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Mega Review: Land Air Sea Warfare is the SimCity of RTS War Games!


I love RTS (real-time strategy) games, especially when they provide a brigade of options, smart enemies, and adaptive play. I hate reviewing them, however, because it requires a ton of screens and mucho things to describe (hint: skip to the end and watch the embedded video). When I found out LASW from Isotope244 hit the App store, I knew I would just have to suck it up, and review it.

Take your iPad to the beach with cases from TrendyDigital



Do you work around water? Are you afraid to get stuck in the rain with your iPad? Do you wish you could take your iPad on your boat or to the beach this summer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, check out the water-protective cases by Trendy Digital.

NinjaGrips for a better grip!



Crafted from recycled tire rubber, NinjaGrips are not only eco-friendly, but they work! These easy-to-install backings come in five styles and fit snugly on the back of your iPad to prevent it from slipping from your hand.

I have the “Industrial” design, which provides extra grip along the back edges when I have my iPad out of its case. What I particularly like about NinjaGrips is that, although the backing is rough, it’s not scratchy. It’s comfortable on the hands; something I didn’t expect.

Could Glare Trigger a Migraine?

Oy. Seriously.  I think the glare off the iPad could trigger a migraine.  If it's aimed right, it could temporarily blind someone.  I've ordered a anti-glare screen online - as they aren't in the Mac Store.  I can't wait for it to get here!!!  The smudges don't bother me as much, at the moment.  They dull the glare. 

How to Sync your Calendar without MobileMe


I use MobileMe.  I love MobileMe.  But what do you do if you don't use, love or even like MobileMe?  What do you do if you want to be able to sync your calendar with your family - but you don't want to shell out $99 a year or $149 a year for the family pack?


I have the solution....Google.  Yes, Google.  Google's Gmail is free and so is access to their calendar.  Here are some screen shots how to set it up on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. 


Make Summer Reading Fun with the Reading Game from LegendApps.com


This summer (or anytime), when your youngsters say "I'm bored", have them check out The Reading Game from LegendApps.

The app itself is not something you read.  Rather, the app encourages kids to read their favorite books and come back to the app to mark off how many pages they have read.  As milestones are met, rewards (funny sounds, animations, etc.) are unlocked.

The app's custom graphics are beautiful and even though the app is not compiled for the iPad, they render well in the 2X mode.

Sync or Lose

If your i-Pod/Pad/Phone is lost or damaged, your restore information is only as good as your last backup or sync. Same goes for your computers. Backup those bad boys. Say it with me.......SYNC OR LOSE - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Review: Demon Hunter - Fight Or Die by Rockifone


It’s a sad but true statement – if a dual stick shooter has you controlling some sort of character toting a gun, it will probably be compared to iDracula or Minigore.  The reality is that these two games set the bar incredibly high for this style of game play, so it stands to reason the question would be “how does game X compare to the top of the heap?”  Well, in the case of Demon Hunter, one of the newest entries in this ever expanding club, the answer is that it kind of falls short.  It’s not bad,, but it’s not great either.  And I’m a bit perplexed but the lack of demons in a demon hunting game.

Awesome Note Update


I reviewed an app back in January 2010 (http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/3963/awesome-note) called Awesome Note. 

I still love the app.  I use it everyday and have recommended it to many of my friends and family.

They have recently added some really cool features.  I'm going to include all the screen shots from their website for those of you who are not familiar with it.  It's easier to see it, than explain it.

New version of HoloToy — $0.99 app has great 3D effects

I've just been watching the demo videos of the newly released version of HoloToy and I couldn't resist buying it. The 3-D effects look great on an iPad. The app is a work in progress but definitely has a wow factor. People are always wanting to see my iPad so it's fun having a few apps that show it off.

What Like/Don't Like About iBooks


So far, what I like about iBooks is the beauty of it. If you are not in the sunlight, the screen is stunning. The font sizes and styles are easy to change as is the brightness level.

Penultimate - for drawings



Penultimate is another version of a note app for the iPad and iPhone. The difference in this one is that you write with a stylus or your finger, rather than type. The big plus with this app is the Wrist Protection mode, where you can rest your wrist as you write. This makes for a much better writing experience – no stray marks! I like that.

Overview of iPhone 4 rumors


Apple will likely be announcing the next iPhone at their developers conference next month, so we don't have long to wait. But if you're impatient to know what's in the pipeline, The Next Web has put together a handy overview of what seems to be known so far about this new phone, based in part on the two ill-gotten prototypes that have surfaced in the past month. For each of the features described in the article, the author rates the likelihood that it's true on a scale of one to five.

Shhhh, The Quiet Game


I used to play the "Quiet Game" with the kids - you know, who can stay quiet the longest. Well, they caught on and it doesn't work anymore. Luckily, Choatic Moon has a solution!

Walmart Offers iPhone 3Gs For $97


If you have been waiting to get a new iPhone 3Gs, your patience has certainly paid off. Starting today, Walmart stores will begin selling the 16GB version of Apple's iPhone 3Gs for a new low price of $97 with a two year contract.

Considering that the same iPhone sold for $197 at Walmart until now, you may be asking why the iPhone's are being put on a fire sale. Considering past price drop patterns on Apple devices, this can only be signaling that the new iPhone can't be too far off from being released and Apple wants to clear its current inventories as fast as possible.

WeePhone Product Review


With the advent of the next iPhone OS featuring the ability, according to Apple's website to "make a Voice over IP call while playing a game," iPhone-targeted VoIP-enabled SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) clients will receive renewed focus once this new OS ships. In preparation for this event, I have taken a look at one of the more well-received commercially available SIP clients for the current iPhone OS. WeePhone, developed by iPhone programmer Justin Brady. Justin has progressively improved this client application over time - the version reviewed in this article is 1.5.4.

I am not narcissistic! (Updated)

I am not narcissistic. I do not enjoy seeing my face (especially in the morning) every time I grab my iPad. The glare is beyond ridiculous. The smudges are unbearable. I'm getting an anti-glare guard, asap. Why doesn't the Apple Store carry the anti-glare screens? Me doth think Sir Jobs might be a touch narcissistic.

Managing your iPad 3G data plan


If you get an iPad 3G and are faced with the choice of buying a 250MB or unlimited data plan, my advice is to go for the cheaper 250MB at $14.95 per month. If you find that you use up the 250MB in less than two weeks, and it seems like your usage will continue at about the same level, then when your 250MB runs out, go for the $29.95 unlimited.

But in every case if your 250MB lasts longer than two weeks, you're going to be better off buying 250MB at a time.

Air Sharing Pro: Time-saver plus!


Getting photos from my iPhone used to be a hassle -- email it to myself, download the generically-named Photo.jpg, save it as something else, then finally edit it and use it. Now, with Air Sharing Pro, transferring photos via Wi-Fi is a drag-and-drop pleasure.

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