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Extreme Sheepdog Trials — a game you can control by whistling

If you've never seen extreme sheepherding, you've got to watch this 3-minute. I just couldn't believe it when I first saw it.

Ultimate Frankenstein: Android on an iPhone


Porting mobile operating systems from one device to another is nothing really new and has been going on for quite a while. Many websites are dedicated to this craft, however this newest update got my attention.

It seems that someone has gone so far as to install Google's Android operating system to an Apple iPhone 2G with fairly good success. The author claims that porting Android to an iPhone 3G is not far behind.

QRANK — free daily trivia quiz


if you enjoy trivia games, you might like QRANK, a free daily trivia quiz. Plus, it has a social component such that you can compete with your friends or try to get a high score on the leaderboards in various regions. Each day there are 20 new questions taken from current events.

American McGee’s Crooked House


 The truth is, I am not much of a puzzle gamer, as it were. I prefer more action-oriented titles, but the review of the occasional puzzle game never hurt anyone (see my review of SPB Quads here). My problems with puzzlers are not typically the fault of the game, but the fact I’m not smart enough to figure out the puzzles. I had no such problems with Crooked House.

Adorama announces winners of iPhone photo contest — really awesome photos


These photos are must-see. I had no idea that the iPhone was capable of such great images. The lucky winner (shown here) was titled "Good-Bye & So Long," was by Neville Black, who won $1,000 in the Adorama iPhone Photo Contest. According to Adorama, this annual Award was created to spotlight the rapid rise in popularity of the iPhone as a new platform for digital point-and-shoot photography.

Everything you wanted to know about Apple vs Adobe Flash

CNet has a great article that thoroughly explains the fracas between Apple and Adobe. This matters to you because, as you know, when you point your iPhone or iPad at a web page that uses Flash animation or video, you don't see it. You only see an empty space. The fracas heated up when Steve Jobs said this past week that Flash will never be available on the iPhone or iPad. The article explains why. And it explains why in the future, with the forthcoming HTML5 standard, Flash may not be necessary. 

99-year-old has first computer — an iPad

This is a touching video about a 99-year-old woman who recently bought her first computer — an iPad.



I’ve been using Ping for the iPhone since its initial release date, and I’ve been extremely happy with it.  

Ping is a text-messaging app. There is no monthly charges and no roaming charges to Ping someone, but they must also have a Ping account. This is great for your family and friends and saves a bundle.

Love the OSU Colors!


I received the iLUV fabric case last week and have been using it all week. The iLUV is a slipcase made of sturdy fabric in which you can store and carry your iPad while not in use.

The case is very sturdy, and I feel confident that my iPad is protected. The band clip is a nice touch, especially since it comes in three colors – one of which is the same colors as Oklahoma State University – Go Cowboys!

How To Be a Cool Grandparent


How To Be a Cool Grandparent

Step 1: Purchase an iPad

Step 2: Install all your “bragging” photos on the device

Step 3: Install the Jack and the Beanstalk app

By taking these three steps, your friends will be seriously envious of your “Bragging Album;” your kids will be overjoyed at how well you “babysit;” and your grandchildren will think you’re the coolest Granny or Grandpa on earth. Jack and the Beanstalk almost makes me ready for Granny-hood!

Speaking of Flash on Apple Devices, Hulu May Be Coming to the iPad (w00t!!!)

I was over on Wired's Gadget Lab blog when I noticed this little gem of information which they got from the LA Times

The rumors have been flying about a Hulu app on the iPad. Hulu is the number one reason that geeks complain about the lack of Flash support on Apple’s mobile devices, so if Hulu were to bring a native application to the TV-friendly iPad, it would be huge. And it might be happening soon.

Video: Android Running on a 1stGen iPhone

Some people just can't help themselves, they see a device and they want to do things to it, usually things that were never intended to be done to it. So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a 1st gen iPhone running the Linux kernel and the Android o/s.  

Pianist plays Flight of the Bumblebee on an iPad

This is another "you-gotta-see-this" video. At an orchestral concert the guest pianist plays Flight of the Bumblebee on an iPad.

Adobe pulls the plug on iPhone, ceases all Flash and AIR development (via Download Squad)

Over on DownloadSquad.com, Sebastian Anthony has posted some very interesting news:

It seems the camel's back has finally snapped: Adobe's Flash department has curtailed all Flash and AIR development for the iPhone OS platform. Citing the recent change in Apple's developer license, Adobe no longer believes the iPad or iPhone to be a safe or worthwhile investment. The ability to target iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5 will still exist, but no further work will be made by Adobe to update or support that feature.

Review: Radio Flare Redux by Chillingo


When I played the original Radio Flare, I guess I didn’t “get it”, because while the game was okay I wasn’t overly impressed with it.  Now we have Radio Flare Redux, and while I’m still not sure I “get it”, I think this is a marked improvement over the first game, and I really like this version.  It still has moments where it can get as hectic as a traditional shooter, but by its very nature it’s a much more relaxing type of game.  The visuals are odd, the music is good, and the overall feeling of the game is not quite like anything you’ve played before (unless, of course, you’ve played Radio Flare).  It’s definitely an experience for those who feel they’ve played it all when it comes to vertical shooters.

Opera Mini — speed test shows free browser loads pages 4 times faster, but loses to Safari in other tests


I came across some speed tests on Lifehacker for the free Opera Mini browser. When it comes to loading web pages it's over 4 times faster than Safari. But the testing shows that it's slower than Safari in a couple other respects. The review says this is likely due to Safari's privileged position as the default browser and the fact that this is first version of Opera Mini.

Does iWork.com work?

Well, here's another test off my iPad of what iWork.com can do, maybe. What remains to be seen is whether iWork.com becomes widely adopted. Given that, not everyone will have an iWork.com account. For those that do, take a stab at following the posted link here towards my attempted sharing to Here is a shortened URL for a shared document http://bit.ly/aqUoQc And here is the regular link you'd get if you upload a file to share https://www.iwork.com/r/?a=p91050111&d=iWork_dot_com_test.pages

-- Post From John Painter's iPad

HoloToy: The closest thing to a real hologram on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone!


Ah the good old days.  When the app store was new, everyone rushed to download apps that could show off what was unique about the iPhone.  iSteam was a great app to demonstrate both the touchscreen interface and the accelerometer, as well as the microphone to 'steam' up the screen.  Now that the iPad is here, we need to round up similar apps that we can use to evangelize this new platform.

Airstash stop ship order

Airstash ($99) notified customers today that its new wifi based flash drive is not shipping due to a problem in some of it's first run products with weak wifi signal (sound familiar iPad users?) even when the Airstash is fully charged and close to the device meant to stream to. A small number of defective units did ship, before 4/20/10, anyone having received one of these defective units should request an RMA number from the following address http://www.airstash.com/contact.html for return. Having ordered an Airstash myself, I'm glad the company is acting promptly.

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