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Two Twilight-themed apps for tweens, in time for Eclipse


If you have tweens in your household, particularly girls, then you already know about the Twilight saga, and they've probably already seen Eclipse, which just came out.  So you should download The Twilight Saga - Eclipse Movie Game FREE right now.  It's free, hence the title, and is a well-done visually appealing quiz app based on the movie.

quanp a free alternative to MobileMe, backed by Ricoh


I like MobileMe, especially for the FindMyiPhone feature (which I've used a few times) but it could use some competition, especially in terms of price.  Ironically, before I became a full-time iPhone app developer, I worked for a software firm in the printing industry.  We partnered with Ricoh and in that capacity, I beta tested their quanp service.  Similar to MobileMe's iDisk feature, you can upload and share photos and files such as PowerPoint and PDF documents.

iPhone and Evernote!!!


Ok, things aren't going quite as planned. My car was stolen this morning from the hotel parking lot. Thank goodness for my iPhone!!! Everyone, right now, download the "Evernote" app and take a picture of your license plate, registration and insurance information. I had all my info ready! I still don't have my car, but my stress level this morning when I walked to the parking lot and saw a pile of glass instead of my car, could have been much, much worse!! ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

iGameDock Free Today!!!


Will soon be posting up a review on this multi-game app from Dreamsky called iGameDock (grab it here in iTunes), but just noted that it is currently free in the App store (courtesy of FreeAppAday.com app). The cool thing is that it features 3 games, and when they update it, the games change...Go grab a copy now!

Seasonality Go -- great weather app is highly customizable


There's a lot to like about Seasonality Go ($9.99), a weather app for the iPad. And others must agree, because it's among the top 10 highest-grossing apps (including a stint at number 1). One of the things that sets it apart is all the different ways you can configure it. The app comes with a default interface that is itself quite effective. But you can also add additional screens, choosing from the 7 that they offer. In addition, you can create your own screens, selecting the elements that you'd like to have in your interface. 

iPod touch Owners Might Want to Think Twice About Upgrading to iOS 4

Todd Bernhard, one of my fellow bloggers here at iPhone Life magazine, recently posted an entry about upgrading the iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and some of the resulting issues.  You can read that blog HERE.  I just received an e-mail from one of our readers warning about upgrading the iPod touch to iOS 4 as well.  He wrote:

"I recently updated an ipod touch 3g to Apple’s latest software revision for the iphone/ipod.  What a mess-  short battery life, difficult to sync with Outlook, applications not working, wifi weak if at all,…

One Week On With iOS4 on iPhone 3G – How Have You Found it?

I installed iOS4 a week ago on my iPhone 3G and since then have been cycling through my iPhone 3G contacts daily to get their feedback.  So far, it’s been a non committal response, although the general consensus has been what a great opportunity to upgrade to iPhone 4!    

So what are we loving?

We love the folders, especially those of us who have several screens of applications.  It has added a level of organisation to the iPhone.   One of my colleagues put it quite eloquently – it makes you feel like your applications are living together as a family unit, rather than a bunch of flatmates squatting in a house they have no control over.

The unified Inbox has drawn mixed reactions and this has primarily been around the way w

Protect your iPhone 4 plus improve reception with BodyGuardz films and Hard Candy Cases


Much has been written about both the fragile glass back and the antenna issues of the new iPhone 4.  So I tried two distinct solutions that could not be more different.

Apple sells over 1.7 million iPhone 4's in the first three days


Steve Jobs is calling it Apple's most successful product launch ever -- 1.7 million iPhone 4's in the first three days. Pretty amazing. That works out to a rate of 7 phones per second. Of course, Apple is having trouble meeting this demand, and is now saying that new orders will take three weeks to ship. You can read a brief report on Macworld, as well as see the press release on Apple's site. I'm expecting mine to arrive tomorrow!

Protect your shiny new iPad and iPhone in a Cocoon


I am always on the lookout for the perfect carrying case for my iPad and Cocoon Innovations may have come close.  Unfortunately, they have two great cases, each with subtle differences, so the hard part is deciding which one to get!

Sketchbook Pro for the iPad Product Review


Thanks to the size and resolution of the iPad, graphic artists finally have a device that is both easy to use and extremely versatile when it comes to creative visual expression.  Since the iPad's launch, several drawing applications have been released but few of them have the ease of use and intuitive, non-obtrusive user interface that Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro has to offer.

ZOMM Wireless Leash and Bluetooth Speaker keeps your hands free and phone from getting lost


Of all the gadgets I get to test, I was anticipating the ZOMM (http://www.ZOMM.com) more than any other.  I have attended press briefings at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for a couple of decades, and the past two years, ZOMM was demonstrating their prototype but now it is finally shipping!

Track Your Monthly Expenses with Pageonce Bills!


The big companies have accountants and endless assistants to take care of their finances, so why not you? Sign up with Pageonce Bills financial-tracking services and turn your iPhone into a personal bill reminder! I need to stipulate that you have to enter real personal financial information into the Pageonce on-line system, which I am assured is well-protected (but you should read and understand the user agreements on the site first). Pageonce provided a test account so that I could write a review...

Review: Paradise Quest by I-Play


I’m pretty sure it’s been at least a couple of days since I’ve reviewed a match 3 game, so I figured it was time to go down that road again.  This journey takes us to Paradise Quest, a match 3 game by I-Play about restoring an island to its former state of paradise.  I have to admit that at first it felt like “just another match 3 game”, but either I really love the genre or the game does grow on you after a while.  Add to that the whole concept of building up and island and there’s something worth exploring here.  There’s even multiplayer if you’re so inclined, which is quite unusual for this style of game play.  Overall there’s plenty to do in an environment that gets more enchanting each time I visit.

Twitter Contest for iPhone Prizes - Who's Game to Play?


Who's up for a little summer scavenger hunt though one of the best magazines out there? The iPhone Life Magazine Twitter Scavenger Hunt Contest is shaping up to be lots of fun with great prizes. And you don't even have to have an actual Twitter account to win!

Each week we will award one Grand Prize winner and five other players will get a gift of five current magazine issues mailed to them to give to friends and family!

iOS Tip #3: The writing is on the wallpaper



Wallpaper, or custom backgrounds, can be a nice way to personalize your phone and it is surprising it took so long for this ability to reach the iPhone.  Perhaps it is even more surprising that custom wallpapers are not available on the iPhone 3G, even with iOS 4.0, but I guess Apple has to draw the line somewhere.  In a reply to a customer email, Steve Jobs himself said it was a performance issue.

iPhone 4 antenna and glass back create a worst case scenario


The iPhone 4’s revolutionary design includes a so-called hardened glass back, which enhances reception as does the antenna integrated into the outside stainless steel shell.  In fact, the shell is the antenna, in two parts for the cellular and Bluetooth/WiFi functions.

A great idea, in theory, but the result is, if you hold the phone the way many people do, your hand and therefore your body interferes with the antenna and your signal drops.  Apple's own publicity photos show the iPhone being held "the wrong way." (see more at http://www.KRAPPS.com)

App and Product News...


Too many app releases and product news updates to post individual posts, so I'll combine the tidbits together in this post.

iOS Tip #2: Folders my friend. Folders.

Folders addresses a long overdue desire to organize apps and accommodate more apps than can fit on the limited pages.  As a developer, I want users to be able to buy as many apps as they want, not just how many will fit on the screen! As a user, I would like to group apps in categories for easy retrieval.

JH Audio Custom Ear Monitors: Crafting the Monitors


One of the things that has always intrigued me about custom ear monitors is the process of crafting them.  I mean, I know it starts with a mold of your ears, and ends with custom-made in-ear monitors.  But that is only the beginning (and end) of the process.  Recently, I had an opportunity to site down with Jerry Harvey, the founder of JHAudio, to talk about the process of creating these custom in-ear monitors.

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