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iPad on the Road - Part III

Right on the heels of my last European trip, the iPad accompanied me on a very different kind of journey, a five-day dive trip to the California Channel Islands. That meant eight hours on the road each way to and from Santa Barbara, and the three days on the good ship Conception, an 80-foot dive vessel.

Guessing which app to get? Stop guessing because Guess the News is Free Today


I have written before about Finger Arts and their Hangman RSS app.  It's a great app because not only does it keep you entertained, but it's informative.  News feeds are used for the hangman words.  Well, Finger Arts had another cool app before Hangman RSS and it's called Guess the News.  And while they have a Lite version for free, the pro version is free TODAY ONLY in partnership with OpenFeint.

If you like news, wheel of fortune, hangman, crosswords, or just well polished apps, and you like FREE, you will like Guess the News!


Review: Monster Mayhem by Chillingo


First the folks at Taplay brought us a nifty take on the Jawbreaker style of game play with the fun game Virus Laboratory.  For their second outing they decided to tackle the wall defense game with the appropriately named Monster Mayhem.  This time, however, you’re not trying to prevent the nasties from breaking in, but rather you’re trying to prevent them from getting out.  There are several different types of weapons at your disposal to help with crowd control, but what really makes this game is the crowd you’re trying to control.  With 21 different types of creatures, you’ll always find something new to be amused with… until they kill you or rob you blind, of course.

STM iPad Bags - slim and trim protection for your iPad



I just examined two samples of STM iPad bags: the micro extra small iPad shoulder bag and the jacket iPad.

Both are made of quality materials, they’re stylish, and they will help keep your life organized.

The micro is roomier. It has plenty of storage space not only for your iPad, but also for your charger, your iPhone, or whatever else you want to carry in its roomy pockets. The padded shoulder strap makes it very comfortable to carry. There’s also a short handle for carrying it in your hands. This is roomy bag for its size.

Introducing: the Particle Case + Pogo Sketch for the iPad!


Finally, a case will carry my pink Pogo Sketch!

The website states that it is made from shock-absorbing material, it’s lightweight, and it protects your case where you need it most – at the edges. AND, it comes with a silver Pogo Sketch!

I’ll write more after I’ve seen it.

In the meantime, check it out on the Ten One Design Website.

The honey-do-list meets technology



No more notes on the refrigerator — now there’s HoneyDo for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

It’s easy, fun, and effective! Simply host a HoneyDo group and invite your spouse, kids, relatives, friends, or anyone else who will be helping with the task. (Perhaps you are remodeling your home or planning a family reunion.)

iPhone 4 sales suspended!


After my frustrated online ordering experience of yesterday (shared by Tracy and Hal, among others I'm sure) I decided to give it another try. Too late. Out of luck. Sales are now suspended.

So I guess it gives me a few more weeks to decide whether I really need all those new features, or if I just keep the trusty old iPhone I know and love and spend the money on an iPad.

It's sort of like deciding whether to get a new car, when your old reliable is reaching 125,000 miles old and there are plenty of shiny new vehicles clogging the car lots.

Review: Super Laser by EpicForce


When iFighter Lite came out and I saw the screen shots I thought to myself “I’m buying the full version when it comes out”.  The full version came out, I bought it, and even though I had forgone trying the lite version first, I didn’t regret my purchase at all.  When I saw the screen shots for Super Laser I thought “I want to get this game”, and the feeling was cemented when I realized it was from the same developers that made iFighter.  After spending some time with Super Laser I can only hope that this isn’t the last scrolling shooter we’ll see from EpicForce.  Super Laser not only ups the ante from iFighter, but it feels like the game Assault Squadron should have been (minus the horizontal scrolling levels, though).

Get Contacts and Calendars on Your iPad the Easy Way


With all of the wireless products coming out these days, doesn’t it seem pretty old-school to have to fumble around with cables and synching with a desktop or laptop to get your data on a mobile device? The Palm Pre may have been a marketing flop, however it showed us a glimpse of the near future where we no longer have to link up to a PC to keep our contacts, calendars and such up to date and at the ready.

The last few updates to iTunes and even the Apple mobile OS’s have allowed for some synchronization with information sources other than iCal and Address Book, however it seems that for the time being, Apple wants us tethered to our PC’s with our mobile devices.

Apple & AT&T sites must be busy!



I'm try to pre-order my iPhone 4.  No luck with Apple.com and ATT.com.  I guess I'm not the only one trying to order!

Apple Store Made Easy And Genius on the Go


Apple fans can take advantage of a new application from Apple, Inc. that allows you to shop online at Apple.com and even make reservations at your local Apple Store location.

Released today, the new application is a free download from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Within moments, you can shop online for products and accessories via this fast and convenient interface without having to fire up your mobile browser. The interface is streamlined for mobile usage with a clean look and feel and a familiar App Store layout.

Do I NEED an iPhone4?


I got to the computer bright and early this morning to order a new iPhone4. First thing I noticed was an email from AT&T (time-stamped 7:09 am) inviting me to pre-order. So I clicked through, found that I was eligible for an upgrade (with an upgrade fee of $18) but no indication of a purchase price.

Curious about the cost, I clicked through the upgrade page at 7:24 am and got the online equivalent of a busy signal.

After a number of retries, resulting in the same error message, I got a gateway timeout. This site must be hopping!

Should you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch? Kim Komando says no


I'll be honest: I've used a jailbroken iPhone. And don't like it at all. It is such a hassle to not be able to keep the software updated, because each new version that Apple comes out with requires that you go through the jailbreaking process again. You can read more about the problems entailed in jailbreaking in this posting from Kim Komando.

You want more time? Now there's an App for that!


 If you ever wished for a genie to give you a longer life, there is now an App for that!  Skyclock shows you how to get your day's worth, each and every day! 

When I first saw this App I thought "So what?" but then as I started using it I rapidly discovered what a useful and rather amazing tool it was. I never thought about the daily changing skylight conditions that we take for granted. It just doesn't get light or dark at the same time every day!

Forgot your iPhone cable?...get a flipSYNC Keychain!


I have been travelling quite a lot lately, and am trying to get my gadget travel kit down to the very barest of essentials. Thanks to Scosche, this is now a little easier. The snake's nest of cables I am packing is ridiculous. With the flipSYNC, I can at least illiminate one hydra from the tangle. I wish it included a mini USB adapter though, so then I could use the RichardSolo 1800 charger with it (see my review here). It would mean I can get rid of yet another cable.

Are You Eligible for an Upgrade?


To see if you qualify for an upgrade, go to your iPhone's keypad. Dial *639# and press the call button. In a few moments, you will recieve a text with your answer.

I'm pre-ordering mine!!! ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

Now You See It, Now You Don't - Secure Your iPhone!


The iPhone has been incredibly successful thanks to its simplicity, intuitiveness and good looks.   Although initially focused on the consumer market, it has quickly became a favourite of the corporate world who realised they could combine personal and business devices into one, simplifying their digital lifestyle whilst looking stylish as well!

The combination of lifestyle elements such as video (on the 3GS), photos, YouTube and applications such as Facebook, along with business applications, e-mail and search make the iPhone the perfect device for users both at home and work.

Simplicity however does not necessarily mean the iPhone is secure.  If you lose your device, not only will you be sick with disappointment, your personal information

Review: TrendyDigital PadShield Element Protection Case


Just recently, you probably read the review that Cindy Downes wrote on the TrendyDigital cases for the iPad, specifically the PadShield Element Protection Case. I also had the opportunity to test out this case, courtesy of TrendyDigital. When you receive the case, you receive it in a zippered protective pouch.

Kim Komando video review of the iPhone 4

Kim Komando has done a great video that gives you a good overview of the iPhone 4, highlighting the hardware, screen, camera, and multitasking. Double click on the video at right to see it in the proper size on YouTube.

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