and our understanding of the world.  A mentor of mine, Allan DiBiase who's background is in educational philosophy and the arts (in his case music), started me thinking about how critical the process of experience is in shaping meaning. 

Big news today: iTunes 9, iPhone 3.1


Apple held a much-heralded press conference today, and the big news was the release of iPhone 3.1 and iTunes 9. Of course, a lot of people were expecting a tablet computer or some other goody to be announced, but zilch there. However, the "one more thing" today was a new iPod Nano with a built-in video camera to compete with the wildly popular Flip.

App Gems from MacWorld helps you find essential apps


I like MacWorld's reviews and articles. And their new app, called App Gems, looks to be really useful. Each weekday this app highlights and App Gem of the day — an app that's highly recommended by their staff of experts. Plus, the app also includes Essential Collections of great apps, which are handpicked by the editors and writers at MacWorld. You can also see lists of top-rated apps by category. And finally, App Gems includes news stories, blog posts, and tips posted on Macworld.com. The app is $1.99.

At last: C64 emulation is possible on the iPhone – and, what is more, without jailbreaking!


Other mobile platforms have long been having decent Commodore 64 (C64) emulators. It’s probably Windows Mobile that is best equipped with these: on that platform, there are several C64 emulators, Pocket Commodore 64 3.0 being without doubt the best, offering even wireless multiplayer (!). It’s so good I’ve shelled out some $30 for it – without any hesitation.

SoccerCard SKS — create virtual soccer cards


One of the amazing things about the iPhone is the number of niche applications. If you or your children play soccer, you'll want to try SoccerCard SKS, a customizable stats application for iPhone and iPod touch that enables you to create an unlimited number of virtual soccer cards featuring current player photos and season records, stats, and totals in real time. And you can e-mail these virtual SoccerCards to others. The app looks like a real SoccerCard, with a photo on the front.

Ever wanted to watch Vimeo and the like on your iPhone? Now you can!


Is the big empty area in the upper half on the left of the following screenshot familiar to you?  

Would you prefer seeing something like the following:

…and also being able to watch the video?

Now you can – assuming your phone is jailbroken.

Interview With AddictingGames Part 1 (including iPark It! review)


This is the first part of a 3 part interview with Kate Connally, Vice President of AddictingGames.  Each part of this interview will be followed by a mini-review of one of AddicitingGames' first three iPhone games.  For part one the mini-review will be about iPark It!

Free i.TV 2.0 now available


In an earlier post I noted that i.TV 2.0 had been announced. And now it's out. This free app is billed as "the only movie, DVD, and TV guide you'll ever need." The new version lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control with a TiVo, and more devices are being added.  The new version also includes a streamlined interface, push notifications, and more.



MMS coming September 25

One of the complaints when the new iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3.0 came out was the continued lack of MMS — even though the new software was capable of it. Now AT&T has announced that this multimedia messaging functionality will be coming September 25. You can read a short report on CNet and also a brief statement from AT&T. You'll need to have an iPhone 3G or 3GS to take advantage of this. 

Star Walk Voted "What's Hot"...New Version Coming


It's a good feeling when you hear that an app you reviewed and gave a thumbs up to makes it to the Apple "What's Hot" list (makes you think you got at least one right). It's especially cool when the developer is one that you have followed and encouraged for a long time (from back in the Windows Mobile days). Of course, the excellent Star Walk product for iPhone/iPod touch might have had just a little to do with it, and now soon to be released with a spinning earth model in version 3.0!

Outbreaks Near Me - free app to help track H1N1 ("swine flu")

Outbreaks Near Me

With HealthMap's Outbreaks Near Me application, you have all of HealthMap's latest real-time disease outbreak information at your fingertips. Open the app and see all current outbreaks in your neighborhood, including news about H1N1 influenza ("swine flu"). Search and browse outbreak reports on the interactive map, and set up the app to alert you with a notice automatically whenever an outbreak is occurring in your area. If you spy an outbreak, be the first to report it using the app's unique outbreak reporting feature. You will get credit as a disease detective and your find will be featured on the website.

True MMS to grace the iPhone September 25th


Talk about being fashionably late to the party. As promised for the fall, AT&T has made it official that its iPhone users will be able to finally use the MMS feature of the new 3.0 OS this September 25th.

AT&T had left advanced features such as MMS and tethering off of the list of can-do's when Apple announced it's 3.0 OS mainly due to the company's network not being able to handle the surge in data transfers.

Before you get too excited though, know that you will need to download a software update to your iPhone 3GS and 3G before you can use MMS, and iPhone 2G users are out of luck completely as those original devices will not get MMS support at all.

iConcertCal Review



Seems everyone is talking about this new concert venue application, here on the blog anyway. iConcertCal is probably the easiest way I have ever found to find out about music appearances in your area. You can let it filter based on your loaded music, or you can simply go search through the available list of events. The location based services provide excellent coverage of large and small acts in your area. 

iPhones create overload on AT&T network

Are you getting dropped calls on your iPhone? It's your fault. According to a report in today's New York Times, your iPhone is a data guzzler, and you, like most other iPhone owners, use it a lot. After all, it's the greatest handheld computer ever invented. But iPhone joy comes at a cost: the average iPhone owner uses as much as ten times the network capacity as a typical smartphone user. The result is a lot of angry customers. The article has some interesting anecdotes, including the occasion when thousands of iPhone owners attended a technology conference in Austin — and inadvertently brought the AT&T network to its knees. But don't despair.

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