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Battery Cheat Sheet


There are dozens of articles on how to extend the battery of your iPhone. 

Here is the cheat sheet version:

  • ·      Update the Software (via iTunes) often.
  • ·      Don’t let it get hot.
  • ·      Turn 3G off, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn of Location Services, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn Wi-Fi off, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn BlueTooth off, if you don’t need it.
  • ·      Turn of unnecessary alerts (Facebook, etc.)
  • ·      Lower brightness.
  • ·      Turn on battery percentage meter (3GS).
  • ·      Set Auto-Lock to 1 minute.
  • ·      Hit the off button (you will still get texts and calls).
  • ·      Turn off Push Notifications.
  • ·      Fetch Data less.
  • ·      Turn off EQ in iPod.
  • ·      Watch App use –
o   Games - Vibrating games (turn off vibrate).
o   Games – 3D games.
o   Social – Constantly updating your location
o   Directory or Locating – GPS based
  • ·      Set to Airplane Mode – you can’t get text or calls
  • ·      Fully charge battery at least once a month.
  • ·      Don’t buy Apps or songs – do it on your computer.
Bottom Line: Batteries drain and die, it’s a fact of life. Car batteries, pacemaker batteries and rechargeable batteries die. Until something better is invented, we just have to make the best with what we have.
Here are links to some in-depth articles on batteries:


Pocket Therapy


 Pocket Therapy

Why I Bought My Kids iPhones


My kids are not spoiled (well, maybe a little bit), I bought them iPhones for economic reasons.  Let me explain. 

The cost of a new Nintendo or Sony PSP is about $120 to $200.  New games average about $25.  You know, the ones they have to have and then get bored of after 3 days. 

With me so far?  We are at anywhere from $145 to $225 for a game player and 1 game.

What about an iPod?  $59 for a Shuffle to $249 for a Classic ($199 for a iTouch). 

Getting the most out of your battery


A helpful article in the New York Times tells you a number of things you can do to conserve your battery and go for a longer time between charges. For example, if you're not using Wi-Fi, turn it off. That's because as long as it's turned on, it continues to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot, using up valuable juice.

FileApp Pro: Get It While It's Free!



 I came across this app today when I when I was in Itunes. It's a file and document manager for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This seems to be a very feature rich app. It was released March 8th and is free for two weeks. The only feature I got to test at the moment was that I was able to connect via Wi-Fi (FTP) to my PC and transfer documents over to my Touch, which I think is pretty cool. It supports many file types. This is the first such app I have used like this so I can't wait to see what else it can do. While it's still free, download yourself a copy and try it out. You can check out the full specs on iTunes or at www.digidna.net. This is their Pro version of the software which is why there will be a price on it soon.



Gain Worldly Knowledge with the World Countries App


Expand your mind while you search for facts on 260 countries from all 5 regions. Do you want to hear Belgium's National Anthem?  or France's?  Do you want to know what Kirbati's Flag look like?

Information is gathered from the CIA Factbook. Wikipedia and WikiTravel.  

Play memory games and play quizzes to test your new knowledge.
Help the kids with their homework. 
This is a fun, fact filled app that is well organized and beautifully designed.  I recommend this for everyone - young or old.
Bottom Line: Download now.  Worth much more than $0.99.  Get it before they realize that and raise the price!!







From the ADS Software Group, Inc. Website: http://ads-sg.com/





To download:


From the ADS Software Group, Inc. Website: http://ads-sg.com/

World Countries. 12 Educational Geo Apps and Games

Features summary:
✓ Pocket reference for 260 world countries and regions. Offline. No internet connection needed. Includes:
Factbook - CIA The World Factbook by CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals.
Wikitravel - travel guides for 247 countries/territories
✓ World Photos - browse real country photos
✓ World News - current new from selected country
✓ World Map - large political map of the World
✓ Country Maps - 260 maps of countries
✓ Continents - large maps of continents
✓ Quiz games - Capitals, Flags, Maps, Trivia
✓ Flags - World Flags reference
✓ Flags memory match game
✓ Guess the Flag game
✓ Countries flash cards

Additional features:
✓ Select any combination of regions - Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania
✓ Send info or maps by Email from the application
✓ Copy info to clipboard
✓ Adjustable font size

OpenFeint integrated:
✓ Compare your Quiz scores and Games results versus other players and your friends (facebook/twitter)
✓ Invite and challenge your friends
✓ Post your achievements to facebook and twitter

Use app creation services to build your own app


About a week ago Apple cracked down on "cookie-cuttter apps"  from people who've used services to create an app in as little as three hours. Fortunately, Apple's concern was mainly focused on apps that were essentially business cards or simple RSS feeds, whereas there's no problem with apps that are more original. My friend John Kremer has posted a useful article about app-creation services. The article is oriented toward publishers, but the info is relevant to anyone who might have an idea for an app.

Who has a DVD Collection?? The iCollect Movie App keep Track!!


I have about 400 DVDs.  How do I keep track of them all?  I used to use my brain.  I still know every DVD that we have, but the other 5 members of the household have no clue what's on the shelf.  To solve that issue, I downloaded iCollect Movies from Hooked In Motion, LLC.  ($2.99)

Basically, grab your DVDs (or BluRays), Barcode Scan them, and Viola, you have a beautiful list of your collection. 

Review: Knife Toss by Crawl Space Games


C’mon, admit it… you’ve always wanted to run away and join the circus, haven’t you?  Well, okay, me neither, but the circus is still pretty cool.  Now, thanks to the game Knife Toss from Crawl Space Games you can experience two of the coolest parts of the circus at once – knife throwing and clowns.  Of course, depending on your aim the clown won’t be so happy, but it’s all good fun none the less.

Mini Guide to App Store


What is the difference between the "Free", "Lite" and "Full" versions? 

Here's a simple answer using Rock Band as an example:

Free VersionFull Paid Verison ($6.99)
Comes with 1 SongComes with 30 Songs
Option to Upgrade to Full VersionOption to Buy More Songs ($0.99 each)
32 MB167 MB


The "Free" or "Lite" version of an App gives you a watered down sample of the "Full" version.  This is great if you are not sure you will like the app.  In the case of Rock Band, $6.99 is a big commitment.  It's great to try the "Free" one first.


What do the "Application Ratings" Mean?

The ratings are similar to the movie rating scheme:  (G = 4+) (PG = 9+) (PG-13 = 12+) (R = 17+)


What are the Customer Ratings?

This is the average "Star" rating of the purchasers who have given the app a rating. (1 = BAD) (5 = AWESOME)


 I hope this helps!  Please leave a comment!

iPhone apps on an iPad? It ain't easy, developers say


One of the great things about the iPad is that coming out of the gate it'll already have over 100,000 apps that you can run on it. Or at least that's what Apple has said. But the devil is in the details, and an interesting article on CNET discusses the challenges that some developers are facing in adapting their apps for the iPad.

Free app helps you be well and find an integrative medicine doctor


I've long been interested in how the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda can help a person be healthy, and have on occasion have consulted medical doctors who also have training in Ayurveda. This is called, as you may know, integrative medicine — doctors who combine a western approach to medicine (training as an M.D.) along with natural, holistic, and alternative therapies. If you'd like to find a practitioner of integrative medicine, this free app, called American College for Advancement in Medicine, helps you do so. You simply put in your Zip Code, and it gives you a list of doctors in your area.

PhotoTropedelic Contest Winners!!


 Thanks to all who participated in the recent PhotoTropedelic contest. Sorry I couldn't award everyone codes, but we will have more great giveaways in the future, so stay tuned. The winners for this contest have been notified through the blog (names after the break), so if you didn't get the message, please leave a comment up here. Read on for full rules...





Biblicious feels like a real game show - great fun!


Biblicious gives me the feeling that I’m participating in a real game show - I like that! The host sounds like the guy from Let's Make a Deal or one of those other game shows, which is really effective in setting the mood. 

The questions are fun - some easy and some challenging - so anyone with a bit of knowledge of the Bible should enjoy playing. And what a clever way to learn something new about the Bible. When you get a wrong answer, it gives you the scripture reference so you can look it up and learn more.  

iPhone - Music - Teaching

As a life-time educator I am always trying to find ways of having meaningful connections with my students. My iPhone + my weird cardboard speakers get used before class. Anyone can hook up their device to my speakers to play"their" music until class starts. If no one uses their machine then my iPhone collection of tunes gets used, This surprisingly simple action garners a lot of credibility in the classroom. Also my recyclable cardboard speakers have an edgy quality that helps.

iPhone & iPad Pricing - Patience is a Virtue


I'm reading and hearing a lot of complaining about the price of iPhones & the upcoming iPads. Do you remember when DVD players first came out about 12 years ago? They were about $800. Now you can find them for about $40. What about the price of gaming consoles or BluRay players when they first came out vs. now? Trends show that new technology gets more affordable as time goes on.

Patience is a virtue.

~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

iPad 3G Price - Not So Bad

If you think about it logically..... when do you have to pay for Internet access with your laptop? When you are not at home? In a location without free WiFi? In a hotel? Do you know much a hotel charges for Internet?!?! I'm at a Westin right now. $11.95 a day. $50.75 for 5 days.

Paying $14.95 to access the Internet when I travel - is not so bad, after all. ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

Tweetsii — free app for location-based tweeting


I don't use Twitter that much, but I like the idea of Tweetsii. This newly released free app lets you see what people around you are tweeting. It also lets you "geo-tag" your tweets so that they're associated with a particular place, and you can add photos to the tweets. A wide range of other features include the ability to see what's trending nearby, see tweets from particular locations worldwide, and much more. Pretty amazing.

Review: MusicSkins Vinyl Skins


 Are you a person who prefers to use your device with no case? Do you want to add a little style, protection, maybe some fun to it? If so, I have a possible solution for you. I tried out some Vinyl skins from MusicSkins.com on my iPod Touch. This is just only one of the many devices they offer products for. I was initially worried about the install process because I had unfairly compared it in my mind to my past screen protector application challenges. MusicSkins Vinyl Skins are not screen protectors, but they both involve air bubbles and applying something that sticks to your device. Plus, I have never installed a skin before so I did not know what to expect.

Need I say more.


 Though I really don't need to say much, like the estimated 20,000/hour iPads being presold, I couldn't resist the option of going to the Apple store in person to gauge the interest here in Maine.   Stay tuned.

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