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iPhone 3GS Video & Camera


Here is the power of the camera on the 3GS. These pictures were taken tonight from the Kid Rock concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.



Apple gets a greenwash from Greenpeace's anti-greenwashing guide


One of the stories coming out of Las Vegas this week cought my eye: Greenpeace has issued its 14th quarterly report on "greener electronics," and Apple is prominently and repeatedly mentioned as one of the three most responsible companies.  One problem: that's not what the report actually says.

CES: AR.Drone = Augmented Reality meets Predator Drone!

I have used a Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit for a number of years, so I was a little surprised to see their latest product.
Their AR.Drone is a departure from Bluetooth accessories they are known for, but it is indeed an accessory for the iPhone.

The best way to describe this item is a combination of those helicopters you see in shopping mall kiosks and an unmanned predator drone!

The unit can be controlled by an iPhone or iPod touch, just by tilting.

CES: iPhone Trend - Wireless Charging

For several years, various vendors have used CES to demonstrate wireless charging prototypes. This past year, however, was the year these technologies started to become commercially available. BestBuy even has several examples for sale, for phones and video game controllers. Palm has been promoting the Pre's induction charging as a competitive advantage.

With wireless charging, you just place your gadget on a pad and it starts charging! It's a great concept but in practice, there have been drawbacks. For starters, you have a limited set of devices and compatible cases to choose from.

CES: iPhone Trend - iPhone as a Universal Remote Control

The iPhone has many advanced features, but it is missing one item that was prevalent on PDA's in the past, and that is an Infrared interface. Older devices like an iPaq had this standard and it allowed you to use the device as a remote control.

Several firms have stepped up to fill in this gap, with a combination IR transmitter that plugs into the iPhone or iPod touch dock connector, and a corresponding app to control the transmitter.

AppMakr - Democratizing iPhone Application Development

High-end iPhone and Android application developer PointAbout's client list includes companies like The Washington Post, Cars.com, Kaplan, Kohls, Qorvis, Burger King and The National Guard and a large number of other deep pocket companies and organizations.

Ed Curran is Shooting Video of CES on His iPhone with an OWLE


 Reporter Ed Curran - who works for a CBC affiliate in Chicago - is at CES and he's doing all his video shooting and editing on his iPhone with the help of the OWLE (previously covered here and here on iPHone Life by me).



Firethorn just announced an app to be released before the end of the year. It will consolidate and manage your banking, frequent flier and gift card accounts. The app will be called SWAGG.

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CES: Blue Mic Jam at CES, Yogen Charger, and more cool stuff


Wow, did I see some cool audio-related stuff today at CES (mostly in the South Hall). Wish I could write about all of it, but I selected a few of the cooler things I got to play with or do. One of which was to record a demo blues track using the little USB recording setup at Blue Microphones (check out the video above).

New York Times and Time magazine favorite apps of 2009

Continuing with my series on year-end lists of best apps, here are lists from the New York Times and Time magazine. The list of 14 favorite apps from New York Times writer Roy Furchgott includes a few apps for other iPhones, but mainly guides you to some really good iPhone apps. Time magazine's top 10 for 2009 are all excellent apps that deserve your attention.

CES: Sonos, D-Link and Intamac, Sanyo, and the HD2 at Digital Experience


The Mirage convention center was quite the gadgety place to be last night, and sorry about not having good pix from the event, but I had some issues with my camera just before. Oh well, I swing back later and post more shots on the cool stuff I saw there, but wanted to get some word out on some of the cutting-edge stuff now.

CES - New iPhone Cases


Last night I attended "Digital Experience" at the Mirage's Grand Ballroom.  All the BIG guys were there, like.....Google, Yahoo, Sony, Canon, Phillips, Griffin, Powermat, Speck, Dragon Dictation & Morphie.  

There are so many things to write about...so little time right now.  Here are a couple of the cases that I am excited about:

Pong -

Reduces cell phone radiation to the head by 60%.  Great idea for kids, who's brains are still developing. It's a nice looking case. Very comfortable in the hand.


World Card Mobile


Here I am sitting on my hotel room floor going through ALL the business cards I was given by all the awesome people I met last night. One guy worked with my husband 10 years ago!! Small world - especially in Vegas.


Well.....am I going to enter all this contact info one at a time? I don't think so. I'm not lazy, I'm efficient.


World Card Mobile does all the work. On clean, easy to read cards it works 100%.

iPhone Tips & Tricks: How To Get The Most Out of Your App Purchase's!


Today there are 129,610 iPhone apps available for download in the iTunes App Store. With such a large number of app's available for the iPhone it can get a little hairy trying to determine what app is right for you. Here are a few buyer beware tips & tricks to help you when looking to purchase an iPhone app. 

CES Update and Chevon Hicks Meeting


My first post from CES, and you can see that the booth is coming along swimmingly, and the iPhoneLife team is just about ready for prime-time.

Review: Ant Conflict by Art Core Gaming


When describing a game it’s pretty common practice to say “it’s like…”  Well, to finish that phrase for Ant Conflict I’d say “It’s like chess”.  In fact, I’d wager to say that if you want to be any good at it, you’ll have to take the time to study the board like you would a game of chess.  Unfortunately, I’m not that patient.  Thankfully I’ve learned to like games even when I’m not very good at them, and I like Ant Conflict.  The characters are cool, the game is challenging, and brute force is not an option.

Great lists of best apps in over 40 categories


I'm going to take the unusual step of blogging about a resource even though my fellow blogger Tari just covered it. And this reason is — this is the best resource I've ever seen for finding useful apps. This page on Mashable directs you to lists of the best apps in an amazing array of categories — from "60+ Free Classic Tabletop Games for the iPhone" to "50+ Free iPhone Apps to Make You Richer." There are over 40 such lists.

At CES - TGiPhone

We made it to CES. I used the iPhone to check our flight status, check traffic to the airport and amused myself during the flight. The press party was packed! We got our badges and are ready to hit the floor. TGIF for the iPhone. My room doesn't have pay-per-view. I'm going rent a movie on iTunes right on my iPhone and watch that instead. I deserve better than broadcast TV! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Forget the Melatonin - Try this app!


Melatonin is an alarm clock app for the iPhone, but unlike other alarm clocks, this one is peaceful and almost hypnotic!

An adorable yellow bird sits on a rock in a sunlight yard. When you’re ready to go to sleep, you tap the bird, and night begins to fall. The little bird says “Goodnight” and proceeds to twitter gently as the sun slowly goes down and the stars begin to twinkle. You can set how long you want sunset to last or skip this altogether.

Heading to CES


My son and I are heading to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) today.  I will focus on cool stuff for moms and kids.  My son will focus on what every 19 year old boy will focus on.....Games!!!

I will post updates of the cool things I find - right from the CES floor - using my iPhone, of course.

Watch out Vegas - here I come!

Bonus points if you can name the girl with my son.  (Not his girlfriend, he wishes!!)

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