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Spore and the meaning of life


My son and I have been fans of Spore since it came out for the Mac, and really since Spore Origins came out for the iPhone last summer.  I don’t know how many hours we’ve put in navigating its primordial tidal pools and evolving our spores, but the time we’ve spent together playing this game has been substantial.  I think that our time together, learning when to help others and when to defend ourselves is an added bonus.

Hola, iPhone Lifers


Hola and Hello iPhone Lifers!  I'm another new iPhone blogger here, and as you may have guessed, this is just my 'Hi There, I'm new here' post.

I've been a contributing writer for the printed iPhone Life magazine since its debut issue and I'm really looking forward to being an online contributor here as well.  I also run my own iPhone dedicated site, called Just Another iPhone Blog – so though I’m new here, I’m a veteran iPhone app fiend and blogger. :)

Some of the subjects I hope to write about here include: iPhone apps, the App Store, and some of the ways I'd like to see Apple improve things for those of us who are 'app junkies'.

Oh, and since apps and the power of the iPhone OS as a mobile platform, are what most interest me, I also want to talk to lots of interesting people about what apps they use and how they use their iPhone.  In fact, my next post here will be the first in a series called 'A Day In The iPhone Life of ...' - and will feature interviews with some interesting iPhone users.

Hope you'll tune in, or turn up, for that too ...

AppReview — free app and website covers over 17,000 apps


The two big problems with the App Store are sifting through the over 30,000 apps to find the ones that suit you, and for the developers, getting your app noticed. AppReview helps.

My digital life

Digital humanities and the iPhone

In my first blog for iPhone Life I’d like to briefly introduce myself and my interests, as well as encourage people to share what they may know about happenings with iPhones in the humanities and social sciences.

One billionth app is "Bump," downloaded by a 13-year-old


Congratulations to Connor Mulcahey for downloading the one-billionth app. Enjoy your booty. And congratulations to the company, Bump Technologies, which created the free app, called Bump. The app lets you share your contact info with other users of the app via any Internet connection. And how do you initiate the transfer? By bumping phones with the other iPhone or iPod Touch user, of course.

One billionth app downloaded

The App Store had its billionth download today — nine months after its launch. This is remarkable by any measure. And as Apple and AT&T posted their earnings in recent days, it was the iPhone that saved the bottom line for both of them, even giving Apple a record profit at a time when Mac sales are down. So who won? And what was the billionth app to be downloaded? The contest page hasn't yet posted the results as I write this.

Music Makes A Good Game Better

I have been gaming since the early 80s, and one thing that hasn't changed in all those years is the impact music has on a game.  I couldn't begin to tell you the high score I got on Tetris for the Gameboy, but I'm certain I could hum a few bars of the music.  And who could froget the instrumentals that played in the background of Super Mario Brothers?  I've played some games that have been less than stellar, but I still remember the experience because of the music.  So why would a developer NOT want to have music in their game?

VITO Star Walk 1.5 Released


 "April 21, 2009 - Vito Technology releases the new 1.5 version of its bestseller educational application for stargazing Star Walk. With more than 4 months in the top 25 (appstore - education category) Star Walk is making possible for everybody to admire the sky, to understand it better and to have fun looking at the wonders of the universe."

Early review of iPhone 3.0 software in Barron's; Multiplayer games coming

This short review of iPhone 3.0 in Barron's gives a bit of detail about some of the new features such as copy/paste and the ability to search all data. However, we won't really have a sense for the potential of this new version until seeing some of the new apps that take advantage of its features.

Quicklook: Time to Check Out Emerald Chonometer


I have always loved fancy watches like Rolex and Omega.  I can remember days of walking through the mall just staring at the watch display in the jewelry store (back when I actually got to visit my own stores).  The problem was, while it was always free to look, taking home one of those fancy watches always cost thousands of dollars.  And I have never found myself at a point where that would make sense.  Maybe someday.  But in the meantime, my lust for watches can now be fed, through the magic of the iPhone and Emerald Chronometer.


iPhone App Developers Profiled


In the Chicago Tribune giveaway daily, Redeye, Chicago-based iPhone App developers speak about their successes. Lars Bergstrom, for instance, is a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, but came away with $100,000 or so for coming up with the WiFi Finder app.

Hulu — the top site for streaming free TV/Movies coming to iPhone?

Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Hulu is working on an iPhone app. This is great news, if true. This site has become the most popular site for free streaming of TV shows and movies. They really have a good sense for interface design.

Sneak Peek at iPhone Apps


The Wall Street Journal has a story covering some of the new functionality expected in the next generation of iPhone apps. 

eWeek's 10 iPhone IT Admin Applications


Recently, eWeek posted a handy round-up of 10 iPhone IT administration utilities. As it happens, I have to do a fair amount of sys admin work and was looking for just such a list. Only 2 of these apps are gratis (an SSH terminal app and flashlight), but most of them are under 10 bucks.

iPhone-optimized websites

As Ben notes in an earlier post, we at iPhone Life are working to make our content, um, conveniently accessible to the iPhone. (Something we oughta have done by now.) That includes a version of our website optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and a free app that will present our best content. That app will include a handy list of the top Internet websites that have been optimized for the iPhone. And the task of developing that list is mine. I've just spent an hour looking to see what's out there and was amazed. After the break you can see what I've come up with so far.

This is not an iPhone -- it's soap


Yep, you can now buy, for $8, soap that looks like an iPhone. What will they think of next? These natural, handcrafted iPhone soaps come in a variety of your favorite scents: Macintosh Apple, Halzenut Coffee, Tropical Mango, Apple Cinnamon, Pina Colada, Mojito, and Coca Cola. Currently on sale is Red iPhone Soap for $6. Gem 'em while they last.

iFlush, top-selling flush app, now available in Version 2


iFlush - Public Utility, which claims to be the #1 selling iPhone/iPod Touch flush application, is now available in version 2.0 in the App Store. This new version makes it easy to share your favorite flushes on the web and with friends over e-mail. "We’ve created all the plumbing you need to turn your iPhone into a toilet," said Loren West, CEO of Elimination Systems.

Help us make iPhone Life iPhone friendly!


 As a Web developer for the iPhone Life site, one of the projects on my to-do list is to make this site iPhone-friendly.  That sounds like it would be a top priority, but what with one thing or another it's been delayed.  Probably the most influential excuse is that the mobile Safari browser does a pretty good job of navigating the site without any adaptation.  But now it's becoming a top priority, and I'm realizing, I don't know which way to go about it would make the most people happy.  So I'm asking you!

The Weather Channel — a feature-rich free app


in an earlier post I mentioned the all-time top 20 list of free apps and paid apps that Apple has posted in honor of the anticipated one-billionth download. Among the most popular free apps is The Weather Channel, which is rich with features.

Free app lets you take photo of product, get info


So you're in a video store wondering if you want to rent or buy a particular DVD. Simply take a photo of the cover, and SnapTell will quickly return info that includes rating, description, links to Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDb, eBay, Barnes & Noble, and more. You can quickly compare prices and find out what other people think about it.

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